October 20, 2020: A date everyone in the UAE is excited about. After all, from that day on UAE will have another feather in its hat — Expo 2020 Exhibition. Yes! The glorious event is to be held in Dubai, and people can’t wait for it.

But wait, what is an expo exhibition?

Dubai Expo 2020 is one of the giant events ever held in UAE. This event is so big that more than 25 million people from every corner of the world is going to take participation in this. Is it an achievement for the exhibition to be held in a city as luxurious as Dubai? Or is it so big of an event that Dubai is lucky to be hosting it? Let’s clear the air.

What is an Expo Exhibition?

Expo Exhibition, or world fair, in other words, is a colossal international exhibition that aims at educating people, promoting ideas, and showcasing achievements of various nations. It will be a promising chance for global artists and companies to make people aware of their skills, ideas, and products. A high number of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and professionals will be showing their innovations in the Dubai Expo Exhibition.

UAE has never hosted such a mega event, so it is a good opportunity for the country to showcase its capabilities among spectators from all across the world. The host country invites other countries to participate in the event. People from different sectors attend the exhibition and unitedly find solutions against the challenges that humanity faces. Not just that, but it is also an excellent platform for assorted nations to brand themselves in front of the world and educate general public about their culture, developments, and scopes.

Is Expo 20202 Exhibition any different? What is the aim of the expo 2020 exhibition? And why should you be excited? These are some of the questions that the individuals want to ask the organizers of this event. Let’s find out what makes this event one of the most awaited events in history.

Dubai: Expo 2020 Exhibition

The fact that Expo Dubai 2020 will organized on a site of 1083 acres in the area should be enough to give you an idea about the grandness of the event. The exposition may last for six months with a universal theme, primarily focused on humanity. These expositions are further classified as Universal expositions, specialized exposition, and horticultural exposition. The one that Dubai will host is a Universal Exposition.

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The last universal exposition was held in 2015, in the city of Milan. The theme of Expo 2015 was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

This time the theme that UAE selected is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” sub-themes being Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity.

You’ll hardly find any country that wouldn’t participate in Expo Dubai 2020, and when members of all the nations unite to work on such an uplifting theme, a positive impact is sure to be made.

Visitors can expect a lot from Expo Dubai 2020. Crucial events like opening and closing ceremonies will be held in Al Wasl Plaza. It will be a dome-shaped structure, covering 4.38-square-kilometre site in the central space of the event. The unique thing about Al Wasl Plaza is that the dome structure will convert into a 360-degree screen at night, on which the immersive projection of the images will be made. All the visitors will be able to view the images projected on it, and it is said that it will also be visible from the space.

Isn’t everything so grand? But who decides where the Expo will be held?

Also, it is going to make significant contribution to the economy of the country. This event will encourage consumers’ spending, government spending, business investment, and employment openings in the region. These factors make this event very significant for the GDP growth and overall economic development of Dubai and UAE.

When Dubai won the chance to host the Expo

All the nations were highly excited about who is going to win the bid for hosting Expo 2020 event. UAE was one of such nations which have always been looking to host such a grand event. It was a glorious moment for UAE when the general assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) declared in 2013, that Dubai would host the Expo 2020 Exhibition. Yes, BIE is the international organization in Paris that is responsible for the regulation and the selection of the candidates for the world fair.

It was such a big deal for UAE that when the announcement was made, fireworks were exploded out of the BurjKhalifa.

Five cities had bid for the hosting of world fair 2020, but Dubai’s bid reached almost 850 million people through social media, and it defeated other contenders with a considerable margin. It will be an exceptional experience for the visitors to see worlds’ greatest artists performing on the same occasion at the same platform.

It’s gonna be bigger than ever

It has been regarded as the biggest cultural and business festival in the last couple of decades. Probably, it is the first time when more than 190 nations are going to show their presence on the same platform. When such a huge event meets such a capable city, there’s no margin for anything going unnoticeable.“We are building a city in Dubai South that is here to stay and will bolster many other plans for growth that our leaders have for the country,” said the senior VP of legacy development and impact at Expo 2020, Mr. MarjanFaraidooni.So you can expect some unpredictably massive things are happening in 2020. After all, it’s like Dubai is building another Dubai in itself. Expo Dubai 2020 will leave an unforgettable legacy behind it, and the world awaits its arrival. Emiratis are always engaged in showing their cultural activities to different nations around the globe. It is an excellent opportunity for the whole country to educate people about its heritage, culture, social aspects, values and morals.  

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