Dubai Preparations for Expo 2020

Behind the Expo 2020 Dubai we all know that 900 days to go in the event starting. This 2020 is going to be most remembering because of holding this World’s biggest event. For South Asia and the Middle East, Africa Dubai Expo will be first such a magnificent event. After completing 16 million work hour on Expo 2020 Dubai site  85 KM pipe already laid for site infrastructure  works, which is scheduled to be ready a full year before doors officially open to the world on October 20, 2020.

Expo 2020 Dubai said in a statement, well-advanced construction of three Theme Districts that form the core of the site and  ‘buildings continue to rise from the ground’.Dubai Expo Beautiful site you can see in this picture which is uploaded by Dubai Media head office. Dubai’s media office said that only 900 days left to complete the work of this event, where all the tycoon will be met at a place. External covering work on these three theme pavilion will be finished by the end of year.  The construction work of sustainability pavilion of the expo is expected to be completed by the end of the year 2019.

So, here in this post you got to know the latest information about the Expo 2020 which is one of the most trending events just because of it’s “connecting of mind” in the world. As we all know that UAE is one of the famous countries which is dedicated to its beautifulness and Dubai is its main thing which makes it more perfect where Burj Khalifa and other buildings are represent to this country.In the last if you want to be in touch with all the latest Updates of Dubai Expo 2020 so please make this site ‘bookmark’ & thanks for Visiting TheDubai2020.

Construction of Dubai Expo 2020

More than 192 nations are set to take part in one of the most fascinating events in decade. Expo Dubai 2020 is gearing up for a massive, six-month event which starts in the October month of the year 2020.  The officials of the Expo 2020 have revealed that all major constructions and designs for the project have been completed except the iconic Al Wasl Plaza, a 67.5 m tall and 150m wide domed space. The construction of this site will be handled by Meraas with the steelwork for ceiling trellis offered by the company named as Climolai- Rimond ME. UAE based firms are playing a crucial role in construction work involving Al Futtaim Carillion, Arabtec, Besix, Khansaheb&Trister engineering. Initial construction work was finished by the company named as Al Naboodah Construction.

In the year 2017, the organizers of the Expo 2020 revealed that the Sustainability Pavilion outlined by Grimshaw Architects, the model explores the capacity of the building to be stable and self-sustaining in energy and water by utilizing innovative technologies combinations to harvest water from airt and solar power.  Construction of these sites is in progress and will be completed by the end of the year. In the year 2017, more than AED 10.8 billion and AED 411 million of money have been invested in the construction and non-construction sites respectively.

Economic figures of Dubai Expo 2020

Till date, more than 3093 contracts have been awarded by Expo 2020. SMEs have been the priority in the contracts and won more than 1717 of the total contracts. The organizers and other stakeholders of the Expo 2020 have said that they are highly focused on providing the SMEs with a high number of opportunities to sell their products and services to general population of the world.  They are also focused on licensed sellers and merchandise. They have also revealed that the Expo 2020 event will be offering the food & beverages retailers or companies with the business opportunity of worth more than AED 2 billion.

As the date is coming closer, the construction efforts in Dubai Expo 2020 is getting complete with a faster speed than before. The construction work is being watched and checked in terms of both efficiency and quality. Luxembourg is the first nation to break grounds on the creation of its pavilion. The area of Luxembourg is spread in around 4.38sqaure km, and it has already entered in the phase of heavy construction as transport and infrastructure links are made.  Like every other nation’s pavilion, Luxembourg pavilion will be representing the country in the mega event which is ready to start in October.  The government officials have revealed that budget for the construction has been estimated as €25 million.  It is very interesting to note that Luxembourg is the first nation to become the partner with UAE for Dubai Expo 2020.

Dubai event will be starting from the October month of the year 2020 and will last long till April 2021. The organizers have always been focused on the arrangements, accommodations, and transport links for the visitors of the event. The organizers are highly committed to providing the local and foreign visitors with the unforgettable memories through constructing the platforms to organize a wide range of cultural programs, exhibitions, business seminars, shopping centers and other several attractive sites.

In order to make transportation system highly convenient, the contractors have started the construction works on Dubai metro line.  Construction work of concrete columns of the metro link is in progress. Also, construction of elevated stations with Route 2020 is in progress, and once it is completed, it will extend the public transportation system to the Expo 2020 site.

Dubai Expo 2020 is the very first world event to be organized in Middle East, South Asia region and Africa. This massive event is aimed to bring people together from different geographical locations of the world to celebrate ingenuity, innovation, culture, and tradition with the theme of Connecting Minds, Creating Future. All the contractors and companies have increased their intensity in construction works in order to build eye-catching, beautiful sites of Dubai Expo 2020.

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