UAE Expo 2020

Dubai will shortly showcase the world’s greatest show mainly known as UAE Expo 2020. This expo will mark the celebration regarding the achievement and brilliance of humankind. It will offer the opportunity to the people to gather in the expo and connect with people from different parts of the world thus experiencing the best of almost everything one can imagine at this time. The visitors will be able to experience innovation, technology, science, geography, arts, culture and invention that are likely to improve the future and make a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of people all across the world.

It is a fact that UAE has majorly offer something unique or masterpiece level while achieving what seems unachievable with the help of its remarkable development. Starting from a land of sand to the land where most of the people like to visit, it has managed to overcome various barriers that restricted its development through its will and help of technological development.

With the Expo 2020, Dubai is expected to move one step further in showing the world what can be done if done well. It will inspire the next generation of innovative minds who will lead in the next generation and will form the base for the next 50 years of development. By hosting Expo 2020, Dubai is showing its progress and technological prowess in terms of its scale, size, and number of overall visitors. The visitors are expected to have an immersive experience in this mega event, thus making it a memory for life.

In addition to the excitement of the UAE, the participants all around the world are also excited about UAE Expo 2020. With over a force of 30,000 volunteers, around 25 million visitors and collaboration of more than 180 countries, this event is expected to be of high stake for the country and for the world as well. UAE has not left any stoned unturned in order to ensure that it makes this UAE Expo 2020 the top attraction of the world in 2020. UAE Expo 2020 has its theme of connecting minds, creating the future, which shows the primary objective it wants to achieve through this UAE Expo 2020.

The theme of the UAE Expo 2020 itself is elaborative on what it will include. It is expected to stand for everything that the world at present can offer. It will offer the alliance of innovative minds, ideas, thoughts that are aimed towards the development of mankind and led it to the future. In addition to this, it will offer different solutions to the problems that are haunting the humankind globally such as sustainability and other global problems. The flourishing of technology has made it possible for a business to rely on alliances. This will be among the ideas showcased in UAE Expo 2020.

Elements Involved

The presence of various elements that are first in its respective category, Dubai is all set to welcome its visitor for an immersive experience. The presence of thematic pavilions such as UAE pavilion Expo 2020, Mobility pavilion, Sustainability Pavilion, and various other attractions, it is highly unlikely that any visitor will not be impressed with the experience. The immersive experience of UAE pavilion Expo 2020 and other pavilions is likely to offer the visitors a journey of entertainment, information and awareness. It will also offer an understanding to the visitors with the focus on the relationship between the inhabitants and the planet itself.

Some of the pavilions will be UAE pavilion, which will be discussed later in the article, Saudi Arabia with the team – the sky is the limit, Mobility pavilion with the theme focusing on mobility as the name suggests. Another is Al Wasl Plaza, Sustainability Pavilion, and Canada with the theme – the future in mind. The UK and Japan pavilion respectively with different themes are also among other pavilions along with Belgium pavilion. All the respective pavilions are expected to offer insight on what the respective pavilion will offer to the visitors and it can be mostly understood from the names itself.

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UAE pavilion Expo 2020

With the design of a flacon that is about to take the flight, UAE pavilion Expo 2020 will be one of the major attractions in the Dubai Expo 2020. The architecture of the UAE pavilion Expo 2020 has been selected by the National Media Council, who selected the Calatrava’s design for UAE pavilion. The UAE pavilion is built facing towards the Al Wasl Plaza that is located at the center of the exhibition zone of 200 hectares. The UAE pavilion Expo 2020 is to represent the UAE to all the visitors making up over 25 million along with the participates taking part in the UAE Expo 2020 from over 180 countries.

While there are different infrastructures that are mesmerizing and unique in themselves that the visitors will be witnessing in the UAE Expo 2020, one of them is UAE pavilion Expo 2020. With around 11 proposals regarding the build of the pavilion, Santiago Calatrava was the winning entry for the pavilion. UAE pavilion Expo 2020 is inspired by the bird design expressing the bold and daring spirit of the country. This UAE pavilion Expo 2020 will offer a space of around 15,000 square meters, which will include different elements such as café areas, VIP lounges, an auditorium and exhibition spaces.

It is expected that the UAE pavilion Expo 2020 will offer a high-performance space along with innovation, which is chosen to reflect the theme of the Expo, which is sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. While the design resembles a falcon that is ready to take flight, in-ground, it is yet to be seen whether the falcon of UAE Expo 2020 will be able to take flight as per the expectations or what other output will it produce. For the current scenario, the year has arrived when people along with young minds, will gather in UAE Expo 2020 to showcase how well their thoughts and ideas are able to change the future.

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