One of the biggest events in history is going to start on 20 October 2020.  It will be a very good opportunity for all individuals, companies, artists, and professionals to show their skills and capabilities in front of millions of local and foreign visitors. The event is going to be so mega that more than 25 million individuals from more than 192 nations will be arriving in Dubai to witness the event. A high number of individuals will be involved in the organization of this massive event. To make this event a highly fascinating one, the organizers have decided to provide the employees in the event with a uniform. UAE fashion designers got a good opportunity to create more 30,000 uniforms for Expo 2020 Dubai Volunteers and staff.  It will be very eye-catching to see thousands of people involving staff and volunteers around wearing a
Uniform. Uniform will be designed on the basis of main theme of the event—‘Connecting Minds, Creating Future’. A heavy amount of money is going to be invested in design and delivery of the uniforms to the staff.

Design the Dubai Expo 2020 uniforms and win Dhs50,000

The uniform will revolve around the Expo theme, which is ‘connecting minds, creating the future. It will be a good chance for UAE based fashion designers to show their capabilities and skills. A high number of UAE fashion designers are going to take part in the uniform design competition.There will be a tough competition among the designs which must include elements of UAE culture, and be practical, appropriate weather, easily identifiable but modest. The uniform will be worn everyday of 6 month’s event, by both women and men involved as staff or volunteers in the event. Emirati designers have already submitted their designs, and they are running to design uniforms for thousands (30000 preciously) of team members and volunteers of Dubai Expo 2020.

The judging panel consisted of a team of highly experienced, professional and popular designers. The selectors have looked over the submitted designs and have selected three labels which are Arshyshandled by designer ArshiaAlam Khan,By Laha led by designers Hamda Abbas, Sara Mustafa, and Zainab AlShaikh, &Twisted Roots led by Latifa Al Gurg. All three selected designers are highly popular and experienced in their respective genre.  The designers have included several items in their collection including hats, jackets, ties, bags,kandoras, scarves, ghutras,Shayla and abayas.  The theme of representation of Emirati culture, sustainable and practical elements was the basis to select the best designers for the uniform designs for Dubai Expo 2020.

Thematic design of Uniform

In alignment with one of 2020’s Expo three subthemes- Zero waste concepts, Sustainability designs using recycled or organic fabrics, or which take into account sustainable practices and innovations throughout the supply chain will be weighted more favorably.HR, workforce, and volunteers at expo 2020 Dubai, Ms. RitaPenteado, the vice president said: “This competition is a valuable opportunity for designers in the UAE to showcase their talents to millions of people from across the globe. We are looking for a uniform that embodies the Emirati character and will represent the UAE on the world stage. It should also create a sense of pride and unity when worn by our volunteers and staff.

The uniform will be one of the most visible elements of Expo 2020, and we are excited to be able to offer such an enormous platform for designers in the UAE.”The constant competition which is running is getting support from Dubai Design District (d3), Dubai Design and fashion council and Fashion Forward Dubai, all of which are playing a fundamental role in order to shape local and creative industries. With the organization of the Expo 2020 in Dubai, the government of UAE is aimed to enhance the growth and development of the domestic industries so the support from fashion and design authorities of Dubai will be highly valuable. The judge of this competition will be a committee consisting of senior members of the Expo 2020 Dubai team and supporting organizations.

Award for fashion designers

On September 30,2018, three finalists were selected who will receive Dh50,000 and be asked to create samples of full-line, including top, bottom, outer jacket, hat, bag, tie, scarf, kandora and ghitra, abaya and Shayla, and an Expo 2020 accessory. The results will be announced in the fourth quarter of 2018.Rita penteado said: “We have a distinct advantage in that the UAE community is diverse in background, experience, and talent, and this is a chance for Expo 2020 to tap into this creative pool. We want to engage the brightest and most creative minds in the local fashion industry and inspire them to design something truly unique for thousands of volunteers and staff who will help welcome the world to expo everyday for six months.” Not only do we want to provide unique experiences to millions of visitors during the event, but also to act as a springboard for local artists and businesses before, during and after Expo, helping to create an impactful legacy that will live on for generations.”

The Expo 2020 will start on 20 October2020 and 10 April2021. About 70% among 25 million expected visits are predicted to come from outside UAE.  It is anticipated to welcome 25 million visits during its six month’s duration.Expo 2020 will be held in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region for the first time. It will be a festival of human creativity that brief about future, led by the belief that revolution and progression are the results of people and creative ideas collaborating in new and distinctive ways. With the passage of time, the excitement for Dubai expo 2020 is getting increased. Uniform Design concept will take Dubai’s fashion sector to the next level as so many small and inexperienced designers may get the chance to work with chosen designers. SMEs will be helping the finalists in completing the project of 30000 uniforms before the official inauguration of the event.

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