If you are still clueless about this whole EXPO 2020 thing, then this article might give you the idea of what is EXPO 2020, why it is a big deal and what should you expect from it. Exactly this event is going to held in the city of dreams where everyone’s eyes are here. People on social media and News are still searching for the thing which can give them a hit what will the point of attraction in expo. There is countless number of things that make the expo 2020 highly attractive and unique from any other global event. Dubai expo 2020 is first worldwide event that will be held in UAE. It has been said that Dubai expo 2020 will be a historic moment for the culture and heritage of UAE. It will be like a dream come true for thousands of individuals from all across the world.

When it was announced that Dubai had won the bid to host Expo 2020, it attracted the interests of many. It became a trending topic, fireworks were set off from BurjKhalifa, a school holiday was announced, and a logo competition for the Expo’s branding was organized and over 18,000 people submitted for it. And now they are developing smart and innovative technologies to make this event spectacular. This event is going to establish Dubai as the first choice among tourists coming from all over the world.

There will be several things to enjoy, experience, and watch in the mega event and you will not want to miss many. But, at the same time, if you are going to be there for shorter period or if you have any plans of paying a visit to this grand event then you should focus on these three areas of innovation that are likely to attract visitors.

Things to look out for at Dubai Expo 2020

More than 25 million people are expected to visit the event, and with these many visitors coming to transportation will benefit from a tech transformation, as digital buses and driverless cars take over the roads. Visitors will be witnessing a wide range of technologies and innovations during their visit to Dubai expo 2020. This mega event will enhance the image and popularity of Dubai and several other cities in UAE as local artists are ready to show some glimpses of their culture and tradition. One of the most fascinating things that the visitors will see there is a Dubai drive application. If you are a tech-savvy person, businesses and professionals, this event is going to provide you with a promising opportunity to watch, observe and learn new technology and innovation.

Dubai drive app will update and moderate public transportation, which will make communication much more comfortable. This app already provides a digital version of the user’s driving license, and it allows to pay for any road tolls or other charges and renew vehicle registrations. There will be smart roads which are also a project initiated by RTA – Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority. It will be a seamless experience for the drivers with all the perks of traffic management, smart parking, smart pedestrian crossings, pedestrian smart road shopping, roadway monitoring mobile cameras in major traffic diversions and intelligent street lights. Such kind of technological enhancement will attract visitors coming from their respective nations.

Apart from the Dubai drive app, some new projects might also include self- driving buses and driving in Dubai will never be the same again. The UAE government is not leaving a chance with this revolution in driving, as it has ordered 200 self-driving taxis which are planned to hit the road in 2020 which will be an excellent experience for the people visiting the EXPO.It would be highly fascinating to see electric buses running on streets of Dubai. It will make the visitors feel excited as they will be roaming around on one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Visiting Dubai has been dream for millions of individuals specifically from developing countries. Expo Dubai 2020 is the best chance, occasion, and place through which they can know and learn several new things which can be beneficial in their personal and professional lives.

Digital Money & Payment System

In At, EXPO 2020 cashless payments will be encouraged as the digitalization has become a significant trend. You can forget about travelers’ checks, and credit cards and Dubai is making sure that cash becomes a thing if the past and that cashless payments are the standards. Research has also found that the Dubai city can increase its GDP and create jobs by their continuous involvement in innovating in digital, cashless payments.Economic growth will be boosted by the organization of this mega occasion.

Technology in World

Expo Dubai 2020 will be exposition of the latest technological trend, devices, and methods developed and invented by highly tech-savvy personalities from the different parts of the world. Last but not the least Expo visitors and also the residents will have the fastest network on earth. Dubai will seize this opportunity to put 5G networks in action, and it is pretty much a centre of attraction for internet surfers who will need their mobiles and a fast internet connection to interact and share glimpses of their experience on social media.

A recent report by consultants Deloitte states that – “The Middle East’s expenditure on mobile operators’ network infrastructure will be around US$ 50 billion from 2017-2021, focusing particularly on 5G networks”. It is not much of a figure when you are expecting millions of people flooding in the city. So Dubai EXPO 2020 will serve as a comfort for sore eyes with all these new technologies, new inventions, and innovative discoveries for people all over the world. Expo 2020 event is being considered as most significant moment in the history of UAE.  This event will make the center of attraction of millions of people from October 2020 to April 2021.

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