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Hyperloop technology will change the future world of logistics and transportation. It will revolutionise e-commerce. It will aid in the development of newer most modern cities. And last but not least, it will save the earth! And guess what.. it’s the newest attraction coming to Expo 2020 Dubai. Does it sound too much! Apparently not till you read ahead Revolutionising the world of transportation Hyperloop envisages ferrying passengers safely at speeds of conventional airliners. Imagine that on the ground. What is the hyperloop speed that’s achieved? Till now speeds of hyperloop onwards of 200 kmph has already been breached in trial runs in Toulouse, France. Saving the earth Hyperloop runs mostly in near zero resistance condition. This leads to extremely low power requirement for propelling the capsules. Hence, lots of energy are saved, once the pods levitate from the ground by a few centimetres. Compared to conventional transports using the internal…

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