Expo 2020


There are now less than two years to go to Expo2020! It’s a universal exposition to be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. October 20, 2020 is the date everyone in the UAE is looking forward to. This massive event will be held for six months. It will bring several artists, performers, and tech-savvy individuals from all over the world under one roof. Apart from this, the mega event of Expo 2020 will be offering a promising opportunity for the companies and professionals to show and sell their products and services to customers from different parts of the world.


More than 25 million visitors from all across the world will be witnessing this massive event. It will also be an excellent opportunity for the whole nation to educate the world about the traditions, cultures and technical capabilities of UAE. The theme of Connecting Minds, Creating Future will be reflecting in every activities, programs, and exhibition in the expo event. Expo event is going to held in UAE for the very first time that is one of the main reasons why this event is essential, most-awaited and exciting for not only Dubaians but for the entire population living in UAE. A high number of investors and people in business will be engaged in making high investment in their respective field of business or investment.


Every five years, the major cities of the world compete for the opportunity to host the World Expo. The candidate cities that submitted their bid to the Bureau of International Expositions to host Expo 2020 were Izmir, Turkey; Yekaterinburg, Russia; São Paulo, Brazil, and Dubai, UAE.

The words quoted were “Ladies and gentlemen, Dubai wins” and thus the hard work turned right on the way making Dubai won the bid in 2013. Dubai won by a resounding majority with 116 votes, leaving Yekaterinburg, Russia, with only 47.“I am proud of our teams who earned this victory for Dubai with two years of hard work, dedication and commitment,” Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, said. “We renew our promise to astonish the world in 2020.” Every individual involved in the organization and planning of the expo 2020 event is strived for making this event memorable and successful through inviting highly famous, talented and skillful artists to perform in front of millions of individuals from every corner of the planet. It will be an extraordinary chance for children to see live performance of their favorite stars.

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