The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) (هيئة كهرباء ومياه دبي) is a public service infrastructure company that was founded on 1 January 1992 by Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum.  Here are going to know about “how to setup DEWA, transfer process & how to cancel DEWA

It arose from the merger of the Dubai Electricity Company and the Dubai Water Department and the main purpose was making available to the people of Dubai an adequate and reliable supply of electricity and water.

In Order to Set up DEWA … Here are simple steps to follow :

How to Setup DEWA

  1. DEWA Connection application Form : DEWA new connection application form pdf on DEWAofficial website . Website link is given below .

Refer below screenshot to download form from the site .


Click on ‘Forms and Documents‘ and Forms will appear on right side of screen .


In order to set up DEWA account, you will need to submit the required documents.

Required documents :

  1. A copy of
    • The tenant’s passport (in this case it’s yours)
    • The landlord’s passport (The house’s owner)
    • Signed Tenancy contract
  2. Title Deed or Affection plan (You can get that from the landlord of your house)
  3. DEWA new connection application form filled up with all require details .
  4. DEWA Refundable Deposit
  5. DEWA Connection Fees

DEWA Premise Number:

One very important information you need to know to fill in your DEWA new connection application form, which is DEWA premise number (Don’t mix it with Ejari number).

You can find the DEWA premise number on the side of your property’s entrance. It’s usually a black square stuck high on the side of the entrance door from the outside.

DEWA Refundable Deposits:

DEWA security deposit is mandatory, yet it’s subject for refund upon vacating the premise. It means when you leave the apartment and you don’t need the DEWA connection there anymore, you can claim your DEWA deposit refund, but the trick you need to know here that you can only get it with the original receipt.

AED 2,000 for a Flat (Residential Premises).

AED 4,000 for a Villa (Residential Premises).

DEWA Activation Charges:

  • AED 100 for connecting electricity and water (small meters).
  • AED 300 for connecting Electricity and water meters (large meters).
  • AED 10 for registration.
  • AED 10 for knowledge fee.
  • AED 10 for innovation fee.
  • *VAT will be charged as applicable

How long does it take to set up DEWA?

Supply is activated within 15 hrs of Filled Form submission , Registration and payment of Security Deposit.

DEWA customer service is available 24/7 .

For Technical Incident  – In case of an Electricity / Water Technical incident,  call on 991 round the clock .

Customer Care Center   +971-4-601-9999

Fax  –  +971-4-601-9995

Email –  [email protected]

Mail Address   – In Case If you want to send any document you can mail it to mailing address:

Dubai Electricity And Water Authority , P.O. Box 564, Dubai, U.A.E   – the official website of DEWA for registration and DEWA online registration and bill payment

How to cancel DEWA connection?

In case you are moving out of the UAE, or you just need to cancel Dewa account, You can use either the online Dewa cancellation or just normally visit the DEWA Customer Care Center (Dewa Customer Service).

DEWA De-activation Charges:

  • AED 100 for disconnecting electricity and water (small meters).
  • AED 300 for disconnecting Electricity and water meters (large meters).
  • AED 10 for knowledge fee.
  • AED 10 for innovation fee.

* VAT will be charged as applicable

DEWA OFFLINE Cancellation

As we mentioned above you can also visit DEWA customer care center (Dewa customer service) by visiting one of the DEWA offices near to you.

Notify via email/fax or visit a Customer Happiness Centre before vacating the premises with the following required documents & details:

  • Customer Account Number (Your Dewa account number)
  • Date of disconnection
  • Mobile Number (UAE Mobile Number)
  • Emirates ID

In case of Companies:

Authorization Letter from company duly stamped and signed.Once your Move out (Deactivation of Electricity and Water Service) request is created, you will receive an email with a link that allows you to select the refund option (Cheque / IBAN).

You will receive SMS/ Email with Move Out notification number. The final bill will be sent to your registered Email ID.

Payment / Refund:

Final Bill Settlement: You can pay the amount of Final bill through DEWA online payment or in cash at any DEWA Customer care centers (Customer Happiness Centres).

Security Deposit Refund: Any refund (Like security deposit refund), after the settlement of Final bill amount, will be processed via IBAN/Cheque, as selected previously.

DEWA Online Cancellation Process

Go through with this URL :

Simply, visit Dewa online website, and follow these simple steps for DEWA cancellation:

  1. Log in with your User ID and password.

  1. Select De-activation of Electricity and Water (Move-Out) from the menu.

  1. Select your contract account, in case a clearance certificate is required click on the checkbox.

  1. Pay DEWA bill (any outstanding) amount via Dewa online payment, along with clearance certificate charges (Clearance Certificate costs AED 50 + Vat.)
  2. After the payment confirmation, enter a Move Out date, phone number and method of security deposit refund (IBAN/Cheque).
  3. Click submit.

You will receive an SMS & Email with Move Out notification number. The final bill will be sent to your registered Email ID.

How To Transfer DEWA (Guide) :

Transfer of Electricity and Water (Move-to) – This service transfers electricity and water from one to another premises within Dubai as per customer’s needs .

You can transfer DEWA online by visiting the DEWA website or trough smart App .

This can be also be done through DEWA’s customer service centers.

Fill in the online application form by entering the below details and submit :

  • Ejari number of your new premises and premises number.
  • Contract account number for your existing premises from which you are planning to Move out along with Move out date.
  • Settle the outstanding dues, if any, for your existing premises.

Security Deposit from your existing premise will be transferred to your new premises. In case of insufficient deposit for the new premise, you will be required to pay the difference of Security Deposit through any DEWA payment channel. Supply for your new premises will be activated on transfer / payment of Security Deposit and supply for your existing premises will be deactivated on your selected move out date.

On successful submission, a reference number will be provided which can be used for tracking the status of the application. If you are registered in our online services, you can apply for the Move-To by logging in with your user ID and password.

SMS and Welcome Email with your DEWA account & premises details and link for online login will be sent.

Ask anytime with the comment section if you are facing any problem or issue & please also share your experience after our Guide of DEWA setup or transferring DEWA or in the cancelation .

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