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The Roads and Transport Authority is called RTA. It is the rapidly growing independent transportation and government road authority in Dubai. The RTA is founded in 2005 by the government of Dubai. RTA red line and green line are two metro routes established by the government of Dubai. It is made through the proper planning and provides an integrated channel for transportation facilities in the Emirate of Dubai and between other Emirates of the UAE and Dubai. It is meant for achieving future vision and serving vital interests of the Dubai economy.

RTA is a combination of five agencies known as, Public Transport, the Traffic and Roads, Dubai Taxi Corporation, and Licensing Rail. In addition to which three support sectors are also there, such as Corporate administrative Support services, Strategy and Corporate Governance, and Corporate Technology Support Services. RTA has achieved many accolades since the time it has established numerous roads and transport projects. These include key turnkey roads, Dubai Tram, Dubai Metro, Dubai water canal and many ways, tunnels and bridges. RTA also revamped modern fleet of buses in public transport, marine transit and various smart and traditional services that contribute to increasing security and minimizing pedestrian fatalities. The government has divided metro in two lines RTA red line and RTA green line. RTA red line is one of the oldest metro lines.

Rta Dubai

Dubai is growing very rapidly as a metropolitan hub and architecture. It is also increasing in the areas of transport and road facilities. Since November 2005, Dubai has significantly progressed in public transport and road services. Over 12 years, a bus fleet had doubled from 620 to 1520 in 2018. They also showed significant investment, which improves marine services. Dubai launched three new marine services named as Water Taxi, Dubai Ferry and Water Bus and initialized the old abras. There also has development of tram systems and metro in Dubai.

The survey shows 86km of tram lines and metro and built 11 new tram stations and 47 new metro stations. Some of these are run on RTA red line route. From 2006 to 2018 ridership on public support abundantly increased from 168 million to 588 million which also enhances share of public transport from 6% to 11 % in total 13 years. Within seven years of operation it has achieved broke even point on operation cost. RTA red line enables passengers to reach their destinations on shortest possible time duration.

For the future perspective, they aim to increase the transportation facilities and shared mobility share to 26 % by 2030. RTA also focuses on innovation and boosting the public transportation system. They concentrate on entire mobility sector as well. Dubai has also launched 13 “Future councils” to develop critical sectors over 50 years in Dubai. This Future Council is consists of international private and public authorities and corporations who are working in the area of transportation.

Dubai has made strategies for the self-driving transport facilities, which are aiming to achieve its best transportation possibilities in future. They target 25% of trips made by autonomous mode by the year 2030. Moreover, they have launched and piloted new services and modes. RTA launched in the year 2017, the world’s first pilot of aerial vehicle and they were planned to launch free services as soon as possible. They aim to provide different modes and strategies of self-driving which includes running seven modes of transport by the year 2030.

RTI has future goals to explore the new suspended rail system (Dubai Skypods) to initialize a seamless transport system, which provides help to on-demand buses which used to aid first and last-mile solutions. They also invest in flexible mobility systems like scooter systems and exploring different energy sources like electric buses and hybrid taxis. Dubai currently has 200 electric Tesla taxis in the fleet.

Dubai on world map

Dubai is the biggest city in United Arab Emirates. It is also most populous city in the country.  Dubai is popular as a tourist destination. The city is home for several skyscrapers and mega construction projects. Millions of people from every geographical regions of the world come to enjoy beach life, water adventures and view man-made structures like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab etc. The city is one of the fastest growing global cities and has been hub for trade and business in Middle East.

The city is located on the southeast shoreline of the Persian Gulf. The city is located at 52 meters above the sea level. Dubai shares boundary with Abu Dhabi in the southern side of Gulf region. In the northeast, Sharjah is neighbour of Dubai. In the southeast region, Dubai shares boundary of Sultanate of Oman. It is not very hard to find Dubai on map. You can locate Dubai on map easily. Dubai lies within the Arabian Desert.

Dubai on map is not one of the most searched keywords anymore as Palm Jumeriah is the new place everyone locates on map. Dubai’s topography is significantly different from the southern portion of United Arab Emirates.  The landscape of Dubai Location is highlighted by desert patterns. The city is surrounded by sand desert. Sand desert patterns look beautiful because sand consists of crushed coral and shell. This kind of sand deserts is clean, white and fine which add to the natural beauty of Dubai.

dubai on map

Dubai location is one of the main reasons why it is one of the most attractive tourist places on earth. Dubai location is unique and attractive to the tourists from western world. Dubai is located in such a unique geography that the visitors are able to enjoy beach life and desert view with in the distance of few miles.

Dubai location makes it an perfect place for several businesses to establish distributorships to set up the fastest trade shipping to most of the regions of Asia & other continents. Dubai on map is what people used to search on internet before the construction of mega structure like tallest building, tallest hotel, man-made island, biggest mall and several other structures. But, with the advent of the time, founding fathers of the city made best out of Dubai location. In present time, with such kind of popularity across the world, no one is needed to search Dubai on map.

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