Dubai (UAE) , A holiday destination for a lot of people across the world but also the main attraction of a lot of businessmen and people willing to start their business, The United Arab Emirates is a business hub which offers more than 1.5 Billion consumer’s market including West Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and also the Neighbouring middle east countries.

Dubai wooes a lot of people across the world because of it’s favourable economy and a lot of job opportunities but it may not be easy and suitable for those not willing to trust their gut and take risks, Well if you’re willing to take risks and looking for the most favourable jobs and business opportunities then you’re at the right place. Read on and get to know everything about setting up business in Dubai.

Now before thinking of starting a business in Dubai you must know as per the latest rules.

• Before you travel to the UAE, please check your visa requirements and make sure you have a valid visa if needed.

•You will need to apply for a UAE visa  before arriving in Dubai as per the visa requirements.

• If you’re an Indian citizen your passport will be stamped with a multiple entry 90-days visit visa that’s valid for 6 months from the date of issue, and for a stay of 90 days in total.

You can apply for a UAE visa also by downloading the DVPV application on your mobile.

If you’re willing to stand out and be passionate with taking risks then you must know a few cons of starting up in Dubai

• You need to make a big investment which is as much as $10000 in annual costs which include paid up capital requirements, to licensing fees and mandatory office space.

• If you’re willing to take loan then banks in the country have limited resources for lending to start-ups, they first prefer to examine business performance for a couple of years before approving a loan which can be disappointing at times.

The country’s Islamic values bear everything from its legal systems to its work life, so you need to factor in cultural values.

Well if it has got cons then there are a lot of Pros too

Why should you start a business in Dubai and its Pros

Dubai is a business hub and is the biggest platform for businessmen and investors all across the middle east, It’s not only open of the citizens of UAE but also for other foreign investors as well, They support small businesses as well as large corporations which makes it the topmost interest of the investors.

• There are numerous free zones, excellent infrastructure, no taxes, low import duties and a deliberate location. The UAE is one of the “smartest” countries in the world in terms of internet penetration and infrastructure, making it ideal for start ups.

• If you stay calm and passionate in this business hub then it’ll pay you huge and the income will be completely tax free.

Now coming to the most important question,

What are the business opportunities?

dubai business opportunity

Well then here are those business opportunities with minimal amount of capital but huge returns, Being the commercial capital of the UAE, Dubai offers unlimited business opportunities such as

Advertising :

Advertising industry in Dubai is starving like never before according to the latest research of 2018, which makes it a great opportunity for start ups to bring in the change and stand high. Advertising industry, specially digital media in Dubai is looking for Advertising professionals which makes it a great opportunity for start ups and fresh talent including brand development, animation and many more.

Real Estate :

Real Estate in dubai

Real estate is one of the biggest business in Dubai, Since everyone knows Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it’s home is Dubai. It also has a lot of artificial islands, malls, and a lot of commercial and residential projects , so there are a lot of opportunities like brokerage, development etc.

Security :

There’s not much concern about the security in Dubai but still people are not leaving any chance to it, They recruit a lot of gadgets and guards from security agencies to protect their assets which makes them want more and more so you can sell them security gadgets and equipments so it can be a worth taking opportunity too.

Apparel :

One of the things that Dubai is famous for is fashion which makes it a shopping destination too , Millions of people across the world troop to Dubai for shopping, This could not only be a huge pay off business but will also connect you to a lot of customers across the world. There’s a huge demand for apparel in Dubai, Be it women’s apparel, Men’s apparel or Kids wear. You’ll be getting huge returns ranging from Dirham (Dubai’s currency) 3000 to Dirham 11000 per month if you keep your focus and concern on the latest trends.

Education :

Since the population of Dubai has people from a lot of nationalities, Education is a big opportunity for anyone who can set up speciality schools or foreign language courses, You can also target the sector of hospitality, IT and Arts. Education in Dubai is a very profitable where all you need is proper education, degrees, skills, certificates and license to start education, Moreover if you don’t want to start with your own business, you can undertake a franchise.

Recruitment Agency :

There is a huge demand in Dubai for skilled labours, As the economy is ever growing , An efficient work force is required in various industries, You may be challenged to find the right persons with the right skills but the outcome is huge. There are many recruiting agencies set up in Dubai every year but still the demand keeps on increasing. Dubai has a shortage of professionals in fields like medical, IT, engineering, accountancy, and construction workers so that has to be done by foreign workers which makes the market ready for recruiting workers. Recruiting Agency is a very safe and fair opportunity in this business hub.

Transportation :

Dubai can be very profitable in terms of transportation, A lot of tourists as well as the dealers require transportation services so transportation can  give a huge return to passionate entrepreneurs. The services can be from trans city transportation services to local taxi services with a handsome pay.

Tourist Guide :

If you’re a travel enthusiast then this business can be very profitable for you. As Dubai is the top most tourist attraction, A lot of tourists require personal travel guides to explore this beautiful country and a very profitable amount is paid, All you need is good and sufficient knowledge about the place and it’s history.

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Food and Snacks :

Since it’s the topmost tourist attraction and people from all nationalities visit , Food businesses thrive here, People love to give their tongue a new taste and spice so you can make Dh 2000 to Dh 6000 per month with this small business with less capital and less licenses as compared to other businesses.

Trading :

Trading is a business with huge profits, The common term used by a lot of people for trading is ‘export-import’ and since Dubai is a business hub, Traders globally gather in this market for export and import with huge returns.

Childcare Facilities :

Majority of wives in Dubai are working, And when both husband and wives are working, they hire people from childcare facilities to take care of their children while they’re away to work, This job can be exciting as well as challenging if you’re not so good with kids but this job pays you huge amount.

Entertainment houses and Night clubs :

Dubai is a country full of busy people and to remove the day’s stress the night life is even more amazing. Entertainment houses and night clubs are the only spot where they chill around and remove their stress so this business can also be very profitable giving you a sum of Dh 10000 to Dh 15000 per month which is huge.

Well now if you’re looking to start a business or do a job in Dubai then you have a lot of options to choose from. If you’re looking forward to start a business in Dubai then you must do it according to the books with proper license otherwise you’ll lose your investment which can be very disappointing. If you’re looking forward to stand for huge returns then you must keep in mind to register and promote your business and be sure to study the market requirement and go with the trend!

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