Expo 2020 is a global exposition for millions of people to share ideas and encourage collaboration. Expo Dubai 2020 will provide a huge opportunity for millions of individuals from across the world to witness a global event consisting of activities related to technology, innovation, culture, and tradition. World Expo is a global event where businesses, professionals and individuals from all over the world are gathered in one place. This time it is going to be organized in Dubai, and we are estimating that it will increase the economic growth in UAE.

High Investment to boost economic growth

It is expected that more than 120 countries, and 200 participants, including multilateral organizations and educational institutions, will be participating in the Dubai EXPO 2020 event.This will be a giant event, and a lot of money will be invested to make this event grand. Till date, 1,964 contracts worth AED 5.3 billion (USD 1.4 billion) have been awarded, and contracts worth AED 11.5 billion (USD 3.1 billion) will be awarded in next 12 months in many different sectors. It will be very promising opportunity for investors in hotel industry to gain high return on their huge investment during the event. It will be a great chance for the companies and businesses to stand Dubai as the most vibrant and attractive hotel market in the world. Investors will not want to lose this amazing opportunity to enjoy high earnings.The event will not be lesser than a dream come true for hotel, trade and tourism sector in the country.

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