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How Expo 2020 will benefit Dubai & How Dubai will look in 2020


How Expo 2020 will benefit Dubai

Ever since the news broke that Dubai is going to host the World Expo 2020, there is a celebration going on in Dubai as this is going to be a huge event and it will affect the economy of the country. This event will last for six months from October 2020 to April 2021.

Updates on Dubai Expo 2020 construction site : 900 Days to go


Behind the Expo 2020 Dubai we all know that 900 days to go in event starting . this 2020 is gonna be most remembering because of helding this World’s biggest event.

For South Asia and  Middle East, Africa Dubai Expo will be first such a magnificent event.

after completing 16 million work hour on Expo 2020 Dubai site  85 KM pipe already laid for site infrastructure  works, which

New job openings for Expo 2020 in Dubai : How to Apply ?


Dubai is going to hold one of the biggest Business Event that is Expo 2020. It is going to be a spectacular and grand event. As we all know they are looking for members (citizens and workers from other countries too) who can join them to fulfill and complete remaining tasks of the event. So here in this post, you will be able to get all the details

Why is Dubai Expo 2020 important?


If it starts with D and ends with O, it has to be Dubai Expo. There’s a lot of talk about this hugely anticipated event in the world. But then, there’s also a lot of talks about why there’s a lot talks about Dubai Expo. If you ever wondered what makes Dubai Expo 2020 so important for the global interest, here’s your answer.

New Zealand reveals Dh194.7m pavilion design for Dubai Expo 2020


On the Wednesday of May 2nd, Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr. Winston Peters displayed their contribution towards the iconic Dubai Expo 2020.

The Minister of International Co-operation and Foreign Affairs of Dubai, Sheikh Abdullah, was in New Zealand last week, in order to discuss the bilateral relations with The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden.  

Dubai Expo 2020 Master Plan – All you need to know


As we all know , Expo is going to be start in this October month 2020. So for Dubai there are lot of great and something different from other’s plan so here you will get to know about Dubai Expo 2020 Master plan.

Expo is global event for millions of people to share ideas, innovations

Expo 2020 opening ceremony : Watch the Grand Opening


Are you one of them who are curious to know about Expo 2020 Opening Ceremony? The exciting event which is going to be held in Dubai on October 20, 2020, and people are already excited about it. It is estimated that it might attract more than 25 million visits out of which 70% are expected to come from outside the UAE.

What is an Expo 2020 exhibition? Things You Need To Know


October 20, 2020 : A date everyone in the UAE is excited about. After all, from that day on UAE will have another feather on its hat — Expo 2020 Exhibition. Yes! The glorious event is to be held in Dubai and people just can’t wait for it.

But wait, what is an expo exhibition?


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