The very first step of setting up data package in your Mobile phone is that you need to have a Dubai phone service through a Dubai based service provider. After that you need to know what type of a sim do you want, Either it is Pay-as-you-go (Prepaid) or Postpaid.

Now you must know

What is Pay-as-you-go or Prepaid service?

Prepaid service is the service for which airtime credit is purchased in advance of service use. Unlike traditional cell phone plans, with prepaid you don’t have to worry about early termination fees. There are no monthly reporting bills, Prepaid service includes one year’s rental, connection, and SIM card charges in which International rates will apply when you receive calls outside of UAE.

Documents required for a Prepaid connection in Dubai (UAE)

You don’t need to be a Resident of Dubai for a prepaid connection

  • Original passport  and it’s 2 copies.
  • Visa number (If Visit Visa) and birth date
  • A Copy of residence permit or Copy of entry stamp in passport (Take along the original one too)
  • Subscriber Fee

What is a Postpaid service?

In a Postpaid service the connection is provided by a prior arrangement with a mobile network operator. The user in this situation is billed after the fact according to their use of mobile services at the end of each month. It will allow you to do local and international dialling as well as give you a call receipt too. It can be used outside Dubai as well ( only when the roaming services are added )

Documents and eligibility for a Postpaid service in Dubai (UAE)

For a postpaid service, You must be a resident of UAE , You must have a salary of at least 2500 AED and you must be over 21 years of Age. You’ll require more documents as compared to a prepaid service

  • A valid Emirates ID (Original and copy both)
  • Original & a copy of valid Passport & valid UAE Visa
  • Residence Visa : Visa No. + Unified Number or Residency File No.
  • Salary Certificate with a salary of AED 2500 approx.
  • Bank Statement of previous three months or a valid credit card or the latest utility bill that clears you have a physical address in Dubai.

After the submission of all the required documents, Fill up the form either by writing it or typing it, Then you need to pay the fee ( Supplement charges will be included in your next billing cycle) . After this the service provider will provide you the sim with the required plans.

Talking about the service providers in Dubai, there are three providers, Etisalat, Du and Virgin Mobile. Dubai’s mobile providers Du and Etisalat operate on a GSM network. You need to choose your service provider and the requirements of your plan according to which the price may vary. Now you must be thinking which service provider will be the best for you, For that you need to look into each provider and various plans offered by them.

Let’s begin with Etisalat

Source : etisalat Instagram

300 600Monthly Bill AED 150AED 300 AED 600

In case you exceed the monthly limit , Your charges will be as follows

Local calls: 32 fils per minute.

National SMS: 19 fils per SMS

International Calls : 1.26 AED/minute for 175 countries and 3.78 AED/minute for 48 countries

To know more Etisalat Postpaid plans like Add ons, Double bonanza, double data and data booster . Visit

DU data packages

DU latest prepaid Plans

Price AED 35 per month AED 50 per month AED 100 per month AED 150 per month
Flexi Minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 100 minutes 150 minutes
Data 500 MB 750 MB 1.5 GB 3 GB

Apart from the above mentioned price of the package you will also be charged 5% VAT ( Value Added Tax) as well. If you exceed the limit , The following charged will be deducted

  • Local calls: AED 0.38/min (pay per second)
  • International calls : AED 2.52 /min (pay per second)
  • National SMS: AED 0.19 /SMS
  • International SMS: AED 0.63 /SMS

DU Postpaid Plans

Below given plans have a contract of 2 years ( 24 months), DU postpaid plans are not similar like the other plans provided, DU postpaid plans comes with some extra bonanza and advantage which you’ll see further

Plans Smart Plan 150 Smart Plan 300 Smart Plan 600 Smart Plan 1000
Data 6 GB 18 GB 25 GB 100 GB
Preferred no. Minutes NA 300 600 1000
Preferred No. NA 1 2 3
Monthly Bill AED 150 + 5% VAT AED 300+ 5% VAT AED 600+ 5% VAT AED 1000+ 5% VAT
Bonanza Special Number + Anghami Bronze Number + Anghami + The entertainer Silver number+ Anghami + The Entertainer Gold Number + Anghami + The Entertainer

The one time fee of the service is AED 125, You must also know that to avail the smart plans you must have a Salary certificate of at least AED 15000. Du also offers number of ways to pay the phone bill. You can either pay directly in Du shops, at Cash Deposit Machines, by cheques or via bank transfers. It is also possible to register your credit card at Du to allow automatic payment.

In case you don’t need a Smart plan you can check the basic plans here

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is a wireless communications brand used by eight independent brand-licensees worldwide. Virgin Mobile is UAE’s first digital mobile service. There’s nothing such as Prepaid and Postpaid in Virgin Mobile, Well the bill payments are done like postpaid plans but the provider calls it a prepaid network and  so do we. You can choose your own plans and change it anytime. Virgin mobile wanted to give the users a flexible and amazing mobile experience so here are the steps to build your own plans.

  1. Download the Virgin mobile app



  1. Build and select your own plan
  2. Choose your number or bring your own
  3. Get your SIM delivered at your doorstep within 1 hour.

With Virgin mobile app you can make the payment of your plan either through credit card or debit card, You can buy more data anytime.

Benefits of Virgin Mobile

  • The app is easy to use
  • No restrictive mobile contracts
  • Track your usage of data and minutes in real-time.
  • In-app help and support.
  • View all your recent bills and payments.
  • Update your account details in the app.

Know more about Virgin Mobile and it’s Plans here

Among the above mentioned plans and service providers, You can compare and choose your preferable and favourable service providers and the plans provided by them.

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