Luxury hotels in Dubai are known for plush rooms, delicious food, and amenities which are extra special. These hotels become a tourist dream visit because of its impeccable customer service and comfort. Dubai is one of the most luxurious places in the world, and it offers everything in a top-notch quality be it from food, adventure, or entertainment. It is this identity of Dubai, which makes it a destination to visit once in lifetime.

Visitors have the chance to enjoy every aspect of Dubai by staying in hotels that offer top-notch quality. It is essential to know about one of two of such hotels to stay during the visit. Here we present the highest rated luxury hotels in Dubai. If you are looking for a pleasant and relaxing stay with price not a bar for you, these are the ones you want! Have a look.

Top-rated Hotels in Dubai

#1 Burj Al Arab

This hotel seems to mesmerize you with its first glance.  The brilliant exterior design looks even more beautiful at sundown. The brilliant infrastructure reaches one thousand feet in the air. Furthermore, in the evening the lighting arrangement is just spectacular. The lighting tends to move across this sail shape structure, and the view is one thing that you can’t ignore.

top rated Hotels in Dubai

This hotel seems to mesmerise you with its first glance.  The brilliant exterior design looks even more beautiful at sundown. The brilliant infrastructure reaches one thousand feet in the air.

Coming to the interior of the building it is even more impressive. The hotel has two luxurious and impressive suits, which are known as the deluxe two-bedroom suits, and the other is known as the Royal suite. The royal suite is more popular among the two because it has a rotating pedestal, a staircase which is made of marble and gold and four-poster canopy.

In addition, each floor of the hotel has its own reception desk, and there is a team of staff present 24/7 who ready to serve you at any time. Their efficient team of workers is ready to give you a wonderful time in Dubai. Be it a ride around town with Rolls Royce or enjoying seafood at Caspian caviar.  All you need to do is ask, and all your requirements will be fulfilled within no time.

Features of Burj Al Arab

  • Assistance available 24/7
  • Deluxe two bedroom suite and royal suite to give an experience of a lifetime
  • Brilliant infrastructure and lightening
  • Word class restaurant and bars
  • Access to wil wadi waterpark which comes as a complimentary service  
  • Private beach, two indoor and three outdoor swimming pool
Special offerings

The special offering of this majestic hotel comes in three highlighted packages one is known as the dream package, the other is known as Jumeirah escapes and the third one is known as the Chinese New Year. Some other packages are suite sensation, Jumeirah breaks, visa festive stay, ultimate suite indulgence, and an advance purchase rate.

#2 Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

top rated Hotels in Dubai

In the middle of this sand desert of Dubai, this hotel acts like water. Meaning this hotel comes in as a treat to its customers in the empty Liwa desert. The rooms are extremely beautiful decorated with jewelry and mosaics. All the rooms of this hotel have an exclusive view of the desert, but the deluxe suite has the best view.

Features of Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

  • All day cooking stations and buffets available
  • Spa available which provides Thai massage and green tea scrub message
  • Beautifully decorated with jewelry and marble
Special offerings

All the bookings that are made through the official website of this hotel will have a spa credit. 

#3 Shangri La Hotel

top rated Hotels in Dubai

This hotel beats other hotels in Dubai due to its refined and restrained atmosphere. The main highlight of this hotel is it 302 rooms which contain local artwork, rain showers, and warm décor.

This hotel serves its customers with two world-renowned hotels one is known as the Shang palace, and the other is known as the Marrakech.  Shang Palace serves delicious Cantonese special while Marrakech specializes in Moroccan food.

Features of Shangri La Hotel

  • Hospitality is a world class
  • The atmosphere is a blend of warmth and simplicity
  • World class design
  • Organises events, meetings, and weddings
Special offerings

The weekend offer provides you with enjoyment in pristine beaches and rugged mountains at a very affordable rate while the golden circle offers two paid nights and the 3rd night is paid by the company.

#4 AL Qasar

top rated Hotels in Dubai

The people who have stayed in this hotel have described this hotel as “posh residence” coupled with classical architecture. This hotel is basically part of the resort which is known as Madinat Jumeirah resort. In addition, this beauty is powered with 292 guest rooms where each room is decorated private patios and Arabic flair. Furthermore, the customers who will stay here will enjoy facilities like water sports facility at the beach, relaxing spa and 25-meter indoor lap pool.

Features of AL Qasar

  • Talise fitness
  • Access to the Sinbad’s kids club
  • Talisa spa and services
  • Access of wild wadi waterpark
Special offers

Special offers include three packages which are Jumeirah express, suite Madinat, and Friday bunch at Jumeirah. All these offers come with exciting services which make sure that you are having a good time.

#5 Bab al shams

top rated Hotels in Dubai

All the hotels in Dubai provide you with a beautiful experience now if you are a type of person who wants aromatic gateway then Bab AL shams is the place you are looking for.

Now, this hotel has only 113 rooms, but each room will take your breath away. This resort has a stellar spa and eight restaurants, which makes you experience different types of cuisines and consequently leaves you satisfied. However, you will always crave for more!

Features of Bab al shams

  • 2 swimming pools, 8 restaurants, and a beautiful spa
  • Suites  have private sun terraces while rooms  have perfectly shaped garden
  • Provides you with the open-air dining  experience
  • Falcon displays, live music, belly dancers and henna artists
  • Hookah available at a variety of flavors and cocktail facility at the rooftop

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