Let’s first delve into the story behind the name of Ikea Dubai . So, the first two letters of IKEA combine the initials of the name of the founder i.e. Ingvar Kamprad (IK) and the last two initials are taken from the founder’s farm and village i.e. Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd(EA). If I talk about the pronunciation of Ikea Dubai, it is slight different for English people and for Swedish people as in UK, US it is pronounced as “eye-kee-ah” and in Swedish its “Eee-Kay-Uh”. It is found that Americans have been pronouncing it wrong; and, it is intended to be pronounced as “Eee-Kay-Uh”.

IKEA Dubai

What is Ikea Dubai?

Ikea Dubai is renowned and eminent Swedish furniture store in Dubai and is ubiquitous around the globe including the United Arab Emirates and the other Middle East countries. Ikea Dubai is a colossal shopping centre for furniture where one can get any kind of furnishing material and of one’s choice and taste. It is located in the Dubai Festival City Mall. Ikea Dubai store and Ikea Dubai Online website is also well-known for home or kitchen accessories or carpets. At the stores, model rooms have been created to allure customers. It has stolen the heart of millions of people for its quality furniture. Furniture provided by Ikea Dubai can be transported in any of the vehicle like Volvo station wagon as they can easily fit into it with ease. Ikea Dubai stores and Ikea Dubai Online website provide all the instructions on their manual, so that anyone can assemble the furniture by looking at the pictures provided with instructions. Ikea Dubai stores and Ikea Dubai Online website present solutions to every problem people facing about furniture at their homes as they provide durable and adjustable furniture according to the size of the apartment. With Ikea Dubai stores, one can find everything under one roof and can transform their home into a dream house. And at the time of Ikea Dubai Sale, people can take the advantage of situation to the fullest.

Ikea Dubai also provides facilities of play area for kids so that people can shop without any intervention of their children. They have been supervised so that parents do not have to worry about them and they can shop peacefully as they are in safe hands. Weekends are normally flooded with people; therefore, if anyone wants to have a more relaxed experience of shopping then they must visit to Ikea Dubai stores from Monday to Thursday anytime. Every week at Ikea Dubai store, one can find new remedial solutions and ideas for living space.

The main objective of Ikea Dubai is to provide people with a range of furnishing products that are reasonable and affordable to them. Ikea Dubai always keeps sustainability in mind along with the quality, design, material and function while offering products to customers. Ikea Dubai opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings are different in Dubai and Abu Dhabi stores. The timings also get changed during Ramadan month.

IKEA Dubai

Ikea Dubai store also offers the facility of restaurant where people can replenish and rejuvenate themselves after getting knackered from the whole day of shopping and that’s too in reasonable prices. As it is a Swedish furniture store; hence, it mainly involves in serving Swedish dishes and some local delicacies at the restaurant. People can feel healthy and relaxed as they can experience a satiate experience out of this. Ikea restaurant has plethora of meal options where they have a separate and unique section for dishes especially for children so that no one has to face any kind of problem. Take away facility is available at Ikea café from 10 am to 10.30pm.

IKEA Dubai

Ikea Dubai Online


Ikea Dubai Online has its online applications and websites where all products are available. An Ikea Dubai online store provides several categories, be it home and kitchen, baby products or tools or home improvement where customers can choose any of the products according to their need and budget. Ikea Dubai online apps and websites offer myriad facilities to consumers and Ikea Dubai online store has a great customer satisfaction rate on purchasing items online. Ikea Dubai Online provides several offers and discounts at the time of special occasions which attracts more people to shop online. Customer Service is so prompt at Ikea Dubai Online websites that no one is disappointed with its assistance. The return policy of any of the product at Ikea Dubai Online apps and websites is so amazing that it provides a period of 90 days to return any item so that no one has to encounter any difficulty and the full amount gets refunded to the customer account without any hindrance. Online Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings are 24*7 where people can take advantage of shopping anytime. Ikea Dubai Online has different prices of delivery, if a person entails only delivery then it has a different price but if a person requires delivery plus assembly then it charges differently.

Ikea Dubai Online issues catalogues and other publications so that people get influenced by browsing and reading as Ikea Dubai online unlocks creative and awestruck features in their products which gives people a hope of decorating their homes according to their desire.
Discounts are normally run on Ikea Dubai Online for most of the products. Coupon code can be found on internet, before applying it just make sure to check the expiration date. Ikea Dubai online has a catalogue where people can choose or browse the product they want to purchase and can seek for expert’s advice.

IKEA Dubai

Ikea Dubai Online is yet to start selling its products online in India; however, few of the products people can get through amazon India as Ikea Dubai has its store opened in August in Hyderabad. Ikea Dubai Online has already planned strategically to go online in Mumbai in the year 2019 followed by the second gigantic city Bengaluru. Ikea Dubai Online offers advice and suggestions about which furniture to go with as everything is available online. Shopping at Ikea Dubai Online is so intuitive and self-explanatory that anyone can shop without any help. Ikea Dubai Online experience is mind blowing but if people want to have a look and feel of the products then they must visit the stores in person.

Ikea Dubai Sale

At the time of Ikea Dubai Sale, at store or Ikea Dubai online websites, people get almost everything in half the price. Most of the people always wait for the sale so that they do not have to incur more money when the same thing they get in lesser price structure during this time. Ikea Dubai Sale offers several discounts and deals during special occasions and festivals. Like during Ramadan, Ikea Dubai Sale is so huge that they provide handsome discounts on selected products from 25% to 50% off.

Ikea Dubai Sale offers price cut on Ikea Dubai Online stores where if people do not intend to visit store physically, then they can take the advantage of discounts and ease of shopping. Ikea Dubai Online presents myriad offers at the time of Ikea Dubai sales like gift cards, coupons, and surprise special offer that not only allures regular customers but also people who do not intend to purchase.

Ikea Dubai Sale offers a three-day super sale where products are sold at throw away prices. Ikea Dubai sale is one of the major sales that happen and people eagerly wait for that. And at the time of Dubai shopping festival, everything is just a click away and shopaholics can take the better advantage of it. Ikea Dubai Sale offers special discounts during white Fridays as well.

Ikea Dubai Opening Hours and Ikea Dubai Timings:
Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings for shopping through Ikea Dubai Online store is 24 hours 7 days a week where people can buy anything with their ease either at home, office or anywhere.
Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings for Ikea stores at Dubai Festival City and at Abu Dhabi Yas Island are:
At Dubai, Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings are:
Sunday- Wednesday: 10am -10pm
Thursday- Saturday: 10am- midnight
And at Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai Timings are:
Monday- Sunday: 10am- 10pm
Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai Timings during Ramadan:
At Dubai, Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai Timings are 10am – midnight from Sunday – Saturday
At Abu Dhabi, Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai Timings are 12pm – 1 am from Sunday- Saturday

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