As we all know, working in foreign countries like UAE, USA or CHINA, everywhere needed Labour Permission that is popularly known as work permit, so many of the labours want to stay as permanent worker in the country. Working in abroad always give lot of money for labour, So here we are going to discuss about how to get work permit in Dubai?

Many of people sent us mail regarding how to land a job in Dubai, so this might be a complete answer step-by-step, these means will happen to precede the representative entering the UAE, while others can be taken after landing. Once concluded, a work allow is must needed to substantial for a long time.

Dreaming about working and living in Dubai, which is also referred to as the city of gold? For long term employment, the employee requires a work permit, which is also known as Labour Card. This involves several steps and detailed rules that need to be followed to ensure a work permit. While following some rule is necessary to work in any location in the world, work permit in Dubai requires the person to follow every rule, both Dubai and home country.

Some of the steps that a person can follow are required to take place before the person visits Dubai, and the remaining are to be followed upon arrival. Once all the necessary steps are completed, and rules followed, the work permit is allocated to the person, which usually has a validity of 2 years.

People looking for employment opportunities outside of the free zones are not required to secure a work permit. However, this is only before traveling and thus, a person must get visa on arrival at the time of arrival in Dubai, which is according to the rules.

Once a person looking for employment opportunity arrives in the UAE, they need to collect an Employment Entry Visa, which is available from the desk. The person is required to do so before they are at the immigration checkpoint. The validity for this is 60 days, and meanwhile the process related to work permit begins.

Since, the work permit is necessary for every person in every country they want to work, the steps involved in getting a work permit may differ from country to country. Below is the breakdown of all the stages involved in gaining an Entry Visa along with a residence visa and a work permit in the United Arab Emirates. The time taken by the whole process is also mentioned to help people understand how they need to plan for things from start to finish.

These are Different Types of residency Visa:

  • Student – Valid for One year
  • Family- Valid for upto 2 years
  • Employees- valid for upto 2 years
  • Investors- valid upto 3 years


Step by Step process to get visa approval in Dubai

Here we are going to explain all the steps to get visa permit for work as well as residence in UAE, and all process are listed follow these to get working permit approval.


  • Visa Quota approval

This is the visa quota approval process where applicant need to apply first entry request in MOL (Ministry of labour). They will grand the permission first for entry in country then there again needed to apply for permit on behalf of employees.

  • Job Offer contract

As many times we see the requirement notification of labour in UAE on the internet, so those companies will invite you to come for interview or job they will provide you visa as per contract basis. This is also reviewed or allowed by MOL (ministry of labour) and will be written in English and Arabic both language.

  • Employment Entry Visa

This is a very famous kind of visa, popularly known as Pink visa. This is valid only for two months. Employment visa also issued by ministry to legally enter in UAE.


    • After the first step getting entry in UAE , they will give you 60 days to complete all the formalities and then you can able to apply for work permit .
    • UAE requires all the foreigners to go through a medical screening before getting work permit.
    • Emirates ID application is another process having biometric .
    • Next step will be Medical screening result .
    • Medical Health insurance card application.
    • Next step is residence visa stamping in passport .

These are some steps we shared to getting a work permit or visa in Dubai (UAE) , if you have ever worked in Dubai or applied for Visa ? Do comment below .


The necessity of a work permit is crucial in ensuring working on any assignment in Dubai. However, there are several aspects involved in it. For a simple person who is unaware of all these complex and time-consuming process, it is hard to perform every activity effectively.

People or companies who are involved in the business of assigning people as employees to the UAE require assistance. They further have to face the challenge of finding the right person for this job who is aware of all the process involved in this and will be able to execute them effectively and timely.

The minimum requirements also demand that it is necessary to depend on a local agency or sponsor whose work is related to work permit and can offer advice on how to proceed further to ensure saving of time and offering assistance in every possible manner.

On the other hand, several agencies and group are available who are involved in this business of offering convenience to people, groups or firms looking for a work permit in the UAE and does not know how to ensure full documentation process. These agencies are able to handle the work related to work permit for job in the UAE. However, these agencies require a small fee to work, which is not much considering the hassle involved for an individual or a group unaware of rules and steps involved in the process.

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