Famous Parks and Resorts in Dubai

Dubai is famous for various things, and parks and resorts are among them. With some famous parks and resorts in Dubai, the city has managed to attract a huge tourist base who visit the city on a regular basis to enjoy these famous parks and resorts in Dubai. Dubai parks and resorts provide the visitors with an experience that is both everlasting and thrilling, which is possible due to the presence of one waterpark and three theme parks. With the presence of more than 100 rides both outdoors and indoors combined, this labyrinth is likely to attract the people who are fan of Dubai parks and resorts or those who want to visit famous parks and resorts in Dubai.

Not only the visitors find it attractive, but the staff working in these famous parks and resorts in Dubai are also attracted to it due to the amenities and wages they receive. Dubai parks and resorts salary is among some of the best-paid jobs that an individual can think of where they receive both money and adventure at the same time. Dubai parks and resorts salary encourage the staff to ensure that the visitors be it the regular ones or first-timers, enjoy the famous parks and resorts in Dubai. Visitors have the option to stay at luxurious hotels all present within the park itself. Some of the famous parks and resorts in Dubai where Dubai parks and resorts salary is also attractive are:

Bollywood Parks Dubai

Dubai has one of a kind of Bollywood part which is among the famous parks and resorts in Dubai. It involves all the aspects of Bollywood, including the vibrant dance, action, romance, passionate live performances, and Bollywood fantasies, all categories into five different themed zones. The different themes include the action of Hrithik Roshan’s Krissh, hunting down the don, which is played by Shahrukh Khan through Dubai’s street, and Salman Khan’s Dabang style stunts. Visitors can enjoy all these different themes by visiting Bollywood Parks Dubai. This park further includes multimedia theaters and interactive rides fueled with action sequences to thrill the visitors.

Bollywood Park Dubai

Legoland Water Park

Dubai parks and resorts salary in Legoland Water Park is among the highest of all the water parks. This water park is famous for offering its Lego adventures. This is the only waterpark that is designed keeping the families in consideration or where the families and children can enjoy. There are a total of 20 different Lego-themed water slides present in Legoland Water Park, which are more than enough to attract a huge crowd. It includes Duplo toddler play area, Wave pool, and various other areas that visitors can enjoy without taking any tension. Visitors can also customize their own Lego raft to increase their enjoyment while visiting this water park.

Lapita Hotel

Lapita Hotel is considered among the famous parks and resorts in Dubai due to the theme it involves. This hotel is a Polynesian-themed hotel with its location in the heart of Dubai parks and resorts. The hotel has a high cover of greenery from its huge plantation of swaying palm trees and pools that are lagoon-shaped. All these not only help in attracting the visitors but also motivate the visitors to stay for long and enjoy the scenic beauty. This hotel aims to evoke the true nature of Pacific island by introducing a mix of flora and pools in a natural environment.

Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai is the largest Hollywood themed park in Dubai. It is also among the most famous parks and resorts in Dubai. This park combines three different and legendary Hollywood studios; Dreamwork Animation, Columbia Pictures, and Lionsgate. This park has large screen for visitors to enjoy the variety of movies from Shrek to Smurfs, the hunger games to how to train a dragon, and many more embedded in roller coaster, thrilling rides, immersive attractions, and various others. In addition to this, the visitors can enjoy by becoming a Ghostbuster or can fly in their rides to Madagascar to learn new dance moves. All this is available in one place in this park for the visitors to enjoy.

Motiongate Dubai

Legoland Dubai

As it is with Legoland Water Park, Dubai parks and resorts salary in Legoland Dubai are also among the highest for employees working there. In Legoland Dubai, visitors can explore the world of Lego. This park is themed, keeping aim for children between ages 2 to12 and for families. It involves over 40 Lego-themed shows and rides where the whole family of visitors can enjoy with their children. Legoland Dubai cannot be avoided as it presents some unique themed park activities and aspects that attract visitors not only once but encourage them to visit the park more and more. It is among the most beloved park in Dubai parks and resorts group.

Riverland Dubai

One of the parks that is famous among Dubai parks and resorts is Riverland Dubai, which is a central entertainment, relaxation destination, and dining. All this can be accessed by the visitors without any ticket. It is divided into four destinations, which are The Boardwalk, India Gate, The French Village, and The Peninsula. Visitors can easily shop here for the things they like. They can further enjoy mouthwatering cuisines from different parts of the world from over 50 outlets. Visitors can also enjoy international architecture, landmarks, and bridges that they will like. Overall, Riverland Dubai offers a great all in one experience for the visitors who like to do, see and enjoy more in one location.

In addition to all these aforementioned places, parks, and hotels, Dubai has various other regions for visitors to visit and enjoy, such as Dubai Global Village, which is a destination for family to enjoy entertainment, shopping, and cultural activities. It offers an integrated and unique destination by involving world’s finest dining, shopping and other experiences related to entertainment. The place further offers fun surprises to its huge visitor’s base with a wide variety of activities and shows in the nearby region.

Riverland Dubai

The highlights of the region are the best cultural activities from different countries through lively festivals and a journey using group of pavilions. The global village offers a wide range of interesting tours and entertaining games to all the tourists. All the aspects of the Global Village can easily be enjoyed by visitors by purchasing ticket prices mere AED 15. The Global Village starts operating from the month of November till April of the next year. Any visitor can enjoy the different aspects of Global Village and expose themselves to a wide range of thrilling activities.

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