Introducing Expo

Expo 2020 is the platform where people come from the entire world to share their Business ideas, Exhibition, success, and experience the innovations. First international Expo was held in 1851 in London. At different times some amazing invention of humankind was brought for the first time in Expo, Such as Public convenience by George Jennings Designed at 1851 London. There are several other invention presentations in the history of Expo including Typewriter presented by E. Remington and Sons in 1876 in Philadelphia and Diesel Engine in 1900. Dubai is going to introduce their largest Solar power project in Expo 2020.

Dubai Expo 2020

Expo 2020 is to be held on Dubai. It will be continuing for six months.  This is the biggest Expo in the history of Arab World. Almost 200 countries will participate in this event. Millions of visitors will come from all across the world to explore this Dubai exhibition. The main purpose of this expo 2020 is to connect people from one nation to another nation. It gives the opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of people coming from a different nation. Expo is a festival of human ingenuity. Dubai is the city of Emirates, and their majestic felicitation will make Expo 2020 delightful.

Expo 2020 Dubai will raise the opportunities to get growth in business with foreign clients, share market knowledge, foreign investment. Every country is wishing to get the chance and biding measureless to organize their event at Expo 2020, they are aware of their significant profit. Not only local will be benefited from this, but the entire world will also get a chance to gain ground from Dubai expo 2020.

The theme of Dubai Expo 2020

UAE introduced the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the future” and the subthemes Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. Through this successive event, millions of people will be connected through exhibitions. People will be known to the entire world through Expo 2020 Dubai.

Achieved the capability of hosting Expo2020

Hosting of Expo Dubai Exhibition was achieved by the UAE government in November 2013 after two years of hard working and planning. Dubai had sent bid for hosting Expo 2020 to Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), and after achieving the victory supported by 116 countries members vote out of 164 countries, the whole UAE was flooded in happiness. Educational institutes were announced for a holiday later. Around 30 billion AED is expected to be spent on the infrastructure of Dubai Exhibition.

Hospitality and Conveyance Expo2020

Expected more than 25 million people will attend this Dubai exhibition (duration 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021), 75 percent of which will be out sider from other countries. With keeping it in mind, the UAE government has set the place of the event, where huge hospitality will be available near the event place of Expo 2020 Dubai. In the convenience of visitors, top hotels are situated near the event place.

Top hotels near the event place are:

  1. Fortune park hotel (3.9 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  2. Premier Inn Dubai Investment Park (4.2 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  3. Marriot Executive Apartments Green Community (4.1 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  4. Courtyard by Marriot Dubai Green Community (4.2 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  5. Maysan Hotel (4.3 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  6. easyHotel Dubai Jebel Ali (5.8 km from Dubai Expo 2020)

Metro route extension will be done to connect Expo 2020 with the rest of the UAE. Dubai Metro will have the ability to take 46000 passengers per hour at the event duration.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai Exhibition site for Expo 2020 and Main theme attraction of Al Wasl laza

Expo Dubai exhibition site is located in South Dubai. Near International Airport Al Maktoum. Al Wasl Plaza building has been contracted by the UAE government for Expo 2020 which will be the center attraction for event place of 4.38 square kilometers. This building will be used as a theme of Dubai Expo 2020; it is getting decorated. Accordingly, it will be topped by a 65 meter domed and the structure will include involute steel worked trellis to introduce Expo 2020 logo. The trellis will be rounded around it and used as a projection surface which can be viewed from inside and outside of the plaza. This plaza will have three large thematic districts which will be dedicated for subthemes “Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability” introduced by UAE Government. On sight, lights are solar powered. All of the constructors are UAE based working hard to give this event a remarkable look.

Attractions of Expo 2020 Dubai

Al Forsan amphitheater will be made in front of the Italian pavilion at Expo2020. This gallery will have a capacity of 4,000 standing and 2,500 seating. The contest of idea for the stage of Al Forsan will arise in the public park of the Expo 2020 Dubai exhibition site in front of Italy, Germany, India, Japan, and US pavilions.

In the six months duration of Expo2020, this amphitheater will host shows and performances of more than 1000 artists. Italian artists will participate in theatrical and musical performance.

Gathering of inventors, artists, technical creators, business man will make Expo 2020 classic and unprecedented. You will be lost from your choice as you get a chance to participate in mindfulness sessions, ultimate games, and many other activities of fun and knowledge. Expo 2020 is all about innovative activities.

Explore foods and drinks from across the globe at Expo 2020 Dubai

Delicious foods, cuisines, and beverages will be the mouth-watering attraction of Dubai Expo 2020. Set yourself to explore 200-plus food outlets across the Expo site. Encountering old classic and new dishes, including street food and drinks from across the world will give a different shape to the food court of Dubai exhibition. Expo 2020 Dubai allows many foods and drinks supplier across the world. Visitors will get opportunities to taste different dishes from different corners of the world. Every country will be setting up their team in the food court of Expo 2020, including Dubai. Dubai team has launched an e-sourcing portal through which companies can access opportunities for procurement. Food team of all countries will get the same facility to serve Chocolates, snacks, main courses, beverages, and many more.

World’s famous chefs will be at one place during these six months of Expo 2020 Dubai. Their hard working and renowned cooking skill will be visitors stopping destination at every interval. The aroma of delicious foods will attract you from different sides from different stalls. You will be confused, what to experience first French or Chinese, Italian or Spanish, Brazilian or Indian. Do not worry about this confusions, because they will stay for 173 days at the same place of Expo 2020 set and you can explore every dishes at different days and different interval.

Throughout your visit to various food stalls and food, centers will be the purpose of your good health and diet. Whether you are greedy for delicious food or planning to feed your family or colleague in the budget, you will find whatever you want between this as per your choice and suitable for you in the food court of Expo 2020.

The similar sounding word usage of Dubai with Dreams isn’t coincidental. Dubai is particularly the stuff dreams are made of. All the more critically – it is in Dubai that fantasies soften into reality with an easy elegance. The first opportunity I resulted in these present circumstances Wonderland, it blew my mind. What loftiness! What brilliance! What enchantment! I was besotted, absolutely, and completely. Dubai, to me, progressed toward becoming not a city but rather a wonder. Every one of the fantasies that I had envisioned about my future came to the organic product in this Eden on Earth and more up to date, greater dreams currently fill my psyche.


The facts demonstrate that I can tally the number of years I spent on Dubai soil on my fingers – however, when I endeavor to specify the blessings this supernatural city provided for me in these two years, I wind up wanting for some more fingers. The multi-ethnic work culture here gave me motivating bits of knowledge into a few societies over the globe, even as I made companions aplenty from the Diasporas of such huge numbers of countries breathing the Dubai air.


Working in the business well-disposed climate of the Dubai working environment, my professional experience developed a complex. The unwavering quality of the city’s modern, cutting edge foundation gave me a superb chance to sharpen my work-aptitudes without frivolous inconveniences to occupy me. The lively, pink-with-wellbeing economy of Dubai mollified even the most exceedingly awful of my fears in regards to my accounts… Truly I can continue endlessly… Most importantly, such was the glow and delicacy with which Dubai welcomed me that I am embarrassed to state I barely felt the yearning to go home by any stretch of the imagination.


So what matters to this city? I’d think there are three backbones of the Dubai marvel – the warm, smooth cordiality that welcomes natives over the world with great affection, the super-effective and all around the oiled foundation, and the regard for law and control that contains all the different components of this universal city with request and technique.


Dubai resembles the globe condensed into one city as about 200 countries of the world dwell here and work as one. It resembles a delightful floor covering, the texture of which contains the strings and shades of countries round the world. It is that impartial ground where a huge number of worldwide relations are made each day. It is where worldwide thoughts meet, beat, and wire to develop more current and better ones every day. Science, innovation, culture – it is the center point of the only thing that is in any way important.


Hold up a moment, am I depicting Dubai, or am I portraying the World Expo? You see – what preferable spot over Dubai to have the World Expo 2020 when the city is similar to a continuous World Expo itself?

Expo 2020


Events at Expo 2020 Dubai

There always you will enjoy something new with cultural, comedy, travel programs, music performances and world dance in Expo2020. The programs will be host by famous stars across the world and local.

Enjoy heart touching excitement of digital theater, fashion shows, and more from five continents.

Exhibition centers of academic, artists, tech finder, inventors will be a haven for interesting and curious notabilities.

Sub-theme districts and pavilion Expo2020

Introducing here with some special pavilions.


We all the power to shape the future. Supporting solutions to social problems through the Expo 2020 Dubai live event and introducing visitors to be inspired for acting on new concepts.

Austria Pavilion Expo 2020

The structure of this pavilion will be ventilated for the use of cones. This house will be used for exhibition, workshops and more.

Belarus Pavilion Expo 2020

Belarus is exploring the themes of investments and innovation. As well as encouraging visitors to connect minds for the better good and opportunity to invest.

Japan Pavilion Expo 2020

The trellis shape of this pavilion combines traditional of Japan and Arab. Visitors will be encouraged to put the “Join sync act” message within the action and introduced with the culture and technology of eastern Asia.

Monaco Pavilion Expo 2020

Rock of Monaco pavilion. This pavilion will take visitors through mirror exhibition spaces. The garden of opportunity provides verities of Monaco’s warm climate. After gardening of opportunity, visitors will enter at Kalediscope, which will represent Monaco’s Innovation, Art, Culture, and more.

Norway Pavilion Expo 2020

You will get the experience of blue sea and need of the ocean in Norway Pavilion. Find out about Norway’s sailing tradition and Maritime activities with by taking a journey from the sea bottom to the water surface.

Other opportunity pavilions are Saudi Arabia Pavilion, UK Pavilion, Luxembourg Pavilion, Switzerland Pavilion, and Ukraine Pavilion.
Need to live in balance with the globe. Expo 2020 Dubai is introducing alternative sources of water, food, and clean energy.

Azerbaijan Pavilion Expo 2020

Nature inspired pavilion with leaf shaped top. To encourage people investing in the future now to restore the balance of our world.

Czech Republic Pavilion Expo 2020

The centerpiece of the Czech Republic Pavilion will be attractive to visitors. It based on how to create fertile land in the unfertile condition in a desert where the amount of water is very lo, helping with a water stream from the air. This Pavilion will also have a large scale showcase which shows the long history of glass making.

Brazil Pavilion Expo 2020

This pavilion will have a water feature, which visitors can walk through and can experience Brazilian river side sights and sounds.

New Zealand Pavilion Expo 2020

This pavilion theme introduces the Maori value of kaitiakitanga, which shows the relationship between people and the environment.

Other sustainability pavilions are Germany Pavilion, Netherlands Pavilion, Spain Pavilion, Sweden Pavilion.

Mobility: Expo 2020 is looking for the area of how human is getting a better approach through digital connectivity.

Belgium Pavilion Expo 2020

Covered in dense greenery, and Ark shaped pavilion will interact with people with some of the world’s cooking specialists. Belgian host will represent themselves as the world’s famous cooking specialists, including famous fries or frietjes.

Baden-Württemberg Pavilion Expo 2020

This Sweden Pavilion will introduce you the combination of Islamic Art with Scandinavian woodlands.  Visitors can walk through its path and can gain knowledge about how Swedish are building a smart city and developing their conveyance for the next generation.

Republic of Korea Pavilion Expo 2020The specialty of this pavilion is related to how mobility changes our lives; design of the structure will constantly change through the use of rotating cubes. It represents the best Korean arts and technology. It will introduce also world famous K pop music.

Other Mobility Pavilions are: China Pavilion, Emirates Pavilion, France Pavilion, Finland Pavilion, Oman Pavilion, and Poland Pavilion.

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