As we all know , Expo is going to be start in this October month 2020. So for Dubai there are lot of great and something different from other’s plan so here you will get to know about Dubai Expo 2020 Master plan.

Expo is global event for millions of people to share ideas, innovations

and collaborations to create human creativity .

Location of Dubai Expo 2020

Expo will be held on the site location on the south western edge of Dubai in Jebel ali, this location is qual form both of distance Dubai and Abu Dhabi. SO do not worry about transportation because it will connected through dedicated transport network . which will be provide easy accessibility for the spectators. Al wasl which is central plaza will be 15 min walk from the site of event location.

Progress on Event site

Here in this short video you can get to know about what process is going on event site . Yes! it’s really amazing and going to be a one of the most beautiful event till now .  Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid took a helicopter ride to shoot this video.

>> Expo 2020 exhibition

What will be Expectations ?

Ofcourse! Al Wasl Plaza is the place where this event will be organize and trust me it will be heart of Expo 2020.

The public got their initial look in April at however Al Wasl Plaza is anticipated to come along. A dome is about to double up as a 360-degree screen at nighttime, sticking out pictures to thousands of tourists each within and outdoors.

Dubai Expo 2020 Master Plan

with lot’s of Expectations , as we know Expo 2020 is going to be one of the greatest event in the business field . where thousand of acre area is going to be cover under Expo Village . This will be less with all first class facilities like providing living place for people who came to UAE to attend this summit.

So, this was a short information related to Dubai Expo 2020 Master plan , and lot’s of new updates will be provide you on this website . At least everything or all news of Expo 2020 on a single platform The Dubai Expo .


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