Dubai Expo 2020 Master Plan – All you need to know

As we all know, Expo Dubai 2020 is going to be started in this October month of the year 2020. So, for Dubai, there is a lot of great and something different from other’s plan so here you will get to know about Dubai Expo 2020 Master plan.Expo is global event for millions of people to share ideas, innovations,and collaborations to create human creativity. Dubai expo 2020 is a mega event which is intended to bring the individuals from all over the world at one destination to showcase their skills and technical capabilities to world. Dubai expo 2020 will be organized for seven weeks. More than 25 million people will be witnessing this giant event.

Location of Dubai Expo 2020

Expo will be held on the site location on the southwestern edge of Dubai in Jebel Ali; this location is qual form both of distance Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So, the visitors are not required to be worried about transportation because it will be connected through a dedicated transport network which will provide easy accessibility for the spectators. More than 88.47 billion of investment is going to be made in the construction of Expo 2020. The construction of the main site of Dubai Expo 2020 is spread in the area size of 1082 acre.

The government is investing a significant amount of money in metro link construction to make it easy for the visitors to reach at Expo 2020 site. Al Wasl which is central plaza will be 15 min walk from the site of event location. It is useful to know that it is the first time when world expo event is going to be organized in the UAE. Through this event, more than 192 nations will be committed to making a significant contribution towards the welfare and prosperity of environment and the people living in it.

Progress on event site

Such mega-event requires the organizers to manage, control and govern several heavy construction projects and other activities related to the event. The organizers and government of UAE are monitoring the preparations of the event. Every participant nation is going to invest millions of dollars in presenting their culture, traditions, resources, power, mind, and skills to the world.Dubai Expo is one of the biggest events, and it will coincide with the nation’s Golden Jubilee festivity. Expo 2020 will be highlighting the culture of Arab nations on a global stage. This event is going to witness a heavy flow of money and transactions between the dealers, agencies, banks, and companies. Around 35 billion dollar worth of construction and project contracts is anticipated to be awarded to the contractors and companies. The construction of the main event site has already started in the year 2018. It is expected that this construction work will be completed by the end of the year 2019.

What will be expectations?

Ofcourse! Al Wasl Plaza is the place where this event will be organized and trust me it will be heart of Expo 2020.The public got their initial look in April at. However, Al Wasl Plaza is anticipated to come along. A dome is about to double up as a 360-degree screen at nighttime, sticking out pictures to thousands of tourists each within and outdoors.

The organization of this massive event will open up around 275000 job opportunities in several sectors mainly in construction industry. This event will make a significant contribution to the economy of Dubai and UAE.

Dubai Expo 2020 Master Plan

With lot’s of Expectations, as we know, Expo 2020 is going to be one of the greatest events in the business field where thousands of acre area is going to be cover under Expo Village. This will be less with all first-class facilities like providing a living place for people who came to UAE to attend this summit.

Inspired by the classical Arabic marketplace or souk, the design of the Dubai Expo 2020 site will be so attractive that it will catch the attention of visitors from local and foreign states. There will several pavilions at the perimeter of the main event site. Bigger pavilions will be located around the perimeter of site while the smaller pavilions will be placed closer to the main site which would encourage the interactions between people. It will also allow visitors to easily walk through different sites or exhibitions. There will be several meetings spots for the participants, policymakers, and organizers from all across the world.

The participant nations will show their presence through their respective pavilions at the event site. Every pavilion will be designed to involve activity areas, innovation pods, which will present latest innovation and technology. The main site of the event will also include hospitality, logistics, and residential section. The expo village will be functioning as a residential development community which will offer full-time home facilities to the participants from the participating nations.

There will be a route which will link the pavilions and the main entry gate. In this route, the visitors will get a wonderful chance to view the beautiful and fascinating site of Dubai expo 2020.

The metro authority is constructing a metro station which would resolve the transportation issue for the visitors.  This metro station will be fully dedicated to site of Dubai Expo 2020. Apart from the metro line, the government of UAE will launch a bus service equipped with low emission technology to transport the people from various points to main site of the event.  A high number of architecture, IT, finance, and telecommunication companies have shown their interests towards the event and are helping the organizers of the Expo Dubai 2020 in organizing the event as per the mapping, planning,  and forecasting.  So, this was short information related to Dubai Expo 2020 Master plan, and lot’s of new updates will provide you on this website. At least everything or all news of Expo 2020 on a single platform The Dubai Expo.


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