Inauguration of a brand new visitor centre in Dubai for students at the Expo 2020 site has become the talk of town. This centre is designed to involve Dubai school students in various interactional activities, allowing them to understandand envision what the event would look like in 2020.

Students will be given an opportunity to experience a fascinating virtual ‘flying’ tour through a seven-meter-wide curved screen. This screen will reveal the designs and themes of around 180 participating countries for the upcoming Expo.

The centre is designed to enable students of multiple age groups to explore the legacy of World Expos and the life-changing innovations that have been revealed during the series’ 167-year history.

This educational center has already attracted considerable interest from across the emirates and has been visited by over 1,000 students from different schools and parts of UAE during its soft opening.

Alya Al-Ali, director of the Expo School Programme announced: “Youth are at the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai, as we seek to inspire and empower young people by expanding their horizons.

“The visitor center is designed to involve school students on the journey to Expo 2020, and is one of Expo’s many outreach initiatives to ensure that they carry forward a lasting legacy into the future.”

This state of art visitor center hosted the first ‘Next Gen World Majilis’ earlier this month. This one of a kind event allowed school students from around the UAE to engage in debates and deliberations about global advancement plans.

The programme was seen to be a collaboration of 17 students, witnessing creative discussions about the future urban living circumstances and ideas which could improve the lives of future generations by children aged 14 – 17.

Expo 2020 Dubai will observe over 200 associates, inclusive of 180 nations, businesses, multinational organizations and educational institutions taking part in this offbeat event, running from October 20, 2020 until April 10, 2021.This happens to be the first World Expo to take place in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region.

This event celebrating human brilliance is predicted to document 25 million visits, with 70 percent of guests estimated to come from outside the UAE – the biggest fraction in the bygone times of World Expos.

Visitor Center’s Feature

The tunnel in the visitors’ center has several aspects related to it to ensure that the visitors gain as much knowledge on several aspects of Dubai.

The tunnel starts with the Expo 2020’s story, where it takes the visitors through the journey of how the logo for this Dubai Expo 2020 came into existence. It presents the information on the logo and its usage in the Expo.

The tunnel also includes the story related to Sheikh Zayed, whose vision of uniting all seven emirates is told to the visitors. It is followed by information on how Dubai managed to become a global business hub for investors and businesses. It further focuses on cherishing one’s cultural aspects along with embracing the new ideas that are presented by others for growth.

One of the features of the tunnel is balanced where it encourages the visitors to live in peace with others followed by another feature surprising, which showcase the information on how Dubai is constantly working towards reshaping the future of the city. It is followed by resilient feature where it is shown how Dubai has managed to overcome the harsh environment of the desert and challenges it present in day to day life.

Teachers Designing Lesson Plans According to Resources

As big of an event Dubai Expo 2020 is, every aspect related to it is also huge. From its launch in September 2018, which marks the beginning of the academic year, over 400 students had been selected as the brand ambassador in Dubai Champions Programme happening in Expo 2020. In addition to this, more students are expected to come on board for this Programme.

This Programme is created by the Expo School Programme, where it is encouraging all the students from all the schools in the United Arab Emirates. The Programme is to encourage the students to take part in the Programme, thus raising the awareness regarding this huge event in Dubai, which is expected to kick off on the month of October in 2020. Any student who wants to act as a spokesperson among its peers can let their teacher know about the situation, and they will be enrolled in the Programme.

In addition to all this, 74 teachers in the UAE have offered their assistance in the development of the online learning material. It will aid in the regular routine lessons in the schools of the UAE. The primary aim behind this is to get students ready for the mega event, where they can play their important role effortlessly, without any hesitation.

The online learning material is offered as a free to use the resource, which explores the future topics, where all the aspects and topics are related to the core theme of the Expo 2020 itself thus connecting both the student’s imagination as well as their efforts to the Expo. Teachers are requested to further design their lessons in accordance with the available resources thereby focusing on three primary subthemes, which are sustainability, opportunity, and mobility.

According to the director of the Expo School Programme, Alya Al Ali, the facility is designed in a way that it is capable of accommodating field trips during the event and in the run-ups as well. This facility has been able to welcome around 2000 students so far. The Programme is receiving around 60 to 100 student on a daily basis. The Programme is aimed to engage with the school community. Since the Expo is aimed to offer a platform to new ideas and tech that will be used in future and as students are the future, it will allow them to ignite the curiosity in them. The students will receive a huge platform in Expo 2020.

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