Retail Operators in Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 has been regarded as one of the biggest and most awaited events in the decade. The event is offering a high number of opportunities to individuals, professionals, businesses, and artists to show their products, skills, and excitement towards the massive event. It is a wonderful opportunity for companies to make people aware of their products and to sell newly designed and developed products. Retailers have been waiting for this event since its announcement. The retailers are ready to occupy their places to sell their best, unique and newly made products and services. In the event, people will be able to observe a wide range of products and services offered by retailers from every corner of the world.

One of biggest event in history is going to be held in Dubai from October 2020 to April 2021. This mega event is not less than a dream for the individuals seeking to explore the world in most convenient and cost-effective way. More than 25 million individuals from all across the world are expected to visit Dubai Expo 2020.

The Expo organizers announced that Expo 2020 Dubai would open the online tender process to become an official retail operator for the highly anticipated event on Tuesday July 17. More than 5,000 types of official licensed products will be on offer during the grand event and are due to be sold across more than 5,000 squaremeters of retail space, as well as by authorized outlets around the UAE and online, according to Expo officials.

Model of retail operations in Expo 2020

The retail operations for Expo 2020 will be based on the franchise model, offering a seamless and high-yielding revenue platform to operators and also some retailers will have the rights to design, operate and commercialize Expo 2020 Dubai-branded retail operations. The tender process will provide the retailers with the chance to book their places in the event.  The tender process will be inviting all the sizes of companies from anywhere in the world.

“Expo 2020’s retail offering is truly unique. Not only is it an incredible opportunity for retailers to capitalise on the worldwide demand for Expo 2020 souvenirs, keepsakes and unique products, but it also allows them to offer a globally visible retail platform to a significant customer base, whether online or offline,” said Gillian Hamburger, senior vice president – commercial for Expo 2020 Dubai said.

Hamburger added that the Expo’s “retail offering would be integrated with the latest technologies, further enhancing the visitor experience. We want to work closely with our appointed retailers to offer a world-class shopping experience to millions of Expo 2020 visitors and enthusiasts,”

“Retailers collaborating with Expo 2020 Dubai will benefit from an established, global, world-class mega-event, as well as unique, high-quality products manufactured by our more than 70 official licensees,” she said. Expo 2020 will offer on-site retail which will include brick-and-mortar outlets in high football areas, with stores located in each of the event’s three thematic districts and Al Wasl Plaza, the Expo site’s central hub. Individuals will also be able to purchase the products from the stores in some pavilions, retail kiosks, parks, roaming vendors, and mobile carts. Off-site retailers will be able to capitalize on the event. It is most likely that Expo-branded products are to generate high demand in malls and other retail destinations.The companies who are interested in various commercial opportunities in Dubai and would like to receive a request for information (RFI) should register at Initial window for companies to register opens on 17 July 2018 and closes on 30 July 2018.

Tender Process in Expo Dubai 2020

Encouraged by the theme of Connecting Minds, Creating Future’, the branded products of Dubai Expo 2020 will span a wide range of categories and prices involving collectables, souvenirs, beauty and health, games, toys, domestically made products and items associated with the Dubai Expo 2020 mascot, that is planned to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

Some of the retailers will also be provided with the opportunity to become authorized ticket sellers, which would allow them to take benefits from an additional source of revenue and footfall from the tourists seeking tickets.

It would also be a great chance for retailers to target a global audience in one place.  The retail tender portal will be linked with Expo Dubai 2020’s digital platforms involving Expo 2020’s application and websites. The window for the retailers to do their registrations is already opened. The companies that would like to get a request for information must register at the official website of Dubai Expo 2020. In this event, all small, medium and big companies will be given a chance to take high benefits out of commercial opportunities given by it.   Visitors will have a vast selection list to buy world-class products. It would be like a world-class spending experience for visitors from every corner of the world.

The organizers of Dubai Expo 2020 will also launch a tender for the producers of regional items including Arabian sweets and Coffee, dates, spices, and chocolate to welcome and greet the visitors to the expo event.  The organizers of the event have already made it clear that they want to work with the retailers or producers to make a wide variety of products which authentically reflect the heritage of UAE and international diversity of the current UAE.  They have also said that they have a vibrant, incredible food scene that involves Arabian products like dates, spices, and qahwa with international influences. Executive Director of Bureau Dubai Expo 2020 also said that the organizers will be supporting domestically grown companies, food producers and SMEs. He has also revealed that about 1/3rd of total licensed retailers will be SMEs.

In the tendering process, the organizers have anticipated the presence of a high number of companies operated in several industries, including technology, aviation, logistics, finance, travel, tourism, and telecommunication.The tender process will be conducted in four categories – luxury and premium collections like leather goods &jewelry, mascot goods such as digital games or toys, collectibles & souvenirs and traditional products handwoven carpets & fragrances.

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