It’s amazing because when Dubai won the chance to host Expo 2020, they announced holiday for schools for logo competition. Yes! Because Dubai takes care of all the things like which can make more attractive to event. So, this is the most important point that what benefits will Dubai get after the event, what kind of improvements Dubai’s public will feel change and helpful or loss. that’s why this is major thread that ‘What to Expect: After Expo 2020?’

Expo Dubai is a special event in several aspects. It is the first expo that is being held in an Arab nation. It has been considered as one of the biggest events after mega sports events such as the FIFA world cup and Olympic games. Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be witnessed by millions of people from UAE and all across the world. It is a global event in which almost every nation will take part and show their skills and capabilities to world. This massive event will symbolize the world unity. This event will be offering massive opportunities for businesses and companies to present their highly innovative and unique designed products and services. It is not offering the opportunity to businesses only but to the small artists, entertainers, and small-medium enterprises.

A few structures will stay unaltered, including the Santiago Calatrava-outlined UAE National Pavilion, displayed on the wings of a bird of falcon. Others will be changed within: The Sustainability Pavilion, for example, will live on as an inside for kid and logical instruction. The Dubai World Trade Center Conference and Exhibition Center will likewise remain once the expo closes.

Some brief inputs related to Expo 2020:

  • This is such a huge event that more than 25 millionlocal and foreign visitors will attend and witness a series of entertaining activities. It is interesting to note that it has been expected that around 70% of the total visitors will be coming from overseas. The event will bring the different cultures, backgrounds, and traditions at the same place. In this event, 192 nations will be taking participation in Dubai Expo 2020. It shows the level of highness of this event.
  • Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be held in 438-hectare site. The main expo site is especially being designed as per the capacity and need of the event. The organizers are highly focused in designing and developing the main site of the event. They have listed down all the requirements of the event before deciding the size, location, and design of the main expo site. Such mega-event requires the organizers and government officials to fulfill the requirements of resources, fund, time and energy to complete the project. They will take care of the fact that it is going to represent the capacity and capability of UAE.

  • In the year 2021, Emirate will be completing its 50years and ready to celebrate its golden jubilee. Expo Dubai 2020 is going to be organized from October 2020 to April 2021. Therefore, Emirate’s golden jubilee celebration will also be considered under the expo event. Nothing can be more exciting than the coincidence of organisation of Expo event and golden jubilee celebration in the same year 2021. Expo Dubai 2020 event will add the value to the celebration of golden jubilee of Emirates. It would bring more excitement and craze among visitors, specifically, emirates.
  • Presence of millions of people from all around the world will be requiring the administration department or organizing committee to be focused on the accommodation arrangement for the visitors. To make the event highly convenient and enhance accessibility, Emirate has decided to arrange around 65,000 to 100,000 rooms by its own. Apart from this, other franchisees and enterprises will also be helping in fulfilling the accommodation requirements by refurbishing their rooms.
  • Dubai is one of the greatest tourist places ever existed in the history of the sector. People from different part of the world will be arriving to experience the hospitality of Dubai. It will be very interesting to watch how various companies and agencies operated in restaurant, hotel and hospitality sector in Dubai will provide both local and foreign visitors with an astonishing experience of joy, luxury, and happiness. Every company or agency will be strived for serving their products and services in an innovative style.

After Dubai Expo

In this Event, money related lift for the economy will happen around 15-20% in Dubaialongside a huge number of guests who will come to be a piece of the Expo in Dubai. This will give an awesome measure of new openings for work and tourism will be on top also. On the off chance that you particularly need to realize what will happen post Expo 2020, I figure there will all the more occasions this way, bigger or littler, yet once held effectively. It will make breathtaking impression to the world.

Talking about guests, it’s assessed that 25 million guests will run to the expo, somewhere in the range of 70% of which will originate from abroad.While we talk about development then we will have one of the world’s first 5G mobile networks. It’s another point that where lot’s of business minds and companies of the 1.5 million square feet of commercial space allocated to the site, with the to 13 floor’s building rising. Siemens has already agreed to build a new logistics hub in District 2020 according to local news. They also located a metro station near Al Maktoum International Airport.

This is growth and lots of changes we can see at the location site, in this case people of Dubai are very happy and excited that’s why they are planning for world expo before a long time. It will be a game-changer moment for Dubai and the whole country when they will inaugurate one of the biggest events in history. It will be the first time when the whole world will be witnessing Dubai’s hospitality and capabilities in other sectors.

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