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There are several tourist places to visit across the world. Out of that, trip to Dubai visit is many people’s dream. Dubai is well known for its hospitality, gourmet cuisines, warmth welcome, gigantic buildings with fascinating infrastructure, and many more. Dubai visit leaves innumerable fun filled experiences that no one can forget. Every Dubai visit offers several never to miss places which include Burj Khalifa, Altlantis, The Palm Tree Island, Dubai creep, Gold Souk, and many other stunning places that are worth visiting while on Dubai visit. Below are the Dubai visit places that are not only popular but also spectacular and worth watching.

  1. Burj Khalifa: It is one of the tallest human made buildings at 828 meters high in Dubai visit. While visiting this place on Dubai visit, the observation deck on the 124th floor is worth visiting as it gives a spectacular view of the city one can ever witness. Dubai visit provides a greater experience to tourists of the record breaking architectural building.

  1. Palm Jumeriah: This is another worth Dubai visiting artificial island which is eye-catching and in the shape of a palm tree. This is one of the places in Dubai visit at night where one can enjoy whole new way of dining at the magnificent Music hall. Dubai visit to this man-made archipelago offers a host of activities to keep tourists indulge in.

  1. The Dubai Mall: Dubai visit to the Dubai Mall is another breath-taking tourist destination where people can have fun to the fullest. People in Dubai visit can have great experience from shopping complexes to theme park to ice rink to aquarium and underwater zoo, everything is just mind boggling. Dubai visit at this shopper’s paradise is a great experience it provides to everyone.

  1. Dubai Hotels: Dubai visit offers an extensive list of hotels to people to come and select any hotel as per their choice, taste and budget. People can have an incredible experience of innumerable hotels in Dubai visit which not only provides the stunning dining experience but also numerous fun activities which can’t make anyone bored.

  1. Ikea Dubai: Dubai visit to Ikea Dubai provides an incredible experience which is renowned and eminent furniture store worldwide. Dubai visit at this store offers many things from home or kitchen appliances to home décor items and that too in reasonable prices. Along with furniture store in Dubai visit, it also facilitates customers by providing kids area and restaurants so that they can shop hassle free.

Dubai Location

Dubai City

Location is one of the major concerns for the individuals planning to tour any tourists place. “Where is Dubai located” is another important question for tourists to be aware of before paying visit to Dubai. In where is Dubai located section, people will be aware of its actual location and existence in the country. It is situated on the Persian Gulf and it is one of the 2nd largest United Arab Emirates. Dubai boundaries AbuDhabi to the south, Oman to the southeast, and Sharjah to the northeast which is sponsored by Arabian Desert.  A high number of individuals from all across the world visit Dubai every year. A high number of individuals search ‘where is Dubai located’ on internet through their mobile or desktop. Dubai has been one of the most attractive nations across the world when it comes to visit a tourist place. Several people from all around the world want to visit Dubai at least once.

Dubai location is favorable in several aspects including businesses, tourism, and ecosystem. The combination of Deserts and Sea makes the Dubai location best geographical location in the world. Dubai is center of attraction among tourists. But, increasing crime rate across the world has forced the individuals to ask questions like Is Dubai Safe?

Fascinating Dubai location makes it an attractive place for the tourists. Dubai location is the best location or place to see the heritage of the Persian Gulf. Dubai location is crossed by the tropic of Cancer line which passes through UAE.  If you have any doubt regarding Dubai location then you can search on your browser by typing keyword like where is Dubai located.

Is Dubai a country?

Gulf region presents a unique geographical area where people go to see heritage of Arabic Nations. There are several number of people who search online and ask questions like Is Dubai a country? Several individuals from all across the world has a confusion in which content Dubai lies or whether it is a city or country. If you are one of them who has a question– Is Dubai a country? then let us tell you that Dubai is a city in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Dubai has been regarded as a global city.  A high number of individuals think that the Dubai is a country as they often hear about Dubai in the context of a nation. It is so big and populous that the people feel that they are in a country. But, whenever someone asks you a question– Is Dubai a country? you just need to make them clear about it.


Safety in Dubai

Is Dubai safe? It is one of the common questions asked by tourists from all across the world. Tourists are highly concerned about the safety and security of their families. Whenever tourists make plan to visit Dubai, several kinds of questions come into their minds, for example, where is Dubai Located? Is Dubai safe? Is Dubai a country? etc. The tourists try hard to know comprehensively about their destination. To visit Dubai, all you need is a highly professional and experienced guide or agency which can help you in knowing everything about Dubai. A trained guide would make it easier for you to visit without any worry. It is very interesting to note that the regulatory system in Dubai is very strict. A solid regulatory environment gives you the answer of your question- Is Dubai Safe? There is a rule of harsh punishment for the individuals if found guilty in any criminal or illegal activity.

Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful place for the individuals who love travelling, deserts, and beaches. Dubai is filled with numerous tourist destinations. However, like every tourist destination, there is a best time to visit Dubai. It takes a significant amount of time, and money to enjoy Dubai tourism so the selection of timing and date to visit Dubai is one of the critical concerns. There are a number of individuals who search online to get the best time to visit Dubai.  There are various sources including websites, newspapers that make people aware of the best time to visit Dubai. In general, there is only one season in Dubai which is hot & dry. The best time to visit Dubai is from November month to March end. A high number of visitors visit Dubai in this particular period of time.  It is the best time to visit Dubai as visitors can see bright blue sky view and beach-going environment. From April to October, Dubai struggles with heat. Therefore, the visitors are suggested to visit Dubai from November to March as this is the best time to visit Dubai and enjoy beautiful sights of deserts and beaches.

Dubai for business

A major segment of the tourists visit Dubai in December and January months as the winter is at peak in these months. The economy of the city is heavily dependent on the tourism sector so both private and public sector companies invest highly in the tourism sector in order to boost the economy. Dubai has successfully been able to attract global attention through heavy construction projects & sports events. Apart from tourism, a high number of individuals from all across the world visit Dubai for business purposes. Dubai’s economy is growing with a very high growth rate and the city is offering numerous job opportunities for the job seekers across the world. For the companies, it does not matter where is Dubai located what matters is scope for businesses for their companies. The businessmen invest highly in several constructions and non-constructions projects and established their business in the city.  Dubai location also attracts both tourists and businessmen from all across the world. Dubai city is a breakpoint for several flights flying from Asia to European and other western countries. A high number of flights land and takes off on Dubai Airport on daily basis. Several big companies like Apple, Samsung, and Amazon have already established their businesses in Dubai. The future of Dubai city is looking bright as number of tourists and business projects are growing with higher growth rate on yearly basis. Dubai city has its own regulatory system. The city does not confirm the laws and rules set by government of United Arab Emirates. In total, it can be said that Dubai is one of the most attractive places in the world when it comes to tourism and business.

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