Dubai Underwater Hotel

Dubai has been regarded as the home to the largest indoor theme park in the world. The city is one the way to open the longest zip line in the world. Dubai has been famous for its jaw-dropping attraction, Structures, buildings and constructions undertaken by best designers and engineers in the world.  The underwater luxury resort is a next level jaw-dropping attraction made by hotel architectures in Dubai. Dubai underwater hotel is what visitors search online most frequently. But before talking about the Dubai underwater hotel, it is necessary to gain some knowledge about several underwater hotels or lounges located in different parts of the world.

Dubai Underwater Hotel

Underwater hotel is one of the most attractive ideas in the history of the hotel and tourism sector.  Spread across the world, many hotels are providing unique accommodations that literally let them sleep with aquatic animals. The trend of underwater hotels is getting increased on yearly basis. It has been dream for millions of customers to spend a night or day in an underwater hotel.  There are several underwater hotels in the world where thousands of tourists experience amazing view of aquatic life and enjoy their stay. Some of best underwater hotels in the world are given below:

Manta Resort

Manta Resort is one of the resorts in the world, providing underwater room service or facility to its visitors. Manta Resort is located in Pemba Island, Zanzibar. In this resort, the visitors feel like a floating island, along with one of the most authentic views of sea from their bedroom.

Conrad Maldives Rangali

 It is one of the hotels that offer the customers with a unique experience of having dinner in an underwater room.  The restaurant is located more than 16 ft below the sea level.


Subsix is a restaurant and bar in a resort named as Niyama. The resort is located in the Maldives. Subsix is built underwater where people enjoy their lunch in day time and have drinks and dance in night time. It is one of the cheapest underwater resorts in the world.

Underwater hotel in Dubai

These were some of the most popular and luxurious underwater resorts, hotels, and rooms in the world. Dubai is picking up the speed in the race of becoming preferred choice among tourists looking for an underwater stay and dining experience.  Dubai underwater hotel is one of the most visited hotels in the world. It is one of the best places to enjoy stay in an underwater hotel. Dubai has always been most preferred place when it comes to enjoying adventure with comfort and luxury. In the context of underwater hotels also, Dubai offers one of the best underwater hotel experiences in the world to its tourists coming from all over the place. Atlantis Hotel is one of most popular hotels not in Dubai but across the world. The hotel has added underwater resorts in its facilities and services, which attracts a high number of people from all around the globe.

Dubai is basically famous for its architecture and tallest buildings in the world. Burj Khalifa will offer the latest project of the underwater hotel, which is known as Hydropolis, the first underwater hotel in UAE. The aim is to unveil the greatest experience of luxury hotels with underwater infrastructure. There is already a hotel room and underwater restaurant in Burj Khalifa, and a gigantic aquarium is located in Atlantis Hotel ‘the palm complex.’ Atlantis hotel can also be regarded as Dubai underwater hotel.

Hydropolis is the most expensive and sophisticated hotel ever built in Dubai. It is an underwater lodging that is astonishing and colossal. The size of this hotel is 260 hectares, and the exotic suites are 20 meters underwater. It is one of the beautiful destinations for tourists and visitors. It is the most unique and wonderful place ever built in Dubai. There are 220 suits at profundity of 20 meters. The cost of one-night stay is around $5500. The aggregate of this undertaking is worth $500 million. It has top-class pleasantries, which totally inspiring for underwater hotels. It is very easy to see marine life through the structure of hotel. This resort cum hotel is built on Arabian Gulf close to Jumeirah Beach. They facilitate the conferences, surgical facility, silver screen corridors, and historical centers. Hydropolis will become the first submerged hotel in the world. It is the main source of the main ten stars hotel in the world. The design of the hotel is mesmerizing and unique, and it will denote the beauty of nature and marine life.

Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis the Palm

The Underwater Suites at the Atlantis Hotel, The Palm in the City, are a lesson in luxury.  In addition to this, there are more than 23 restaurants in the hotel that offer a wide range of food and beverage items to its customers. Apart from the restaurants, the hotel also offers several additional luxuries services or facilities such as spa, gym, and water, which make tourists’ experience more joyful.  The massive floor to ceiling windows enabling a view of marine life from the bed gives amazing experience to the visitors or tourists. In perfect harmony with its environment, Atlantis Hotel Underwater Suite is heaven for tranquillity and peace.  On iconic Palm Jumeirah Island in the gulf, this resort is 14 km from Wadi Water Park & 15 km from the high level in the mall of Emirates. There are several rooms which offer high quality room facilities and services. In the room of Palm Atlantis Hotel, the visitors can enjoy minibars, free wifi connection, flat screens, and island views. These suites offer a wide range of sitting areas, whirlpool baths or living rooms, and terraces. The hotel has established the upgraded suites that are built in the water tank of an aquarium. These upgraded suites are highly costly, and a visitor is required to spend a heavy amount of money to purchase the services in the upgraded suites.

There are several   luxurious and astonishing features of the underwater hotel in Dubai that provides the tourists with an amazing experience of a luxurious stay in the hotel. From the bathroom, the visitors can see the view of gaze of more than 6500 marine animals enjoying bathing in Jacuzzi. There are two lounges that come with floor to ceiling marine life views.  The visitors can take a break with big sized flat-screen cable tv at their disposal.

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