Dubai reveals bus stations plan exclusively to be made for Expo 2020

Dubai reveals bus stations plan exclusively to be made for Expo 2020. Dubai’s transport authority has approved the plan to build 14 bus stations and one bus depot at Al Quoz. They will be used during the expo to transport people in green buses to the main event.

The final design of all the planned bus stations serving in Expo 2020 is approved by the Board of Executive Directors of Roads and Transport Authority. The designs have taken their inspiration from natural elements within the environment of UAE. With a modern design style embedded and its combination with practical interior it also features a distinguishing exterior appearance.

All of the 14 new structures will include glass and metal in their construction to provide openness. Along with 14 passengers’ bus station, there is also one additional bus depot in Al Quoz. The elements of construction were employed and known to the public to serve and make it an integral part of the overall architectural design. The design further takes most suitable architectural theme into consideration for the models of building. The new design that is implemented in the bus stations is easily able to meet the current and future demands related to operational requirements for bus services. Various aspects such as the number of riders and stops during the journey in addition to speed are all considered while designing these bus stations, which ensures that they will be serving the residents and other people for a long time. The design is also capable of meeting the other requirements related to travel services such as washing stations and refilling in both current scenario and future. The final plan for that is already approved by Dubai transport authority. After the world fair, the bus stations will be integrated into the Dubai Bus network, according to a statement released on Wam, the state news agency.

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Design and location of bus stations

While the primary focus of these bus stations is to serve the people in Dubai during the main Expo 2020 and activities related to it, they are also to be integrated into the existing bus network in Dubai once the event is completed. All the bus stations have locations that have been carefully selected after analyzing their capability to meet the needs of areas with high population density.

Three permanent stations will be constructed at these locations, namely – Business Bay, Jebel Ali and Al Baraha. Five temporary new stations will also be constructed at Dubai Silicon Oasis, Global Village, Meydan, Palm Jumeirah, and Al Jadaf. Al Tayar, director-general and chairman of the RTA, announced that locations for these stations had been carefully selected to meet the needs of highly populated residential areas and to promote use of public transport among them.

“The theme of the architectural design is inspired by natural elements from the UAE environment. It features a modern design style that combines the practical interior with the distinctive exterior appearance,” said Mattar Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of the RTA’s board of executive directors while endorsing the final design on Saturday.

The core aim behind this setup is to both garner huge attraction from the international tourists as well as providing a convenient service to the people who will be visiting Dubai during Expo2010. This will not only help in reducing the additional weight on the existing infrastructure but will also offer a chance to Dubai transportation to increase its revenue and show the world its architectural feat.

Along with several features rich bus stations to serve the people during Expo2020, the authority also aims to increase the convenience of the people by allowing them to use transportation service that is most convenient and at the time when a huge crowd is expected to gather in one place, offer them ease in traveling. The transportation authorities have collaborated with several partners to ensure that the public visiting the Expo2020 enjoys it and at the same time praise the infrastructure and the way transportation service is offered to them during Expo2020.

Bus stations and other projects involved in Expo2020

The project also includes the development of road networks and existing six bus stations for the expo -Etisalat, Union Square, Al Ghubaiba and upgrading bus facilities at the Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai International Airport. The Red Line on the Dubai Metro will also be extended by 15 kilometers from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station to the site of the expo.

Along with the 14 bus stations, the Expo2020 will include various other aspects and infrastructure such as a tunnel project that is aimed to solve the rainwater drainage situation, and it is also scheduled for completion before the actual event. The bus station project is only a small part of the overall projects involved in preparation before the Expo2020. The bus station project only forms the part of a bigger transit challenge, where the priority is to develop the roads and juncture related to the events. Along with the development of 14 bus stations, the project further involves the development of junctions and networks for the Expo2020.

The plan additionally involves the extension of Dubai metro’s red line, where the red line will be extended to 15 kilometers from the tower station and Nakheel harbor to the exact expo site. The Road and Transport Authority is expected to undertake work related to the improvement of six existing stations. These stations are Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, Al Ghubaiba, Union Squaretr, and Etisalat. The bus stations are expected to be as lavishing as possible for the commuters to enjoy both its cultural heritage as well as architectural marvel. Dubai is expected to offer more similar advanced projects for convenience and to ensure that all the projects are completed with satisfactory results before the actual Expo 2020 these are strictly monitored. All the projects are interlinked with each other and together will be able to make the whole Expo 2020 a remarkable event. These are aimed to not only offer the population ease in transportation but also to integrate advanced service to the existing one later on.

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