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Dubai is well-known for its hospitality, glamour, and plethora of malls. Dubai Malls demonstrate their affluence and creativity through it. Dubai Malls not only offers incredible shopping experience but also heck lot of leisure activities which are absolutely intriguing and exhilarating. Dubai Malls list several innovative things which people would not have thought about it even in their dreams. Dubai Malls lists activities like a visit to underwater zoo and aquarium, virtual reality park, an Ice rink, and many more. People can have a great experience of these activities along with shopping in these amazing Dubai Malls. Let’s quickly delve into the below Dubai Malls list:
1. Dubai Festival City Mall : It is one of the most entertaining and must-see Dubai Malls in the city among all listed in the Dubai Malls list. It includes several spots for entertainment like Imagine, Fabyland, Dream Aero, and many more. It also has one of the renowned and eminent furniture stores, i.e., Ikea Dubai, which allures millions of people at stores and online every year. It is renowned for its high-quality Cineplex. The services they offer at the Dubai Mall Cinema to moviegoers are extremely mind-blowing. Dubai Mall Cinema parking is never a concern at this mall as it has ample of space for that.

Dubai Malls

2. Mall of the Emirates : It is one the largest shopping Dubai malls located in Dubai which offers a broad selection of shopping, cinema, dining, and indoor skiing experience. People often find it interesting and refreshing at this mall. It has over more than 630 retail outlets, 80 luxury stores, and over 100 restaurants and cafes. This Mall of the Emirates has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top 5 Dubai Malls in Dubai Malls list.

3. The Dubai Mall : The Dubai Mall is one of the second largest and biggest Dubai Malls in the world listed in the Dubai Malls list. It is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai. This mall is amongst the best Dubai Malls in the world, which is most-visited and renowned for its leisure activities and shopping. On top of that, it is located next to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, which is quite mesmerizing. Multiplexes at Dubai Mall Cinema are fascinating and world famous, which attract thousands of people. Dubai Mall Cinema parking is so huge at this mall that visitors never face  any issue out of it.

Dubai Marina Mall


4. Dubai Marina Mall : It is located in the heart of Marina. Residents and visitors can take advantage of the exquisite beauty of this place, which is not possible in other Dubai malls. It not only features into shopping but in cinemas, hotel, and restaurants also. It offers the waterfront location to people which mesmerize and provides a rejuvenating experience to them. All the qualities of this mall make it one of the best and refreshing Dubai Malls in the city. In addition to the amazing experience of shopping, it offers astonishing exposure to Dubai Mall Cinema, which is absolutely entertaining.

5. WAFI Mall : It is one of the most exquisitely beautiful sights that visitors cannot miss to go, there in Dubai malls. WAFI city is built after ancient Egypt given the touch of all ancient things, and the main tourist attractions of this city are the Mall, the WAFI Mall which makes it one of the best Dubai Malls as it offers an incredible shopping experience along with refreshing surroundings at the restaurants, hotels and night club. It is designed by giving it a themed look that allures more people to it amongst all listed the Dubai malls list.

6. Reef Mall : It is located at the Al Jazira Street, Deira in Dubai. It is one of the amazing and entertaining Dubai Malls where people can have fun and enjoyment along with shopping. There is a fun zone for children and crèche facility where parents can take advantage and do shopping with ease and carers take care of their children. After gaining the amazing experience of play area and shopping, people can rejuvenate themselves at the dining area where they can fulfill their appetite with savory delicacies. This makes it unique among all listed in the Dubai Malls list.

Reef Mall

7. Dubai Outlet Mall : It is located in Dubailand on the Dubai-Al Ain Road near the Dubai bypass road. This shopping mall is for shopaholics as they can find unbelievable deals for the value of money. One of the best Dubai Malls where people can easily bargain and can get products at a reasonable price. Visitors can grab their favorite brands at throwaway prices, which make it special from all Dubai malls.

8. City Centre Deira : It is located in Dubai, and one of the largest shopping Dubai Malls which includes myriad retails shops, electronics, fashion, furniture and many more. At this shopping mall, people can have great fun as they are offered with a wide selection of shopping, cinema and dining options. Here, one can find a magic planet which is quite a new experience for all. Its ambiance makes it different from other Dubai Malls.

City Centre Deira

9. Ibn Battuta Mall : It is one of the renowned and world’s largest themed based Dubai Malls which provides fun and frolic to visitors. It is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road and themed around the travels and adventures of an eminent Arabian explorer, Ibn Battuta. Here visitors can not only have shopping experience but also they can be captivated by the sight which is absolutely mind-blowing. Other Dubai malls can’t provide the same feeling and enthusiasm to people.

10. Souk Al Bahar : This is one of the Dubai malls which are designed in the Arabic style that allures people throughout the world. Waterfront dining amazes visitors where they can feel the sprinkles of water while having food and after the tiresome experience of shopping, which makes it one of the best Dubai malls among all listed in the Dubai Malls list.

Dubai Mall Cinema

1. Reel Cinema : This Dubai Mall Cinema is a movie theatre in Dubai located at The Dubai Mall. It is one of the largest and luxurious Cineplex in the world find in Dubai Malls. Dubai Mall Cinema consists of 26 screens which provide a different experience people have never encountered before. There is plenty of space in the Dubai Mall Cinema parking where people can park their cars and walk into the mall. Mind boggling screens, incredible audio, comfortable seating arrangement, and American-theme based menu collectively make this multiplex a wonderful Dubai Mall Cinema.

Reel Cinema

2. VOX Cinemas Mall of the Emirates : This Dubai Mall Cinema is located at the Mall of the Emirates. It is considered different from other Cineplex because this Dubai Mall Cinema offers visitors international blockbuster movies along with the special premiere shows. This Dubai Mall Cinema boasts for its Gold class cinemas, which provide visitors comfort, privacy, and luxury service, which cinemas in other Dubai Malls fail to provide. Moviegoers can take the experience of thrilling 3D movies, which is absolutely exhilarating and a new experience to have. Dubai Mall Cinema parking is never an issue here in this mall as it offers a lot of parking space.

3. Galleria Cinemas : This Dubai Mall Cinema located at Hyatt Regency, Deira. This Dubai Mall Cinema telecasts latest Indian movies, outstanding atmosphere, and appetizing F&B services. Dubai Mall Cinema offers world-class audio features along with modern projection. Interiors at Dubai Mall cinema are fabulous and mind-blowing. Dubai Mall Cinema Parking has ample space for parking that no one has to bother about the safety of it.

4. Grand Cinemas- Mercato Mall : Grand Cinemas in Dubai has the biggest chain in all over UAE and the Middle East among all Dubai Mall Cinemas. This Dubai Mall Cinema is found almost in several shopping complexes and hotels where people can have a lot of fun and entertainment. This Dubai Mall Cinema has now become a brand because of its extraordinary customer service. Dubai Mall Cinema parking has abundant space for parking with multiple levels in the basement where people can park their cars hassle-free.

Grand Cinemas- Mercato Mall

5. Grand Festival Cinemas : This Dubai Mall Cinema located at Dubai Festival City Mall which can accommodate thousands of people into it. This Dubai mall cinema consists of 12 screen cinema complexes which provide access to a wide range of restaurants and cafes along with innumerable entertainment options. Dubai Mall Cinema Parking has a lot of space where people can park and walk into the mall.

NOVO Cinema at Dubai Festival City Mall6. NOVO Cinema at Dubai Festival City Mall : This Dubai Mall Cinema located at Dubai Festival City Mall. Initially, the screens at this mall were 12 which have now been increased to 18 in the redevelopment work. MX4D and IMAX have now been added into it. Dubai Mall Cinema offers 2 types of seats, NOVO cool, and NOVO edge, as per the people’s convenience and budget.Novo cool at this Dubai Mall Cinema has a budget-friendly price; however, NOVO edge is little costly but gives a superior view. Dubai Mall Cinema Parking is not an issue as the mall itself has an abundant parking space.


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