Dubai Expo Pavilion 2020

Dubai Expo pavilion 2020 will include several pavilions developed by countries across the world to awe the public. Thus, it will make Expo pavilion 2020 to be a future-forward international expo. Each nation will be able to show their capabilities and strengths in line with the themes of Expo pavilion 2020. These themes include opportunity, mobility and sustainability. There are going to be several wow-worthy pavilions that will leave you mesmerized.

Best Pavilions in Expo Pavilion 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 is just some months away now. Expo pavilion 2020 will have over 190 nations participating in the Expo 2020. It means that there are going to just as many Expo pavilions. Expo pavilion 2020 is going to combine architectural genius, inspiration and creativity for developing amazing wonders that are futuristic. Some of the Expo pavilions at the Expo Pavilion 2020 have been mentioned below:

Expo Pavilion 2020


The structure of the Spanish pavilion is like cones. This Expo pavilion 2020 has been designed by Amann-Canovas-Maruri, popular architects of Madrid. The cones have been designed to allow thermal and acoustic insulation. One of the sustainable Expo pavilions, it is constructed with the help of recyclable materials like wood, iron and fabric. This Expo pavilion 2020 also has an exhibition area for connecting people to multiple entertainment spaces.

In addition to this, this Expo 2020 pavilion will highlight the Hispanic-Arab history of Spain. It is going to remind people about the ‘Golden Age’ of religious and ethnic tolerance of 712-1492. Spanish pavilion can be visited at the Expo 2020 in its sustainability pavilion.


At Expo 2020, China is going to stick to its rich culture by modelling its Expo 2020 pavilion in the form of a traditional Chinese lantern. In addition to this, eco-friendly materials will be used for constructing this Expo 2020 pavilion along with the use of innovative modern techniques. One of the most innovative Expo pavilions will include the incredible history of China as well as reflecting future achievements.

One of the striking features of this Expo 2020 pavilion is its lantern-shaped structure in the form of the external wall. It showcases the innovative typing invention of China. At night, it will dazzle with the help of digital lights that one should not miss.

United Arab Emirates

UAE Expo 2020 pavilion has been designed by Santiago Calatrava as one of the best Expo pavilions. Falcon is the national bird of UAE and this Expo 2020 pavilion is going to show it in flight. It is going to be constructed in an area of 15,000 sq. m. Not many Expo pavilions can match the intelligence of this pavilion. It is going to have ‘wings’ that will be moving up and down for yielding sustainable energy.

Similar to other Expo pavilions, people will be able experience the cultural heritage of the UAE along with the future plans of the country. UAE showcase its journey for the creation of a peaceful, progressive and futuristic society.


Sweden pavilion has been designed by three architects who are based in Stockholm. One of the most popular features of this pavilion is that it has been inspired by nature. Not many Expo pavilions have been able to do so. One will be able to experience the Nordic forests in this pavilion along with western and eastern influences.

There are going to be tall posts that resemble tree trunks along with raised elevations in the form of tree houses and lattice screens made of wood to signify Islamic geometric designs. This structure is going to develop a dazzling display of light. Thus, people can expect an amazingly immersive experience related to the Mother Nature and its relationship with Sweden.

United Kingdom

UK Expo pavilions is also in the list of best Expo pavilions. It is also known by the name of ‘poem pavilion’. This masterpiece is the work of Es Devlin, who is a popular British designer. This pavilions is going to highlight the progress of the country in artificial intelligence and space sector. The shape of this Expo pavilion is that of a conch shell, which is going to have glowing LED element.

UK Expo pavilions

This pavilion has been named to be ‘poem pavilion’ due to the fact that it would use artificial intelligence to create poems. In addition to this, these poems are going to be sent out in space in the form of a message. There is one feature that makes it different from other Expo pavilions. People who visit the pavilion are going to make contributions to the AI-generated messages. This is exciting news for the visitors!


This Expo pavilion can be located in the Mobility Pavilion. In addition to this, it is going to be covered in greenery. One of the main goals of this pavilion is to generate more energy and consume lesser energy. It is going to use renewable energy sources.

The structure of the pavilion will be ark-inspired, which is going to house tens of thousands of plants. These plants are going to be fed by smart technology. Nevertheless, the key highlight of the Belgium Expo pavilion will be its range of culinary offerings. Belgian fries are also included in these offerings.


Brazilian Expo pavilion has been included in the list of the best Expo pavilions as it will offer the most immersive experience to the visitors. It has been designed by three architectural firms and is going to use lightweight white fabric. The three firms that are involved include JPG.ARQ, Ben-Avid and MMBB Arquitetos. The white fabric that is going to be used in this Expo pavilion will also act as the projection screen. It means that the entire Expo pavilion can be turned into a huge amphitheatre.

In addition to this, it can be seen that a shallow water pool is going to surround the Expo pavilion. Immersive visuals will help visitors to get a glimpse of Brazil through this pool. One will be able to experience the offerings of Brazil in their truest form.

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