Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 will be an example of human achievement and brilliance. Dubai Expo 2020 is aimed to offer the opportunity to the people from across the world to experience the best of culture, art, technology, science, invention, geography and innovation. All these are assured to make a long-lasting positive impact on our lives. UAE has always lived up to the hype of offering some world-class and remarkable development. Dubai Expo 2020 will add a step further to its already remarkable UAE geography. The Dubai Expo 2020 is aimed to inspire millions and upcoming generation thereby developing the base for the next half-century.

Dubai Expo 2020 will also celebrate the vision 2021 of UAE where it supports the tourism growth, innovative business growth, and improve the international reputation of the country. It will allow young minds across the world to share their intelligence in improving the world’s situation. Dubai Expo 2020, along with the 50 anniversary of UAE, will mark a significant milestone in the country’s history. Dubai Expo 2020. UAE has the fastest growing and young population that has the potential to work towards the development of the country. Dubai Expo 2020 also has forced the development of huge infrastructure that will only add to the beauty of Dubai Expo 2020.

Dubai Expo 2020 will be hosted by Dubai and will be a mega expo due to its enormous size, duration, visitors, and scale. The core idea behind this mega event is to attract innovation through young minds who will help in creating a better future. This expo is the Middle East and South Asia’s first expo that an Arab nation will hold.

Expo Network

Countries taking part in Dubai expo

While anyone who wants to join the expo network can do so, the residents of Dubai have the option to become a part of the great expo network. In addition to the volunteers’ program, the people of Dubai has the option to join the expo network through pioneering social projects aimed to help global communities. In addition to the expo network programs for people to become a part of Expo 2020, community engagement programs were also aimed in the summer.

For people involved in buying and selling, the online marketplace or OMP is a place offering the opportunity to home businesses, individuals and small and medium enterprises in the United Arab Emirates to advertise and sell or buy services or products along with competing across international boundaries. At present, there are over 38,000 buyers and suppliers from more than 150 nations including the United Arab Emirates. People can easily gain insight regarding the information of the expo network directly on the online marketplace.

Al Wasl Plaza will be located at the center of the Expo network and will act as a focal point for any or all kinds of celebrations that will be taking place in the next six months. Al Wasl was the name of Dubai, which means connection due to its connection to all other regions. Cultural programs from over 190 countries will take place in Al Wasl Plaza. Due to its vastness, the Expo site will be differentiated with three themes with a different district. The districts have their own thematic pavilions. A total of 192 pavilions of all the countries are there in Expo 2020.

What to do in Expo 2020

While there is no chance where any individual can feel bored while visiting Dubai expo 2020, due to the dazzle and delight present in the expo network, yet for those who would like to explore more, there are different elements to enjoy. In addition to art, technology, individuals can enjoy remarkable architecture, gastronomy, music, and entertainment. All these will not be possible to enjoy in a single day and thus would likely to take enough days to get one out of boredom.

With more than 60 live shows on a daily basis, an individual will have enough to enjoy in expo 2020 either as a participant or as a visitor. It will include flash mobs, sports events, pop-up theaters, national day celebrations, and much more to keep people engaged in the events. Not only ordinary people, but those who are tech enthusiasts will also gain the opportunity to experience a world that has the truly connected experience to offer through augmented reality, robotics, space explorations and autonomous vehicles.

dubai expo 2020

Not only limited to technology, but the expo will also offer food items from different parts of the world as well to the visitors. A general visitor can easily experience to see the food of different prices from different parts of the world. It can be said that an individual can taste food from all around the world in expo 2020. More than 200 restaurants will make their presence providing over 50 different cuisines from different parts of the world. With a variety of ranges available, an individual can enjoy their favorite cuisine or can go for any global cuisine.

The Expo network will also offer other entertainment aspects such as shopping for souvenirs. The souvenirs from expo 2020 will not be ordinary. In addition to this, the Dubai merchandising and licensing program also offers the sale of 5000 licensed and official products from more than 70 licensees. For a general visitor to expo network, they do not have to apply a dress code. Depending on the sunny weather of the UAE, visitors can go with comfortable and casual clothing items. However, the public dress code even though it is relaxed in terms of rules and regulations, it is great to respect the country’s local culture.

One can easily purchase the tickets for expo 2020 from the official website, expo gates, authorized sellers, or anyone officially allowed to sell the tickets. The tickets to the general public will be available from April 2020. However, for visitors visiting Dubai can get the tickets from the gates in the fourth quarter of 2019. The tickets will include all the amenities depending on its cost for limited days. Children under five and senior over 65 have free access to expo 2020.

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