The Dubai expo 2020 master plan

Dubai will be hosting Dubai 2020 shortly, and for achieving this feat, Dubai has designed a Dubai expo 2020 master plan, which not only focuses on Dubai culture but also will offer adventure to people visiting the city on their Dubai vacation. The Dubai expo 2020 master plan involves various facilities, sustainable features and draws its inspiration from the traditional Arabic marketplace, also called souk. The master plan also involves large pavilions, which will be located at the border with large being on outer part and small being close to the center part. This setup of Dubai expo 2020 master plan will allow the pedestrians to move freely from one exhibit to another.

The people visiting the city on their Dubai vacation will be able to enjoy all the aspects of the expo and will be able to gain insight into what Dubai expo 2020 master plan includes along with the Dubai culture. The presence of an expo village will allow people and function as residential social development. It will offer housing facilities to the staff members from the nations participating in the expo. A huge gondola will be linked to various pavilions along with the primary entrance. It offers an opportunity for visitors to view the whole area. The expo site will be connected to the Dubai metro where the visitors will be encouraged to use public transport while they are on Dubai Vacation so that they can enjoy Dubai culture during their journey.

The Dubai expo 2020 master plan

The Dubai expo 2020 master plan involves various aspects. With a mix of innovation, entertainment, and education the vision of the expo seems to be achievable. The introduction to the Dubai expo 2020 master plan can be understood as it is the third-largest event globally after Olympics and FIFA. It further coincides with the Golden Jubilee celebration in the country. It will act as a standard podium to showcase the Dubai culture to people on Dubai vacation. More than 275,000 jobs are expected to be created from this expo 2020. It is also expected that this event is likely to raise over $20 billion for the country’s economy.

The location of the Dubai Expo 2020 is able to cater to over 300,000 people. It is easily accessible from various locations. The design feature of the Dubai expo 2020 master plan involves three different pavilions as mentioned earlier which symbolizes mobility, sustainability and opportunity, which people on Dubai vacation can easily witness. These pavilions are with best practice regions and innovation pods in every thematic zone. The Dubai expo 2020 master plan involves the planning of the infrastructure in such a manner that the people on Dubai vacation are able to view the Dubai culture easily. The visitors will be able to move from one place to another through short smaller streets.

Influence on Dubai

The expo 2020 project is aimed to boost the site development aspects in the nearby areas. These improvements will be made considering the Dubai culture. After the whole region is completely developed, it will be able to offer home to more than one million people. As per the event management, this event is one of the largest gathering event of the greatest minds from all over the world who will be discussing the various aspects while shaping the future. The youth will have a great opportunity to learn and play a key part in this mega event. They can further contribute their ideas for innovation or the development of a better future.

The Dubai expo 2020 master plan

People visiting Dubai during Dubai vacation will be able to enjoy various aspects of not only Dubai culture but will also gain insight into how the great minds of the world work. This event will help them to gain so much from a single visit which they might not find anywhere else. The team behind the planning of the expo site has planned to develop the site with a sustainable benchmark for events all around the Middle East. The main walkway is all covered with photovoltaic fabric with an aim to make them act as a solar-powered sunshade, which is self-sustainable.

People on Dubai vacation will not only be able to learn about the Dubai culture but will also be able to enjoy the work and innovation of great minds from over 190 countries who are working towards making the Dubai expo a success for not only the people of the country but for the whole world as well. It offers a wide range of activities and information from education to entertainment to innovation for all types of people visiting Dubai whether to enjoy the expo or to visit Dubai only. Everyone will be able to enjoy thigs of their taste without any challenge to their situation while visiting the country. All can enjoy the Expo 2020 from any age group.

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