If it starts with D and ends with O, it has to be Dubai Expo. There’s a lot of talk about this hugely anticipated event in the world. But then, there isalso a lot of talks about why there’s a lot of talks about Dubai Expo. If you ever wondered what makes Dubai Expo 2020 so important for the global interest, here’s your answer.

Dubai Expo 2020: Insight

Dubai Expo 2020 is a global exposition that will be hosted in Dubai. The event will be opening on October 20, 2020, and last long for six consecutive months till April 2021. A whopping 25 million visitors are expected to attend the event, out of which 20 million (expected) will be from guest countries. It will be wrong to say this event as the biggest event in decade. It is probably for the first time in history when individuals from more than 170 nations will be participants in the event in several forms including participant and as visitors. October 20th of the year 2020 will become a historic day when the prince of Dubai and several other world leaders will be inaugurating the Dubai expo 2020 event in Dubai. It is a grand event which will bring worlds’ best skills under one roof.

The expo is based on the themes of Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. Representatives from more than 170 countries are expected to attend this event for a sum of six months. Dubai Expo 2020 will be a medium where assorted countries can not only brand themselves globally but also discuss and work upon the issues of universal concern.Bodies of global importance like NGOs, global academia, government and state-run agencies, businesses, public sectors et cetera will come together under one roof. Such a colossal meet up will give rise to better opportunities, mobility, and sustainability — which is the sub-theme and motto of Dubai Expo 2020.

It will be a wonderful opportunity for companies established locally and internationally to trade with companies, individuals, and professionals from different parts of the world.  It will also be a very promising opportunity for investors to get return on their investment. Dubai has been highly popular for its tourism and hotel industries. Expo 2020 will be offering high opportunities for industry players to serve a high number of visitors from all across the world. The hotel and tourism sector in Dubai is going to be boomed by the organization of Dubai Expo 2020.

Why Dubai Expo 2020 is so important?

The importance of an event as mammoth as Dubai Expo 2020 cannot be described through a set of views. That’s because it has ‘n’ number of opportunities for every single person and its importance completely depends upon what the individual or any form of body is seeking through it. And that in itself makes this event highly important. This event is going to benefit every single individual who is going to visit the event. It is beneficial for general population as the people will be able to get highly comprehensive and useful information and knowledge about cultural diversity exists across the world.

The businesses will be enjoying high benefits by selling their products and services to thousands of individuals. Emirates’ Golden Jubilee festivity in the year 2021 will increase the excitement of Dubai Expo 2020 among visitors.Expo 2020 is like a giant supermarket where people can obtain what they seek. But still, we can distinctively see the importance of Dubai Expo 2020 on a broad scale. Let us understand about a few of them in brief –

·         Enhancement of GDP –

Employment is one of the major factors that affect the economy of a city, state, or country. Through this event, thousands of jobs will be created, which will lead to a higher rate of employment and hence, enhanced GDP of UAE and nations around UAE. More than 300000 employment opportunities will be opened through this mega event. Several heavy construction projects are in progress which will be completed before the inauguration of expo 2020. Construction is one of the main sectors that will experience an enormous growth during the preparation of Expo Dubai 2020 event. It will also result in providing a great infrastructure to the host nation, upon its completion.

·         Work for welfare –

Representatives of almost the entire world will gather and discuss the measures against global issues, which will be a great opportunity to find solutions for universal problems. After all, the ultimate theme of Dubai Expo 2020 is Connecting Minds, Creating The Future. Worlds’ leading technology companies will be showing their latest invention or product in front of millions of people from all around the globe. Several NGOs, social firms and government entities will be sitting together to identify and assess the major social problems faced by the world.  Therefore, this event will not be offering opportunity for high earning only but to raise any social issue at global platform and identify the solutions for the same.

·         Expose, like never before –

Dubai will host a universal event on 1083 acres of land with about 25 million expected visitors. There will be enough space for each nation to brand themselves in front of the entire world. Nations can display their advancements in assorted sectors, cultures, & plans e.t.c. Representatives of different nations will make people aware of class, culture, tradition, business capability and technological things possessed by their respective countries. A mega exhibition will allow visitors to take a tour of worlds’ best technologies and innovations.

An event like expo 2020 provides junior artists, musicians, and small enterprises with a global platform to showcase their skills, arts and products and services in front of visitors and customers from every corner of the world. This will not only give great exposure to capable nations but will also educate all the nations about each other.All in all, Dubai Expo 2020 is an event you can certainly not miss because it’s going to be grand, entertaining, educating, and very important from almost every perspective.


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