About Dubai City

Dubai city is one of the colossal and immensely populated cities in the UAE. Dubai city is widely well known for its warm hospitality, glamour, rich and exuberant lifestyle. Dubai people are so considerate in their attitude to visitors and “Arabic” is considered official Dubai language. Dubai is one of the most popular luxury tourist destinations and global business hubs that boast of police force driving supercars and world’s tallest building. Dubai city is highly reputed for being one of the visionary cities that is shaping its own fortune. Dubai city is characterized by warm climate and sometimes it gets unbearably humid and hot. Temperature is known to reach to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Dubai city is a major hub for business and transport that makes Dubai city is a worldwide city. Dubai city is famous for architectural wonders that have allowed it to attain a prominent place in the world.

Dubai City

Geographical Location of Dubai City

Now let’s talk about the geographical location of the most stunning and fascinating city of dreams i.e. Dubai City. Hence the first question erupts into mind where exactly Dubai city is located and perhaps most of the people are well known of its location. However, for the rest, let me tell you Dubai City is located on the Eastern coast of United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf and it is the capital of the Emirates of Dubai.

General Rules and Regulations in Dubai City

Dubai city has myriad of stringent rules and regulations that every person of Dubai population, be it tourists or the local residents has to abide by. Dubai city has a zero tolerance policy on infringement of any of the rules. If Dubai people intend to take the advantage and pleasure of the exuberant city then Dubai people have to go through some of the norms set by the officials of the Dubai city. Firstly, drinking age for Dubai population in Dubai city is set as 21, and drinking in public is completely prohibited. In addition to it, holding hands and kissing are not permissible in public. Moreover, offensive language, smoking or abusive behaviour outside designated area is altogether inhibited. Hence, in order to enjoy to the fullest, Dubai people and visitors has to keep all things in mind beforehand.

General Tourist Attractions in Dubai City

Dubai city is renowned and eminent for its plethora of tourist attractions. It offers immensely great hangout places to Dubai population to beat the monotonous life and take a rejuvenating break. If Dubai people along with tourists want to have a look and feel of the Arabian culture then they must pay a visit to Dubai Museum where Dubai people and tourists can enjoy the rich cultural history and fascinating background of Dubai city. Dubai city boasts one of the tallest buildings around the globe i.e. Burj Khalifa. Along with that, it offers Dubai population to visit to several mesmerizing places such as Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Creek, Desert Safari, The Dubai Mall (one of the biggest mall of the globe), The Atlantis Hotel, The Dubai Fountain and many more.

General Tourist Attractions in Dubai City

Why is Dubai so rich?

Well, let’s commence by delving into the reality of why Dubai is so rich. Most of the people, be it Dubai population or people around the world, are of under impression that Dubai is so rich because of its oil reserves; however, this is far from reality. Dubai is so rich only because of its vision, how officials of Dubai thought about bringing money into their city when the Dubai city ran out of oil. The economic progress of the Dubai city which makes Dubai is so rich has been possible because of wise far-sightedness of its leaders. No doubt, at first economic development of Dubai was from the oil production, but today Dubai is so rich because the biggest revenue comes from the tourism, finance, and real estate industry. Although, Dubai is so rich as it has extensive oil and petroleum reserves, the modern world is struggling with the scarcity of natural reserves; several developed countries are relied on Dubai city for oil supply, which is one of the revenue sources that make Dubai so rich. Oil and petroleum sectors contribute almost 10% to the overall revenues. Nevertheless, hotels, tax free city, leisure activities, mind boggling tourist attractions make Dubai is so rich entirely.
Infrastructure of Dubai city is so mesmerizing that attracts not only millions of tourists into their city every year but also local Dubai population that brought money which makes Dubai is so rich and tourists are even allowed to buy property there on some stunning places such as Palm Island, World Islands or Burj Khalifa that add to its revenue and make Dubai is so rich.
If I talk about “tax free” city then, it adds more value to the place that not only allures visitors along with Dubai people to take the advantage but also it brings revenue to the Dubai city which makes Dubai so rich. Shopaholics can rejuvenate themselves in the gamut of shopping complexes and squander money without having any fear of paying extra tax.
Dubai is so rich because of gold trading, and Dubai city is known to be called as “City of Gold.” As per the Gold industry statistics, Dubai city has in total of 29 percent market share of trading of gold across the globe. Tax free status of Dubai city has made Dubai so rich and one of the cheapest cities to make purchase of Gold.

Dubai Population

From the perspective of population, Dubai population is placed at the top in UAE countries with almost around 3.1 billion people dwelling here. In the truest sense, the government governing Dubai population is neither democracy nor monarchy. Dubai population is considered to be a mix of types, which is along the lines of ‘Kingdom of Sheikhs’ or the ‘Sheikhdom’ with only 23 percent of Emiratis and rest of different nationalities. Out of the huge Dubai population, 43.3 percent are of Indians which is quite high in itself. And year on year, Dubai population has grown nearly by 10 percent.

Dubai Population

Dubai’s latest infrastructure is not only used by the Dubai population but also by the around 1.1 million people living outside the Emirate who commute to work on daily basis. This information of latest Dubai population bulletin is released by Dubai Statistics Centre.
Prediction on population growth indicates that Dubai population will get increased by 5.5 million by the end of 2027, which is almost double of the current Dubai population.

Mesmerizing places to visit: Dubai population and tourists around the world are provided with plethora of leisure and sports facilities, white sandy beaches, educational and healthcare facilities, excellent public transport, sound infrastructure and much more. Dubai people can replenish and rejuvenate themselves in the beauty of this place.
Dubai population has more percentage of men than women: The higher proportion in Dubai population is of men as they do not prefer to migrate with their families because of their job types which mainly involve construction workers, mechanical engineers or people work in oil refineries. Expatriates relocate and have left their families behind in their home countries.
Exemplary health care facilities to Dubai population: Dubai population is provided with commendable health care facilities with hi-tech features which are quite fantabulous and so are the hospitals. Dubai people can take the advantage of latest health care companies with swift service.

Dubai People

“Emiratis” has been called to the native Dubai people. Dubai people are well-known for friendliness and generous reception to their visitors. Dubai people are empathetic and considerate along with the kind and benevolent in their approach to tourists. As Dubai population is so vast with multiple nationalities of people residing in the city, hence, looking at the Dubai population, the government of the city has allowed the construction of spiritual places such as churches, mosques, gurudwaras and temples for each nationality of Dubai people. Dubai people wear long white shirt-dress with a head scarf; on the other hand, women wear long black-coloured dress called burkha.
Dubai people can enjoy light rainfall between January and March. The busiest tourist season is from October to April with millions of people visiting Dubai round the year. One of the other reasons that make Dubai city a preferred option for Dubai people to holiday or dwell is that the city is extremely safe to live in as the crime rate is extremely low. In addition to this, it is a tax haven that has no capital gains or income tax as well as different free zones due to which Dubai city is the best location for foreign investors.

Dubai people are offered myriad facilities which make Dubai city a great city to live in. Dubai people can maintain their standard of living as the city has something to offer for everyone, be it opulence or pocket-friendly. Dubai people can enjoy their work without any fear of being fired as safety and security of jobs are the key factors for people working abroad. Dubai people get a chance to enhance and enrich their knowledge as people of different culture and religion residing in a same city.
Dubai people are offered with special treatment that is going through some disabilities, mental challenges or any development issues. These Dubai people are given some rights to protect and prioritize the needs and are addressed as “Person of Determination”. Special facilities have been provided to these Dubai people such as transportation, education, employment and many more. Dubai people with disabilities are rendered with special rates on using public transport and are provided with some special benefits.

Dubai Language

Arabic is the official Dubai language for verbal and written communication. Most of the government affairs and offices are conducted in Dubai language. However, English is widely spoken across the Dubai City. Around 75 percent of Dubai population is expatriates and thus majority of the Dubai population speaks native/ Dubai language and/or English. However, if migrants learn to speak few Dubai language words i.e. Arabic words, then it not only connects them with their culture but also it enriches their knowledge for a new language. Few common words like thank you, hello, bye, yes/no, sorry of Dubai language if learnt, and then it makes the trip even more memorable. In fact, when the natives get to hear their Dubai language from expatriates, they feel joyous and jubilant. Emiratis are mostly found speaking their native or Dubai language in the UAE. Dubai being a cosmopolitan city, residents of the city have now become expert in speaking multiple languages along with their Dubai language. Even the sign boards on roads are found either in English language or in Dubai language. However, if anyone wants to explore the other cities of the UAE than Dubai, then English is not as common in other towns as people in rural areas only understand Dubai language.
Schools in Dubai city teach Dubai language as the first language and English as the second. All the government related official work is done in Dubai language only, hence expatriates have to take help from the natives or Public relations officer to get their work done. There are higher chances of getting a job in Dubai city if anyone has a good command on Dubai language or if someone is ready to learn Dubai language.
Hence, Dubai has almost become a melting pot where multiple languages have been spoken on daily basis including Dubai language . Therefore, if someone shows courage and speak Dubai language then it could be a great way of showing appreciation for their culture.

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