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Dubai Expo has made its name heard all across the world. A person who is a tech enthusiast and has access to the internet is likely to have heard of Dubai expo 2020. In addition to being a mega event, the expo has also partnered with various companies to ensure its success. Cisco Dubai is one of the companies that has partnered with expo Dubai for being the official digital network partner. Cisco Dubai had recently celebrated a milestone when it completed its deployment of the network across three Thematic Districts of the expo. A team, including a member from both Cisco Dubai and expo 2020, planted Ghaf tree during a ceremony.

Milestones achieved

Security infrastructure

The expo 2020 Dubai has to ensure security for its visitors as well as participants. In order to manage the security for the people visiting Dubai expo 2020, a strong network regarding security infrastructure is implemented. Cisco Dubai will deploy Cisco solutions throughout the site in order to ensure security and stop threats. It is aimed to allow seamless and safe connections between employees and visitors.

The physical security network of Cisco Dubai is also implemented in order to offer a supporting service to the network of CCTV cameras. It will help in reducing the blind spots, thus allowing the security team members to be able to offer an unmatchable security coverage and visibility through monitor along with control over 4.30 sq. kilometer easily. An individual can apply for security through the Cisco Dubai careers webpage if interested.

Redesigned workplaces

Cisco has also offered future proof offices initiative with the web app, which helps the employees to easily find and track, reserve rooms for meetings in expo 2020. Employees requiring room for meeting purposes can also allow the remote participant to become a part of the meeting using the WebEx conference. There is also the opportunity for people looking to join Cisco through Cisco Dubai careers. Cisco Dubai careers allow people to join as security members or various other positions based on the experience of the individual.

Seamless connectivity

As Cisco has implemented its security services across the three districts, it is expected to help visitors, organizers, exhibitors to get connected to any device without any hassle. The connection will be wireless, secure, and seamless to ensure a smooth connection. This technological infrastructure has been achieved over a period of time making effective infrastructure. Cisco is also providing the first-intent based solution related to networking for the involved enterprises, which is aimed to offer operations related to back-office and connect visitors with the overall network.

Cisco Dubai careers

When expo 2020 was planned, it was expected that it would offer employment opportunities to a huge number of people both local residents and from other nations as well. This indeed became true as the expo 2020 is a mega event that requires work on almost every field. From construction of infrastructure to the workforce required to offer advanced connectivity system solutions, all are playing their role in making expo 2020 remarkable.

Cisco Dubai has also partnered with Expo 2020 to offer seamless connectivity solution services to the visitors. This has also increased the traffic on the Cisco Dubai careers webpage. The reason is simple that Cisco Dubai careers offering employment opportunities to people experienced enough and ready to work with Cisco. The intelligent solutions of Cisco will offer a connectivity service to participants, visitors, applications, devices, and business processes thus making the connectively more effective and most advanced in the whole history of World expo.

For individuals looking to work with Cisco, they can easily visit Cisco Dubai careers webpage and gain insight on what are the requirements that they need to fulfill in order to become a part of the great company that offers advanced solution services to its clients. The major advantage of being a part of Cisco is that in addition to past experience, the individual can easily gain additional work experience from Cisco.

They can further gain the advantage of working with a world-class workforce that has worked with other industry giants to offer a high level and advanced connectivity. Cisco has various positions opened for experienced participants on its Cisco Dubai careers webpage. These participants who will be selected through the interview process will be given a chance to become a part of the team offering service to world expo 2020. This will not only provide a career boost to the employee working in Dubai but will also make their experience of working in Dubai, another gem to their previous experience.

It is necessary for the participants visiting Cisco Dubai careers through the website that this global event has a magnitude far larger than any other in the past and thus demands a huge and well-equipped network. People who can deliver on those requirements from expo 2020 regarding communication networks have a chance to become a part of it by getting employed through Cisco Dubai careers.

With the help of their experience and Cisco’s expertise, an individual can help the team to deliver on the connectivity requirements of the expo. The technology of the company included with innovation aims to open amazing opportunities for humanity. The company’s core idea behind the partnership with the expo 2020 is to offer world-class connectivity solutions to the people visiting the expo.

Since the expo will be experiencing a huge footfall from all around the world, the level of connectivity between devices and the people should not be an average one, and thus it has partnered with multiple technology giants on their respective field to ensure a seamless and fast connectivity to the people thus making all the real-time audience of the different programs of the expo.

Overall the partnership between the expo 2020 and Cisco is to bring new and innovative connectivity solutions to the people enjoying the expo. Along with common visitors, it will further offer services to businesses, sellers, and buyers without any interruptions through technologically advanced connectivity solutions.

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