The announcement of Expo 2020 Dubai has started interesting new ventures and projects. The huge infrastructure boom which consists of malls (Mall of the World), Dubai Water Canal Project, redevelopment of Dubai Creek, creating Aladdin city and “Dubai Creek Harbour” on Dubai Creek;

New waterfronts e.g. “Jewel of the Creek”, entirely new cities like “MBR City –District one”, theme park-like “Dubai Theme Park” etc. are some mega prices in which Dubai and UAE is investing millions of dollars.

There are other mega infrastructure extension and re-development projects like Dubai Mero extension, entirely new 10-km Hyperloop project at South Dubai near the boundary of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the International AL Maktoum airport in South Dubai etc.

dubai water canal dubai 2020 expo.
Dubai water canal

The total value of infrastructure projects has already crossed 42.5 billion by 2018. Therefore, it’s natural that construction, infrastructure related jobs are getting a high boost in Dubai.

Same holds for realty, where the government is pumping in lots of cash to keep the sector propped up

Sectors like infrastructure and realty have already received a lot of stimuli, and may not be the best of the options to start a new venture. These opportunities have matured.

Everything related to infrastructure and realty will reach a crescendo by October 2020. Then at end of the expo, a lull will descend by April 2021, especially in housing and infra. EXPO 2020 will end in April 2021.

In this article, apart from opportunities in these known industries, we will take a look at some other avenues, where there is still business openings courtesy EXPO 2020.

Jewel of the Creek Dubai 2020 Expo
Jewel of the Creek

Expo 2020 Dubai has provision for grants up to 100,000 $ under EXPO Live Innovation Grant Program

Under this, any NGO, SME (small and medium enterprises), government enterprise and startups are eligible for this grant, provided they innovate something which penetrates and help the grass root society or impacts environment positively and in an exceptional way.

So, even if you are at the helm of a startup or small enterprise, if you do have a product that you feel shapes up society at grass root level (positively), go to Dubai. Your concept and fledging startup might get a huge monetary boost and acclaim.

Does your business need exposure?

Then save some money to go to Dubai EXPO 2020. If Geopolitical, environmental conditions remain stable and conductive, the EXPO will have an expected footfall of 25 million people in those six months. Do not think that it is a fancy projection? Shanghai EXPO in 2010 received a footfall of 73 million visitors!

Unprecedented publicity

The prestigious international media will be present in DUBAI 2020 EXPO in full force. Because plenty of new innovations will be displayed here, it will get unprecedented publicity in media and newsprint. Prestigious magazines like Forbes, Business Week, Wall Street and channels like Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters Business will cover these events, providing world-beating publicity.

Imagine CEO of a world known enterprise reading a short piece on your business, while in flight. If he likes your concept, you know what it means ! He can be your next angel investor.

Legoland Dubai 2020 Expo
Legoland Dubai

Sitting in your home country, you cannot have so many world-class publications covering you at one spot. However, your business, product or concept and model has to be worthy of this coverage.

Huge opportunities for PR firms

If you have a PR firm which is fairly large and have daredevil confidence in you, and a natural ability to network for your clients and some connections worldwide, try EXPO 2020, because PR firms will be in high demand.

The ultimate aim of EXPO is to have a common platform for business, where enterprises, start-ups, SME s all over the world converge for six months. Is not merely for display but also for cementing business deals. And if business deals are to be made, is natural that PR firms will be at a premium.

Please note that 190 nations have already committed for EXPO 2020 DUBAI.

The scope of Business for Event Management firms in Dubai

Event management firms will also be in demand for these six months. The atmosphere will be competitive as to which firm and product can grab the maximum eyeballs. It’s natural that multinationals will have world-class PR firms and event management companies.

However, if you are a fairly large event management company with good credentials, past work to show for, there will be a lot of SME s and Start-Ups who may be willing to try you for a lesser fee.


IT domain is not yet saturated with respect to EXPO 2020. Unlike the hot construction and really sector, which will reach its peak before October 2020, and experience a lull once the EXPO concludes, IT demand will peak during the fair itself.

All through those six months, demand for data analytics, data mining, network maintenance, database jobs will be in high demand. So, if you are in IT, especially in data related jobs, you can too benefit from EXPO 2020 DUBAI. Look out for IT fields which will be in high demand for EXPO, and if you are knowledgeable in that, you too can gain from EXPO 2020.


Lots of business deals will be executed in this mega trade fair. It will need a lot of legal experts, especially proficient in the legal biz part ( as opposed to criminal lawyers). However, to make a mark you have to be proficient in international legalities too, as many bilateral business deals will cover two or more geographical borders.

Menial jobs like housekeeping, beauticians will also be aplenty in these six months. These job openings will mainly career to women and will be of lower paying category.

Come! Join Dubai 2020 EXPO. Enhance your business too

Dubai EXPO 2020 will primarily showcase the companies, who take part in the event. However it’s byproduct is the wonderful opportunity to showcase your business too (using a little imagination coupled with intelligence and self-confidence and a really good product or service to offer), spending lot lesser than the original participants. If your product and concept or the service that you provide, satisfies the international clients, you may get manifold returns afterwards.

So, you and your business have every chance of gaining from EXPO 2020. Give it a try !

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