How to Attend Dubai Expo 2020?

Dubai 2020 expo is a global destination for millions of people to share ideas, showcase innovation, encourage collaboration. They are organized every five years and last for six months and this time this event is going to be organized in Dubai. India will also participate in the event. India and Dubai Expo 2020 signed a contract India’s participation in Expo 2020. The contract was signed at the Expo 2020 site in the presence of Navdeep Suri, Ambassador of India to UAE, Vipul, Consul General of India, Dubai and Dr. Tarek Shayya, Board Director-Chief International Participants Officer. Manoj K. Dwivedi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India signed the contract from Indian side while Najeeb Mohammed Al Ali, Executive Director, Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau signed on behalf of Expo 2020. Individuals from Dubai and several other nations will be attending in high numbers. It would be very good chance for them to see the heritage of Dubai. The city has always been one of the best tourist places in the world.  Attending a expo event in a tourist place like Dubai is not less than a dream for many individuals around the globe.

How to reach Dubai Expo 2020?

The Dubai World Expo 2020 is going to be held in Dubai South which is located nearby the Al Maktoum International Airport. The visitors may also opt for the Dubai Metro. It has the capacity to carry 46,000 passengers every hour to and from the Expo site in less than 16 minutes from Dubai Marina. Metro map can be easily find online to assist with the metro routes. Millions of the people will be attending the event to gain a life-long knowledge, sharing experience as well as utilize the lucrative business & trade opportunities by interacting with foreign nationals on such a big platform. The organisers have made it very simple and convenient for the individuals or visitors to attend the event. They have ensured that no visitor will be facing any difficulty in enjoying such a beautiful and modern kind cultural event.

Attend Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 is considered as one of the biggest events in the history of world expo. Millions of people are expected to attend this mega event in Dubai. Everybody wants to witness one of the biggest science exhibitions and enjoy cultural activities that would be held in the Dubai Expo.  Scheduled to start from 20th October 2020, the expo will be attracting individuals, companies, government entities and business professionals from all across the world to witness the presence of world’s best artists, engineers, business people and entertainers at one place. Attending an expo event has always been a dream of several individuals and professionals from all around the world. There have been several individuals who have been trying to reach and attend the expo event.  Dubai Expo 2020 is bringing very good opportunities for the individuals who have not been able to make it to expo event.  This time they will be required to reach Dubai to attend a highly fascinating expo event.

Why to attend Dubai Expo 2020

The expo event will be opened for seven weeks, and the spectators will be enjoying around 60 live shows on daily basis. It is so that more than 192 nations are expected to get participate in the event.  Apart from the main shows and events, it is very good opportunities for the visitors to observe the capacity, capability and ability of Dubai and its people.  Dubai Expo 2020 is being prepared with a heavy investment that it may be proved as one of the most attracting and captivating events ever organized and held in the history of humanity. Every visitor would want to create memories and enjoy being a part of the world’s reunion.

Despite a high level of marketing advertising and promotion across the world, there are several individuals who really do not know how to get entered in Dubai Expo 2020. These people either belong to any developing country or have not shown any interest till date. These individuals are suggested to visit online websites, blogs and government published reports containing useful information related to Expo Dubai 2020. These sources of information are enough to make any individual attracted to the event.

Ticket system to attend the Dubai Expo 2020

The individuals can attend the expo event just by buying tickets. Ticket booking has already been started via both offline and online booking centers. An individual can attend or participate in the event in several ways. A person can attend as a visitor or entertainer or participant. The responsible authority has developed the ticket system in an effective and efficient manner.  A person can attend the event by buying 1-day ticket and enjoy the 60 live shows. There are several country pavilions a visitor can choose from to spend his/her day in expo.  The visitors will also have the chance to spend three days in event by just buying a three-day ticket. It is an enlarged journey of a visitor in the Dubai Expo 2020.With three day ticket, the visitors will be able to create a new memory every day. They will be able to explore their cultural journey. Such an innovative and useful event can provide a visitor with the vast knowledge about different cultures, heritages, business ideas, technology and innovation, and several other fields. Three days ticket is better than a day ticket if an individual is intended to explore his/her experience.

There are individuals who have deliberately been waiting for Dubai Expo 2020. These individuals must be in need of a special package through which they can see, experience and enjoy this event in a more comprehensive manner.  This time they have got this opportunity as the Dubai Expo 2020 organizers are going to introduced seasonal and monthly passes for those who would want to witness the biggest event for a longer period. Seasonal or monthly ticket is a full package for those who don’t want to miss any single event or program or activity in expo 2020.

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