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Hey, how are you? Thanks for Visiting Dubai Expo 2020 and I am glad you’re curious to know about the Expo of Expos.

Beginning October 2020, World Expo Dubai will be a one in a million event encompassing sectors across businesses and inviting millions in participation.

Through this platform, we aim at delivering all the relevant news and information to interested and potential participants.

We will scourge through event updates and bring the latest opportunities, features and offerings that are bound to help you grow.

The Dubai 2020 Expo will bring in major corporate giants of the world including real estate, telecommunications, IoT, trading among others. On our website you will find all relevant information about the expo including:

#1 How to visit the Dubai 2020 Expo

#2 Best resources for accommodation across budgets (including the top hotels in Dubai)

#3 What you could gain from the EXPO

#4 Existing business opportunities and gaps that your SME could fill

#5 Travelling arrangements and career opportunities in the Middle East

… and much more!!

With a huge focus on SMEs and enriching global business, it will an enthralling event, lasting for months ans raking in billion in expenditure as well as revenue.

In case you’re more curious about Event, or have any confusions or questions, feel free to contact us here and across our social handles. 

Hope to see you again.

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