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Expo 2020 Dubai Goes Green, Offers Big Business to SMEs

Expo 2020 Dubai is Going green & Offering Big Business to SMEs

Online Marketing is the best place for the business as it allows companies from the world to forge international partnerships, consequently get business opportunities and drive growth. Expo 2020 Dubai has launched its own integrated Online Market PlaceThis project enables users to showcase their services and products.

It enhances the reach of Expo 2020 participants, contractors, licensees as well as other registered businesses. This allows the existing firms to promote their supply by providing them with tender opportunities.

Expo 2020 Dubai online marketplace

This free-to-use platform will create a long-lasting impact on the economy by supporting all types of companies including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).  

The Vice president, Richard McGuire said: “This World Expo is not only a chance to showcase their innovations and new ideas but is also an opportunity that is going to benefit our economy. It will also establish new connections between all kinds of businesses.

“Through the OMP, we aim to promote innovation and drive global economic progress by providing the platform to the companies to connect, cooperate and expand their enterprises”

More than 200 participants including corporations, non-government organizations, nations, and educational institutions are expected to take part in Expo 2020 Dubai.

Henceforth, to elevate this initiative the Expo has committed to allotting 20 percent of its direct and indirect spend to SMEs.

Advantages of Expo 2020

#1 Aviation and transport

17.5 Million will come flocking to the Dubai 2020 Expo averaging 300,000 per day. This means that aviation and transport will be as busy as ever. The same infrastructure has to be expanded and maintained for optimum performance.

Analyst Ahmad says that competing host cities for Expo 2020 in Russia, Brazil and Turkey are nowhere in the match of Dubai in terms of their airports, geographic location, and flag carriers.

#2 Tourism and hospitality

Jewel of the Creek Dubai 2020 Expo

Dubai greeted more than 10 million international visitors in 2012 but according to official surveys, there is an increase of 9 percent as compared to the year before.

But, Dubai 2020 Expo has doubled the number of visitors to 20 million annually. Dubai authorities estimate that the expo will create 111000 new jobs in the restaurant and hotel sectors alone.

#3 Real estate and construction

According to a current report by Standard Chartered, average property prices rose by 30% in the last 12 months. Expo 2020 will contribute towards the sustainability of the housing market. The Expo 2020 Dubai helps to spur a new construction growth in the emirates.

#4 Creation of jobs

A recent report published revealed that Expo 2020 will create 300,000 direct jobs and at-least a million indirect jobs. Approximately 90% of these jobs will be in the travel and tourism sector between 2018 and 2021.

Special skills such as knowledge of industry architecture, infrastructure development, and engineering will be a highly sought after skills for the Expo 2020 Dubai.

#6 Creating the future

The theme of the Expo is “Connecting minds, creating the future”. Environmental sustainability is also one of the likely themes and only time will tell us what else Dubai has planned to wow the world.

Partnering with Dulsco, the Dubai 2020 Expo goes Eco Friendly

Dubai 2020 Expo has announced a new partnership with Dulsco, who will support them in averting 85% of its waste away from the landfill.

Dulsco will facilitate the reuse, recycle, reduce and repurposing of waste using advanced technologies.

As the official Waste Management Partner, it will execute innovative resolutions, and support Dubai in an aim to host one of the most sustainable World Expos ever.

Dulsco Waste2Resource (W2R) facility, which is located in South Dubai, will help to avert waste from landfill and this will be accomplished using latest technologies to reuse, reduce, recycle and repurpose.

Manal Al Bayat on contribution of SMEs to the Expo

Manal Al Bayat 2020 Expo Dubai

The Senior Vice-President for Business Development and Integration, Manal Al Bayat has spent her quality time traveling around the world in order to make SMEs aware of the opportunities. 

Manal Al Bayat said that “SMEs are the drivers and the lifelines to the economies”.

A lot of economies of the world rely on SMEs. Therefore, Dubai is offering the greater support to them so that can get bigger and explore a plethora of opportunities here. 

10 Biggest Attractions Coming to the Dubai 2020 Expo

Companies coming dubai expo 2020

This year Dubai Expo 2020 is expected to generate approximately $23 billion from the large-scale construction of commercial and residential areas.

Work has already originated on the major leisure attractions and tourism across Dubai and the developers have announced new projects. These projects are either completed or are scheduled to be completed by 2020.

#1 Dubai Water Canal Project

dubai water canal dubai 2020 expo.

Business Bay, constructed through Dubai Water Canal Project will connect major business areas with the Arabian Gulf.

It is poised to be a major attraction during the Dubai 2020 Expo.

Afterall, this project includes four hotels, a new shopping centre and 450 restaurants as well as cycling path and luxury housing including private marinas for boats. Imagine the evening frenzy and class!!

#2 Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future Dubai 2020 Expo

Museum of the Future, launched in 2016 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

He is the Vice President, ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE.

Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Museum of the Future houses for the latest inventions of the world and is a foundation of the emirate’s locus on innovation.

The museum is circular in shape. It sits next to the Jumeirah Emirates Towers near Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Along with a major tourist destination, the Museum will also offer specialised workshops and advanced courses.  

This will be the perfect place for public talks and events. It will cost more than $200 for a ticket at the Expo.

Seems like it will burn a whole in your pocket but I think it will be worth it.



#3 Jewel of the Creek

Jewel of the Creek Dubai 2020 Expo

Set to finish in 2019, this project comprises 19-storey apartment buildings, a massive waterfront complex and three office towers.

Even more, it has a recreation centre, two luxury hotels, convention centre with a ballroom, marina and open spaces for restaurants and shops!

The project is located between Al Maktoum Bridge, Baniyas Road and the Floating Bridge will be expanded over the area of 123,955 square metres. The investment on this project is up to 816 million.

#4 Al Habtoor City

Al Habtoor City Dubai 2020 Expo

The Habtoor City features three top-rated hotels managed by Resorts Worldwide and Starwood Hotels (W Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road and St. Regis, Westin Dubai.

Therefore, if you want a luxe stay in Dubai, Habtoor is where you should look!

Along with the hotels, there will be three luxury residential towers. It will be star attraction for residence and exploration at the Dubai 2020 Expo.

This mega-development boasts of French-inspired gardens, dining venues, the world’s first Bentley café and an iconic Las Vegas style aqua theatre. 

#5 Deira Islands

Deira Islands Dubai 2020 Expo

Deira Islands will offer the way for hundreds of serviced apartments, new hotels, mixed-use buildings and marinas.

The administration plans to complete it right on time for the Dubai 2020 Expo. 

The Desira Island will expand upto 15.3 square kms at waterfront city, emphasizing four islands.

The project will be an attraction for the tourism beacause it will include an Arabic souk-style night market, a large shopping mall and an amphitheatre which can accommodate 30,000 people.

#6 MBR City – District One

MBR City – District One

The MBR city is named after Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This city is over 1,110 acres including the world’s largest artificial beach, 14km boardwalk and a 7km stretch of Crystal Lagoons. Crystal Lagoon is kayaking, swimming and other water activities.

Consequently, It is an opportunity fair for realtors and property enthusiasts visiting the expo!

It is located near the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. 60% of the total area is allocated to the green and open space.

Along with this project comes 8.8 km of jogging and cycling track and 14km of the artificial beach walk. 

#7 Aladdin City

The Aladdin City Dubai project is initiated by the Dubai Municipality in the midst of Dubai Creek. First of all, this project is based on the steller theme of the well-known tales of Sinbad and Aladdin.

This city features three towers, hotel space and comprising commercial.  The Aladdin city is over a distance of 450 metres in lenght.

Along with the hotel, there is an air-conditioned bridge with a moving floor to connect driveways, towers, and parking lots.

#8 Dubai theme parks

The Expo 2020 Dubai is assuring to generate approximately $1.03 billion through this project. This project will include park and resorts.

Legoland Dubai 2020 Expo

The resort will feature with three theme parks including, Bollywood Parks, Legoland Dubai and Motiongate Dubai.

The stage expands over an area of 60,000 sq metre where Bollywood-themed performances will take place. Rides and other main attractions are there which increase the beauty of the Park.

#9 Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame Expo 2020

Dubai Frame involves a 150m-high, 93m-wide structure built to match a huge picture frame.

It is located Located near the Zabeel Park and Star Gate games. The frame boasts of picturesque views of Old Dubai from one side and the outline of New Dubai from the other side. The investment in the project is $43.5 million.

#10 Al Mamzar Beachfront

Al Mamzar Beachfront Dubai 2020 Expo

Al Mamzar Beachfront is the plan of Emaar Properties and Dubai Municipality’s to make beachfront in Dubai’s Al Mamzar district.

The project extends over 9,000,000 square feet and features 300 hotel rooms, 4,000 residential units, 3.5km of walking tracks covered with plantations and  250,000 square metres of retail amenities. 

Therefore, it is a must explore destination if you want to relax and have a great time.

This beachfront is around the 53 hectares in area and will cost around $2.72 billion to build. It will be an exqiusite experience for travellers. 



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