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Expo 2020

Expo 2020

Introducing Expo

Expo 2020 is the platform where people come from the entire world to share their Business ideas, Exhibition, success, and experience the innovations. First international Expo was held in 1851 in London. At different times some amazing invention of humankind was brought for the first time in Expo, Such as Public convenience by George Jennings Designed at 1851 London. There are several other invention presentations in the history of Expo including Typewriter presented by E. Remington and Sons in 1876 in Philadelphia and Diesel Engine in 1900. Dubai is going to introduce their largest Solar power project in Expo 2020.

Dubai Expo 2020

Expo 2020 is to be held on Dubai. It will be continuing for six months.  This is the biggest Expo in the history of Arab World. Almost 200 countries will participate in this event. Millions of visitors will come from all across the world to explore this Dubai exhibition. The main purpose of this expo 2020 is to connect people from one nation to another nation. It gives the opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of people coming from a different nation. Expo is a festival of human ingenuity. Dubai is the city of Emirates, and their majestic felicitation will make Expo 2020 delightful.

Expo 2020 Dubai will raise the opportunities to get growth in business with foreign clients, share market knowledge, foreign investment. Every country is wishing to get the chance and biding measureless to organize their event at Expo 2020, they are aware of their significant profit. Not only local will be benefited from this, but the entire world will also get a chance to gain ground from Dubai expo 2020.

The theme of Dubai Expo 2020

UAE introduced the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the future” and the subthemes Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. Through this successive event, millions of people will be connected through exhibitions. People will be known to the entire world through Expo 2020 Dubai.

Achieved the capability of hosting Expo2020

Hosting of Expo Dubai Exhibition was achieved by the UAE government in November 2013 after two years of hard working and planning. Dubai had sent bid for hosting Expo 2020 to Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), and after achieving the victory supported by 116 countries members vote out of 164 countries, the whole UAE was flooded in happiness. Educational institutes were announced for a holiday later. Around 30 billion AED is expected to be spent on the infrastructure of Dubai Exhibition.

Hospitality and Conveyance Expo2020

Expected more than 25 million people will attend this Dubai exhibition (duration 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021), 75 percent of which will be out sider from other countries. With keeping it in mind, the UAE government has set the place of the event, where huge hospitality will be available near the event place of Expo 2020 Dubai. In the convenience of visitors, top hotels are situated near the event place.

Top hotels near the event place are:

  1. Fortune park hotel (3.9 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  2. Premier Inn Dubai Investment Park (4.2 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  3. Marriot Executive Apartments Green Community (4.1 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  4. Courtyard by Marriot Dubai Green Community (4.2 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  5. Maysan Hotel (4.3 km from Dubai Expo 2020)
  6. easyHotel Dubai Jebel Ali (5.8 km from Dubai Expo 2020)

Metro route extension will be done to connect Expo 2020 with the rest of the UAE. Dubai Metro will have the ability to take 46000 passengers per hour at the event duration.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai Exhibition site for Expo 2020 and Main theme attraction of Al Wasl laza

Expo Dubai exhibition site is located in South Dubai. Near International Airport Al Maktoum. Al Wasl Plaza building has been contracted by the UAE government for Expo 2020 which will be the center attraction for event place of 4.38 square kilometers. This building will be used as a theme of Dubai Expo 2020; it is getting decorated. Accordingly, it will be topped by a 65 meter domed and the structure will include involute steel worked trellis to introduce Expo 2020 logo. The trellis will be rounded around it and used as a projection surface which can be viewed from inside and outside of the plaza. This plaza will have three large thematic districts which will be dedicated for subthemes “Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability” introduced by UAE Government. On sight, lights are solar powered. All of the constructors are UAE based working hard to give this event a remarkable look.

Attractions of Expo 2020 Dubai

Al Forsan amphitheater will be made in front of the Italian pavilion at Expo2020. This gallery will have a capacity of 4,000 standing and 2,500 seating. The contest of idea for the stage of Al Forsan will arise in the public park of the Expo 2020 Dubai exhibition site in front of Italy, Germany, India, Japan, and US pavilions.

In the six months duration of Expo2020, this amphitheater will host shows and performances of more than 1000 artists. Italian artists will participate in theatrical and musical performance.

Gathering of inventors, artists, technical creators, business man will make Expo 2020 classic and unprecedented. You will be lost from your choice as you get a chance to participate in mindfulness sessions, ultimate games, and many other activities of fun and knowledge. Expo 2020 is all about innovative activities.

Explore foods and drinks from across the globe at Expo 2020 Dubai

Delicious foods, cuisines, and beverages will be the mouth-watering attraction of Dubai Expo 2020. Set yourself to explore 200-plus food outlets across the Expo site. Encountering old classic and new dishes, including street food and drinks from across the world will give a different shape to the food court of Dubai exhibition. Expo 2020 Dubai allows many foods and drinks supplier across the world. Visitors will get opportunities to taste different dishes from different corners of the world. Every country will be setting up their team in the food court of Expo 2020, including Dubai. Dubai team has launched an e-sourcing portal through which companies can access opportunities for procurement. Food team of all countries will get the same facility to serve Chocolates, snacks, main courses, beverages, and many more.

World’s famous chefs will be at one place during these six months of Expo 2020 Dubai. Their hard working and renowned cooking skill will be visitors stopping destination at every interval. The aroma of delicious foods will attract you from different sides from different stalls. You will be confused, what to experience first French or Chinese, Italian or Spanish, Brazilian or Indian. Do not worry about this confusions, because they will stay for 173 days at the same place of Expo 2020 set and you can explore every dishes at different days and different interval.

Throughout your visit to various food stalls and food, centers will be the purpose of your good health and diet. Whether you are greedy for delicious food or planning to feed your family or colleague in the budget, you will find whatever you want between this as per your choice and suitable for you in the food court of Expo 2020.

The similar sounding word usage of Dubai with Dreams isn’t coincidental. Dubai is particularly the stuff dreams are made of. All the more critically – it is in Dubai that fantasies soften into reality with an easy elegance. The first opportunity I resulted in these present circumstances Wonderland, it blew my mind. What loftiness! What brilliance! What enchantment! I was besotted, absolutely, and completely. Dubai, to me, progressed toward becoming not a city but rather a wonder. Every one of the fantasies that I had envisioned about my future came to the organic product in this Eden on Earth and more up to date, greater dreams currently fill my psyche.


The facts demonstrate that I can tally the number of years I spent on Dubai soil on my fingers – however, when I endeavor to specify the blessings this supernatural city provided for me in these two years, I wind up wanting for some more fingers. The multi-ethnic work culture here gave me motivating bits of knowledge into a few societies over the globe, even as I made companions aplenty from the Diasporas of such huge numbers of countries breathing the Dubai air.


Working in the business well-disposed climate of the Dubai working environment, my professional experience developed a complex. The unwavering quality of the city’s modern, cutting edge foundation gave me a superb chance to sharpen my work-aptitudes without frivolous inconveniences to occupy me. The lively, pink-with-wellbeing economy of Dubai mollified even the most exceedingly awful of my fears in regards to my accounts… Truly I can continue endlessly… Most importantly, such was the glow and delicacy with which Dubai welcomed me that I am embarrassed to state I barely felt the yearning to go home by any stretch of the imagination.


So what matters to this city? I’d think there are three backbones of the Dubai marvel – the warm, smooth cordiality that welcomes natives over the world with great affection, the super-effective and all around the oiled foundation, and the regard for law and control that contains all the different components of this universal city with request and technique.


Dubai resembles the globe condensed into one city as about 200 countries of the world dwell here and work as one. It resembles a delightful floor covering, the texture of which contains the strings and shades of countries round the world. It is that impartial ground where a huge number of worldwide relations are made each day. It is where worldwide thoughts meet, beat, and wire to develop more current and better ones every day. Science, innovation, culture – it is the center point of the only thing that is in any way important.


Hold up a moment, am I depicting Dubai, or am I portraying the World Expo? You see – what preferable spot over Dubai to have the World Expo 2020 when the city is similar to a continuous World Expo itself?

Expo 2020


Events at Expo 2020 Dubai

There always you will enjoy something new with cultural, comedy, travel programs, music performances and world dance in Expo2020. The programs will be host by famous stars across the world and local.

Enjoy heart touching excitement of digital theater, fashion shows, and more from five continents.

Exhibition centers of academic, artists, tech finder, inventors will be a haven for interesting and curious notabilities.

Sub-theme districts and pavilion Expo2020

Introducing here with some special pavilions.


We all the power to shape the future. Supporting solutions to social problems through the Expo 2020 Dubai live event and introducing visitors to be inspired for acting on new concepts.

Austria Pavilion Expo 2020

The structure of this pavilion will be ventilated for the use of cones. This house will be used for exhibition, workshops and more.

Belarus Pavilion Expo 2020

Belarus is exploring the themes of investments and innovation. As well as encouraging visitors to connect minds for the better good and opportunity to invest.

Japan Pavilion Expo 2020

The trellis shape of this pavilion combines traditional of Japan and Arab. Visitors will be encouraged to put the “Join sync act” message within the action and introduced with the culture and technology of eastern Asia.

Monaco Pavilion Expo 2020

Rock of Monaco pavilion. This pavilion will take visitors through mirror exhibition spaces. The garden of opportunity provides verities of Monaco’s warm climate. After gardening of opportunity, visitors will enter at Kalediscope, which will represent Monaco’s Innovation, Art, Culture, and more.

Norway Pavilion Expo 2020

You will get the experience of blue sea and need of the ocean in Norway Pavilion. Find out about Norway’s sailing tradition and Maritime activities with by taking a journey from the sea bottom to the water surface.

Other opportunity pavilions are Saudi Arabia Pavilion, UK Pavilion, Luxembourg Pavilion, Switzerland Pavilion, and Ukraine Pavilion.
Need to live in balance with the globe. Expo 2020 Dubai is introducing alternative sources of water, food, and clean energy.

Azerbaijan Pavilion Expo 2020

Nature inspired pavilion with leaf shaped top. To encourage people investing in the future now to restore the balance of our world.

Czech Republic Pavilion Expo 2020

The centerpiece of the Czech Republic Pavilion will be attractive to visitors. It based on how to create fertile land in the unfertile condition in a desert where the amount of water is very lo, helping with a water stream from the air. This Pavilion will also have a large scale showcase which shows the long history of glass making.

Brazil Pavilion Expo 2020

This pavilion will have a water feature, which visitors can walk through and can experience Brazilian river side sights and sounds.

New Zealand Pavilion Expo 2020

This pavilion theme introduces the Maori value of kaitiakitanga, which shows the relationship between people and the environment.

Other sustainability pavilions are Germany Pavilion, Netherlands Pavilion, Spain Pavilion, Sweden Pavilion.

Mobility: Expo 2020 is looking for the area of how human is getting a better approach through digital connectivity.

Belgium Pavilion Expo 2020

Covered in dense greenery, and Ark shaped pavilion will interact with people with some of the world’s cooking specialists. Belgian host will represent themselves as the world’s famous cooking specialists, including famous fries or frietjes.

Baden-Württemberg Pavilion Expo 2020

This Sweden Pavilion will introduce you the combination of Islamic Art with Scandinavian woodlands.  Visitors can walk through its path and can gain knowledge about how Swedish are building a smart city and developing their conveyance for the next generation.

Republic of Korea Pavilion Expo 2020The specialty of this pavilion is related to how mobility changes our lives; design of the structure will constantly change through the use of rotating cubes. It represents the best Korean arts and technology. It will introduce also world famous K pop music.

Other Mobility Pavilions are: China Pavilion, Emirates Pavilion, France Pavilion, Finland Pavilion, Oman Pavilion, and Poland Pavilion.

Jobs in Dubai

Dubai Jobs

Jobs in Dubai

In the list of a luxury international holiday destinations, Dubai stands in top numbers. Average 15 million tourist visit Dubai every year. Dubai city provides a large number of employments to locals and foreigners. Dubai is one of the safest places in the world; the crime rate is very low here. Jobs in Dubai are a great opportunity for foreigners as well as locals in the coming years. There is a lot of career opportunities in Dubai from teaching language to manual work. Job seeker gets a new lifestyle in Emirates especially for new workers abroad. Dubai city and Abu Dhabi became the main business center in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), because of sharing borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Jobs in Dubai is becoming very easy nowadays. Most companies are offering jobs in Dubai; different requirements are there for every post. Because of this, city is situated at the Persian Gulf, most of the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi are doing jobs here. The region provides a very attractive salary to the workers as per their qualification and experience. This all makes easy and comfortable to live and work in Dubai jobs.

If someone interested in Arabic culture this city is the best to explore with working here Jobs in Dubai. Here the official language is Arabic, but English is often spoken everywhere Jobs in Dubai. If you have got the chance to do a job in Dubai, you must accept that opportunity, because a job in Dubai is the platform where you can change your life with earning in dinars.

Jobs In Dubai

Dubai is going to host the largest event of the world “Dubai expo 2020”. A lot of vacancies will be there in Dubai expo 2020 jobs. It will boost the demand for jobs In Dubai in many ways. Here is the list of Dubai jobs.

Engineering Jobs in Dubai

UAE is the third largest oil producer in the Middle East Jobs in Dubai. There are huge requirements for engineering professionals. Many entry-level graduate engineers can find Dubai jobs. As well as Dubai expo 2020 jobs are available in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering and environmental engineering Jobs in Dubai. Engineers can get extra facilities with a huge salary, like flight fare for homecoming Job in Dubai.

Childcare jobs in Dubai

Childcare Dubai expo 2020 jobs trend is now upwards. Most of the parents and family members are busy now in Dubai Jobs. Their child must be taken care of by someone doing Jobs in Dubai. They need child caretaker for weekdays or weekends which is one of the most trendy job in the list of Dubai Jobs. You might find a childcare job in Dubai including accommodation with a respected salary for Jobs in Dubai. And you will find this job in Dubai via many placements quite comfortably in Job in Dubai.

Teaching jobs in Dubai

Teaching jobs in Dubai, there is a huge requirement for private and school teacher. If you have a teaching degree from your own country, and if you have an experience of two or three years, then you might grab this opportunity for Job in Dubai. The subjects mostly there are teaching are mats, science, accounts, English, business studies, etc Dubai Jobs. As private or language school teachers, you can expect a salary from 1,500 dollars to 4,000 dollars, and as public school teachers, you can expect a salary up to 6,000 dollars per month Jobs in Dubai. So we must say, teaching is the good earning way in Dubai jobs. Dubai expo 2020 jobs is also a great opportunity for peoples.

Medical jobs in Dubai

There are a lot of hospitals, nursing homes, child care centers in Dubai. They need doctors, dentist, nurses, and admin persons in their medical center. If you are a nurse or doctor in any specialists you can expect a good earning in Dubai expo 2020 jobs. Jobs in Dubai including both public and private sector medical centers have need employees. You will be given accommodation and salary as per your qualification and experience for the medical sector job in Dubai. You can earn a magnificent tax-free salary with other benefits like friendly working hours, opportunities for Dubai Jobs new training, and a chance to Jobs in Dubai with modern medical equipment and technology.

Finance jobs in Dubai

Finance, banking, and accounting are good opportunities for Dubai Jobs seeker in Dubai. If you have qualification about this subjects and holding a degree then you are welcome for Dubai jobs in the finance sector Jobs in Dubai. Dubai offers you an attractive salary package for finance Jobs in Dubai. There is also a high demand for private bankers Job in Dubai.

To increase your chance to get Dubai job in this field you need to practice and need to gain some experience in your home country before you go to Dubai Jobs. If you have good knowledge in the stock market then Dubai is the better place than the USA and UK to increase you’re earning during Job in Dubai.

Jobs In Dubai UAE

Marketing jobs in Dubai

Many multinational companies choose to set up shop here. There are a lot of marketing jobs are available in Dubai, like marketing assistant Jobs in Dubai, marketing analysis, marketing management and more Jobs in Dubai. Marketing jobs in Dubai are so competitive, so make sure that you have the right qualification and good knowledge about this field to get Dubai expo 2020 jobs.

Journalism Jobs in Dubai

The media industry is also a growing sector for Dubai jobs. Local and international media companies set their shop without any nuisance. These industries need experienced journalist, editors, videographers, photographers, and PR professionals in Dubai Jobs. Doing the job in Dubai media will be very exciting for you as your co-workers hail from across the world and they all are very creative in Dubai expo 2020 jobs. You need to be flexible with your shift hours if you are planning to job in Dubai media industry.

Software engineer jobs in Dubai

Dubai is now known as a modern city and has a lot of advanced technologies and facilities. So Jobs in Dubai related to technology, the software is highly required here. Big companies in Dubai always need programmers and software developers Dubai Jobs. They always offer a standard salary package. These companies and well-known enterprises use their website as their business face Jobs in Dubai; therefore they pay a lot to the professionals who work on their website pages for Job in Dubai.

Sales representative and Customer care jobs in Dubai

Dubai is known for shopping for the rest of the world. As it is a tax-free nation, companies do not charge any tax on any product cost Dubai Jobs.  A lot of people from outside come to Dubai for shopping including celebrities Jobs in Dubai. A lot of shopping points are there in Dubai including local shop to big malls Dubai Jobs. These shop keepers need good and smart sales representatives and customer care executives to sell their products and give support about the products Jobs in Dubai. They offer a good opportunity for Dubai Jobs and smart salary packages to them in Job in Dubai.

Real estate jobs in Dubai

Real estate industry is the booming sector in Dubai jobs. The country never ceases to develop; therefore a lot of investors invest in real estate to make residential and commercial buildings which increases the number of Dubai Jobs. Staffs are required in a huge number as most favorable jobs in Dubai Jobs. Country’s economy is very well and the construction of residential and commercial buildings is getting growth Jobs in Dubai. This investors and real estate agencies offer a good salary to workers and engineers Job in Dubai.

Jobs In Dubai

Travel and tourism jobs in Dubai

Dubai is the most beautiful stopover destination for flights passing through Emirates. This city is known for its royal luxury. Demand for travel and tourism jobs in Dubai gave away to one of the country’s leading industries Dubai Jobs. Dubai host international meetings, events, sports, and exhibitions on a regular basis, therefore they need to provide visitors luxury hotels, spa service, personal trainers, yoga instructors, bartenders, chefs, receptionists Dubai Jobs. In the tourism and hospitality industry, it is easy to work and live in Dubai. If you choose to work for a large industry you might get a chance to swing transfers in different hubs at UAE Job in Dubai.

Hotel staffs jobs in Dubai

Dubai is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. A lot of hospitality facilities are there for all class visitors. More and more hotels are getting established there for Dubai Jobs. They need customer service driven staffs always Jobs in Dubai. They offer a good package with the best accommodation and food Job in Dubai.

Transportation jobs in Dubai

If you are searching for a job in Dubai, now it the best time for it. The city is recently announced among the top three cities to live and Jobs in Dubai in the Middle East. Driving is the good employment options for those who got the driving skills and do not want to job in Dubai in a building or may have a lack of qualifications in Dubai Jobs. Driver job is in Dubai in high demand always. Driver must be familiar in using root direction apps and careful about traffic rules while doing Job in Dubai.

Dubai has without a doubt become one of the world’s driving attractions that offers something for everybody Dubai Jobs. Regardless of whether you’re an arbitrary explorer simply hoping to escape from your life or a professional hoping to profit by the promising economy and tax-exempt income that the state offers, the choice to move to Dubai could be a standout amongst the best choices you take in your life, Dubai Jobs. Expo 2020 gives Dubai another motivation to move in the direction of becoming the most prosperous district in the world Jobs in Dubai.

Everything that could possibly be exceptionally speaking to the ears, yet remember that you won’t be separated from everyone else in your battle to become built up in Dubai. There are numerous others competing for similar advantages that you look for Dubai expo 2020 jobs. There will dependably be wild competition from a portion of the world’s top professionals in each field Dubai Jobs. Actually, Dubai hosts individuals from in excess of 180 nations, and you will legitimately be competing against some gifted personalities and spirits who will take the necessary steps to win the position Job in Dubai.

So, it’s not through and through difficult to arrive on your fantasy Jobs in Dubai! In any case, you have to purposely design your approach to progress Dubai Jobs. The fact is that you shouldn’t race into anything to get Dubai expo 2020 jobs.

First of all, complete your instructive degree. On the off chance that you have work understanding, get recommendations from each spot where you’ve worked Jobs in Dubai. Likewise, create a crisp resume and feature your capability, aptitudes and different accomplishments throughout everyday life, Dubai Jobs. Incorporate a little identification estimate photograph in the resume for Job in Dubai. Remember to give a little segment for your past work understanding.

Get acquainted with Dubai’s major job pursuit locales. Numerous individuals fall for the snare of delaying their job chase until they have achieved Jobs in Dubai. An Internet connection is an essential instrument required for finding a job, so go on the web and begin searching for better than average open doors immediately Dubai Jobs. Locales not to miss incorporate SoChivi.com, Dubizzle.com, and MonsterGulf.com This way, you may have a heap of meetings holding up when you arrive for Job in Dubai.

Another approach to use in the web in your job seek, in the not all that customary path is to connect with your companions in Dubai or other Gulf states via web-based networking media sites and ask them to recommend you to businesses they know about Dubai Jobs. You can likewise search for HR companies that have a wide system of companies on their board’s Jobs in Dubai. By presenting your resume to such entrances, you can quicken your prospects of discovering your fantasy Job in Dubai.

Try not to push it excessively hard. It tends to be excruciating realizing that you can just remain in Dubai for whatever length of time that your visa lapses, which for the most part occurs in 1 to 2 months Dubai Jobs. The main methods for broadening your stay are by finding Jobs in Dubai and changing to a work visa. This can be disappointing for your Job in Dubai.

Dedicate your night times to relaxation. Travel around, meet new individuals, go to courses and gatherings around your industry subjects, and connect with professionals from your field Dubai Jobs.

Dubai expo 2020 jobs

This is the first world Dubai expo 2020 jobs going to be held in the Middle East, Africa or South Asia. It brings multiple opportunities for business in construction, real estate, hospitality, tourism Job in Dubai.

According to the Monster Employment Index or MEI, the Dubai government registered a healthy 14% growth in Jobs in Dubai at the starting of 2018. It is the large capital investments and infrastructure that is being created by the UAE government for Dubai expo 2020 jobs.

The fields have brightened prospects for Dubai expo 2020 jobs are, accounts, finance, and human resource fields, especially in hospitality, construction, shops, tourism, pharmaceutical, retail investment firms Job in Dubai.

Dubai expo 2020 job vacancy is for worldwide people, every single person can apply for these jobs, no matter which country you live in Dubai Jobs. If you want to join Dubai expo 2020 jobs with a dynamic team and the best of world-class talents this is the dream come true opportunity to you, Dubai Jobs. You can be part of an innovative, creative and diverse team with joining Dubai expo 2020 jobs. Some categories are mentioned here for Dubai expo 2020 jobs posts. You can select your desire Jobs in Dubai related you job field from this Dubai expo 2020 job list.

Things you need to know before the job in Dubai.

Working in Dubai expo 2020 jobs is profitable to many for high wages with fewer taxes. It is still important to keep in mind that Dubai is an Arab city, and a Muslim country, so both law and tradition held in high respect Job in Dubai. It is important for all employees to know what exactly they are working into and what is expected from them Jobs in Dubai?

Conservation of clothes

Ladies need to wear shoulders, stomach and back completely covered dress in public. And gents must cover their chest, does not matter where and which occupation you are Dubai Jobs. But these rules are not applicable when you are at a beach or hotel swimming pool Job in Dubai. But topless sunbathing is totally restricted. Dubai expo 2020 jobs give you a chance to make your dreams come true.

Live in together is illegal

You cannot live with your partner or any other lady outside of marriage in any hotel or flat. This is very strict rules for the UAE government. When caught you can be sent to the jail or deported from the country Job in Dubai. You should definitely consider this before you go for a job in Dubai and you have a longtime partner you are planning to move with Jobs in Dubai.

Islamic values must be respected

In a day, they pray for five times. You need to make sure that you are not playing any music or not making any noise during azan. Visitors of Dubai expo 2020 jobs will also be required to take this concern into consideration.

Consumption of alcohol is illegal in public

You must have own liquor license to drink alcohol at your home or licensed premises. You will be able to buy and drink alcohol at licensed hotel and clubs. You cannot wander around the area after drinking alcohol; you need to make sure that you are under taxi leaving the premises. In Dubai, the legal drinking age is 21, whereas in Abu Dhabi the legal age of drinking alcohol is 18 years for Dubai expo 2020 jobs.

World Expo

World expo

What is Expo 2020?

Expo is a world fair. It is a world event for connecting people, promoting business, sharing innovations. First world expo started in 1851 in London. Expo is a stage where people come from around the world with their new business ideas and innovations to share. It has become one of the best among international events. Expo brings the world at a common stage where we can find the solutions of basic challenges; these challenges are addressed to us via different themes. Some of greatest innovations were debut in world expos like First public convenience designed by George Jennings and debuted at Expo 1851 London, typewriter created by E. Remington and sons and debuted at Expo 1876 Philadelphia. Now Dubai is going to introduce their largest solar power project in Dubai expo 2020.

What is expo 2020?

The world expo 2020 is going to be held in 2020 in Dubai. Dubai Expo is the first time in expo events that will be held in Middle East Asia. This achievement came to the UAE government in November 2013 after two years of planning and hard working. World Expo 2020 2020 UAE sent their bid to BIE to host expo 2020 after supported by 116 countries out of 164 that dream night came to world expo 2020 UAE, and that night people of Dubai were a witness of that blast celebration of fireworks around the tallest Burj Khalifa in Dubai expo. The world got a glimpse through this blast celebration for Dubai expo.

world expo

What is expo 2020? World Expo 2020 is going to be the largest events in expo history. Around 30 billion AED is estimated for Dubai expo. Almost 200 countries will take part in this event to show their innovations, business ideas, the latest technology, and to share their knowledge about fundamental necessaries. Millions of visitors will gather in Dubai expo event which will long last for around 6 months. If you have a question in your mind that, what is expo 2020? You need to visit this largest event to explore everything with your vision.

People have been searching about Dubai expo through keywords like What is expo 2020? They has understood that it is not only the platform where people come from around the world to show their talents and innovations; it is a place where people share their knowledge, business ideas with each other. They discuss the development of their country or other best side. And people will get this opportunity of exploring in Dubai expo. If you also want to know the answer of the question– What is expo 2020? Then you can visit its official website.

Dubai government has introduced the theme of world expo 2020 “Connecting mind, creating the future.” Have also introduced the subthemes “Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability” for Dubai expo. We will take part in these exhibitions Dubai expo, and will connect a lot of people across the globe and get growth in our business in the world expo 2020.

What is Dubai expo 2020

Dubai Expo is the largest event, which is going to be held in Middle East Asia for the first time. This event site for Dubai is located at south Dubai which is nearest to international airport named as Al Maktoum. Dubai government has planned to extend their metro route, which will connect people from world expo 2020 to the rest of Dubai. Expected 46000 passengers per hour can be travel by new extension of the metro route in Dubai 2020.

The world expo 2020 is going to be hosted by UAE. In the event, the desires for some individuals and nations will be meeting and even outperformed. Dubai has the best foundation about streets and air terminals, which will empower free development of individuals and stream of traffic. Dubai 2020 UAE is a nation that is yet getting developed. Along these lines in the event that it hosts the world expo 2020 it will open up to many chances and financial specialists from the created nations. Because of its potential in innovativeness and advancement, the expo will empower individuals as well as others with better thoughts on improvement.

The Dubai 2020 UAE has an extraordinary state of hospitality, and regardless of whether you are a guest, you will never feel strange. With this kind of environment, Dubai 2020 will attract a high number of individuals from all across the world. Thus, if the UAE hosts the world expo 2020, it will be placed in the limelight which will at that point empower it to acknowledge a significant number it’s had always wanted. What is expo 2020 is not a question nowadays?

World Expo

The world expo 2020 is going to be hosted by the Dubai 2020 UAE on the grounds that it has an assortment of structures when it comes to its materials which the world should think about. This will work to the benefit of those fashioners who are searching for something else on the grounds that they won’t miss it here. Since this nation holds its way of life beyond all doubt, it will be the best time for those who like to know things about other individuals’ way of life. Dubai 2020 separated from its way of life, they likewise showcase different occasions which are essential to them and this makes the spot the best to be in. One won’t just observe a culture taking care of business, yet in addition, need to be related to Dubai expo.

It doesn’t require a great deal of investment to arrive in Dubai 2020. You just need to accumulate money for basic expenses and you can enjoy Dubai 2020 within limited budget. The world expo 2020 whenever held in Dubai, it will make it the best spot for those who need to travel to visit. This is a result of its immense shorelines and the waters. Simply taking some break by the water side will make the Dubai expo an occasion worth recollecting.

Since the world expo 2020 UAE has a great deal to offer nearly in each division, the best spot to hold the world expo 2020 would be the world expo 2020 UAE. Being in Dubai, Expo 2020 would be a life-changing knowledge for all those who might need to take a stab at something else.

Around 4.38 square kilometer space has been used to organize this event. Dubai 2020 UAE government has given the contract to Al Wasl Plaza building for this event. That will be the center attraction for Dubai 2020 expo. This building will represent the Dubai expo 2020 logo. A 65-meter dome will be placed around the top of the building with including involute steel worked trellis to introduce Dubai 2020 expo logo. That trellis surface will work as a giant screen for projection, which will be viewed by visitors from inside and outside of the building. This building will be made with three large thematic districts. These Dubai 2020 districts are dedicated to the subthemes of Dubai 2020 expo “Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.” The power service to this expo site will be solarized. And the site has the capacity to hold 10 thousand people at a time.

What is expo 2020? World Expo 2020 is going to be the largest showcase for world trade in Dubai 2020. Different countries are setting their different theme at Dubai expo site to introduce subtheme district with special pavilions world expo 2020.

World Expo

Subthemes are Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability for Dubai expo.


The gist of Opportunity subtheme in Dubai 2020 means that we all have the power to shape the future, supporting solutions to social problems through this event world expo 2020. The countries have participated in building opportunity pavilion are, Austria, Belarus, Japan, Monaco, Norway, Saudia Arabia, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ukraine.

We will know here about some special opportunity pavilions and what is expo 2020.

Austria pavilion world expo 2020

The Viennese architecture office Querkraft has been selected to design the Austrian Pavilion for the Dubai 2020 expo theme. Austria is going to introduce a 9,000 years old soil to build their pavilion in world expo 2020. Which comprises 47 headless cones and ventilated through using this? The Viennese coffeehouse will welcome visitors to learn why the United Nations lists the institution as an ‘intangible cultural heritage.’

Saudi Arabia pavilion world expo 2020 and know what is expo 2020

The project will cover an area the size of two football grounds. Boris Micka Associates has designed this pavilion for the Dubai 2020 expo event. This pavilion is similar to a huge window opening up from the ground to flying into the sky. Showcasing this pavilion will give visitors a look of Saudi Arabia’s growth. This pavilion will represent how Saudi Arabia is maintaining the growth of its own and the world’s future.

United Kingdom pavilion world expo 2020

Award-winning artist and designer Es Devlin OBE is set to design the UK Pavilion for Dubai 2020 Expo. United Kingdom pavilion is inspired by late scientist Dr. Stephen Hawking. In which he wanted to show how human can drive himself to hyperphysical civilization in world expo 2020. The pavilion will offer a glimpse into the future to explore all commercialization in Dubai expo.

Luxembourg pavilion world expo 2020 & what is expo 2020

Luxembourg has highlighted their resources used in the success of the country in Dubai 2020. As well as the important needs and find out opportunities through their intelligent use in world expo 2020. The structure of the pavilion is like a Mobius strip and symbol of Luxembourg’s reliability.

Switzerland pavilion world expo 2020

With inspired by Bedouin tents, Switzerland will show the cultural value and innovative ideas of their country in Dubai 2020. This pavilion is offering a great rooftop view of Dubai expo with some authentic Swiss taste in pavilion restaurants in Dubai expo.

Ukraine pavilion world expo 2020

Ukraine pavilion Dubai 2020 will give smart living, smart thinking, and smart feeling atmosphere to visitors. The Ukraine pavilion will teach how bright ideas and innovations can help to make a bright future. The pavilion will also use picturesque flora to create a restful ambiance for visitors in Dubai expo. Other opportunity pavilions are Belarus pavilion, Japan pavilion, Monaco pavilion, Norway pavilion in world expo 2020.


The gist of mobility subtheme is, looking for those areas where humans are getting better approach by digital connectivity in Dubai 2020.

Some special mobility pavilions are going to be placed at the Dubai 2020 expo event.

China pavilion world expo 2020

China has uncovered its expo theme of Dubai 2020. This Dubai 2020 is the largest pavilion under the theme of ‘Building a community with a shared future for mankind innovation and opportunity”. Chinese pavilion will be designed with Chinese and Western culture. There will be three main features in China pavilion, 1st is Innovation in the theme, 2nd is innovation in the architecture design and the last one in innovation in the exhibition in Dubai expo.

France pavilion world expo 2020

Clément Blanchet Architecture in collaboration with Etienne Tricaud (AREP) designing this French pavilion for Dubai 2020 expo. Visitors to Dubai 2020 expo will feel like hauled to the amazing vision of the country’s stable future. The design is made of glass and steel. You will be surrounded by waves of light when you will be entering the building in Dubai 2020.

Poland pavilion world expo 2020

WXCA and Bellport are designing Poland pavilion for Dubai 2020 expo event. The pavilion will features with a showcase with “kinetic flocks of birds floating over visitors.”

Other Mobility pavilions are Belgium pavilion, Baden-Wurttemberg pavilion, Republic of Korea pavilion, Emirates pavilion, Finland pavilion, Oman pavilion in Dubai expo.


The gist of sustainability subtheme is needed to live in balance with the world expo 2020. Here in Dubai 2020 expo event alternative sources of water, food, and energy will be introduced in world expo 2020.

Some selected sustainability pavilions are here described in Dubai 2020.

Germany pavilion world expo 2020

The Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) has designed the Germany pavilion for Dubai 2020 Expo event. It is designed as a vertical campus, which combines technology and nature. German pavilion expresses their key characteristics, efficiency, technology and natural beauty in Dubai expo.

Spain pavilion world expo 2020

Spain based architecture studio Amann-Canovas-Maruri has designed the Spanish Pavilion for Dubai 2020 Expo event. The pavilion is based around a large square on which several large domes have been constructed in Dubai expo; these domes will be constructed using recyclable materials such as wood, iron, and fabric in world expo 2020.

Other sustainability pavilions are Azerbaijan pavilion, Czech Republic pavilion, Brazil pavilion, New Zealand pavilion, Netherland pavilion, Sweden pavilion.

Several people are still in doubt about the question: What is Expo 2020? Expo means an event Dubai expo where people not only come for gaining knowledge or sharing business ideas. People gather here for world expo 2020 from across the world to be entertained also. In the expo, you will enjoy something new with comedy, cultural, music programs. Many arrangements of entertainment you can see in Dubai expo 2020. A Forsan amphitheater will be made in front of Italian pavilion. There will be a capacity of the audience with 4,000 standing and 2,500 seating. Al Forsan will arise in front of in the public park, front of Japan, US, Germany pavilions in world expo 2020. More than 1000 artists will perform the show for this six months duration at Dubai expo. You will see there, Italian artists to perform theatrical and musical performance in world expo 2020.

Gathering of artists, creators, the businessman will give Dubai expo a glittering look. You will get a chance to participate in many games, activities and other sessions at world expo 2020.

How could we miss the food chapter when we are visiting a world fair? Expo is a world event. There will be 200 plus foods and drinks outlets. Encountering old dishes to street food will be another experience for you in world expo 2020. These are the answers of the question– What is expo 2020?

More than 25 million visitors will come from across the world, in that 75 percent are from outside of Dubai. Food team of all country in Dubai expo will have similar priority; they will serve to you snacks, chocolates, main courses, beverages and many more in world expo 2020.

World’s famous chefs will be at one place in that six months duration at Dubai expo. Their cooking skill and aroma of their food will stop you at every turn in Dubai expo. Throughout your visit to every stall should be the purpose of your good health. You will find foods in your budget in the world expo 2020.

Hotels near Dubai expo 2020

There a lot of Emirates hospitalities are waiting for you in world expo 2020. In order to ensure public convenience, the UAE government has placed this Dubai 2020 expo event at near many hotels, which makes it suitable for all class visitors to come from all across the world.

Some top hotels near World expo 2020 event are:

1. Fortune park hotel (3.9 km from Dubai Expo)

2. Premier Inn Dubai Investment Park (4.2 km from Dubai Expo)

3. Marriot Executive Apartments Green Community (4.1 km from Dubai Expo)

4. Courtyard by Marriot Dubai Green Community (4.2 km from Dubai Expo)

5. Maisan Hotel (4.3 km from Dubai Expo)

6. Easy Hotel Dubai Jebel Ali (5.8 km from Dubai Expo)

Dubai Malls

Dubai Malls

Dubai Malls

Dubai is well-known for its hospitality, glamour, and plethora of malls. Dubai Malls demonstrate their affluence and creativity through it. Dubai Malls not only offers incredible shopping experience but also heck lot of leisure activities which are absolutely intriguing and exhilarating. Dubai Malls list several innovative things which people would not have thought about it even in their dreams. Dubai Malls lists activities like a visit to underwater zoo and aquarium, virtual reality park, an Ice rink, and many more. People can have a great experience of these activities along with shopping in these amazing Dubai Malls. Let’s quickly delve into the below Dubai Malls list:
1. Dubai Festival City Mall : It is one of the most entertaining and must-see Dubai Malls in the city among all listed in the Dubai Malls list. It includes several spots for entertainment like Imagine, Fabyland, Dream Aero, and many more. It also has one of the renowned and eminent furniture stores, i.e., Ikea Dubai, which allures millions of people at stores and online every year. It is renowned for its high-quality Cineplex. The services they offer at the Dubai Mall Cinema to moviegoers are extremely mind-blowing. Dubai Mall Cinema parking is never a concern at this mall as it has ample of space for that.

Dubai Malls

2. Mall of the Emirates : It is one the largest shopping Dubai malls located in Dubai which offers a broad selection of shopping, cinema, dining, and indoor skiing experience. People often find it interesting and refreshing at this mall. It has over more than 630 retail outlets, 80 luxury stores, and over 100 restaurants and cafes. This Mall of the Emirates has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top 5 Dubai Malls in Dubai Malls list.

3. The Dubai Mall : The Dubai Mall is one of the second largest and biggest Dubai Malls in the world listed in the Dubai Malls list. It is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai. This mall is amongst the best Dubai Malls in the world, which is most-visited and renowned for its leisure activities and shopping. On top of that, it is located next to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, which is quite mesmerizing. Multiplexes at Dubai Mall Cinema are fascinating and world famous, which attract thousands of people. Dubai Mall Cinema parking is so huge at this mall that visitors never face  any issue out of it.

Dubai Marina Mall


4. Dubai Marina Mall : It is located in the heart of Marina. Residents and visitors can take advantage of the exquisite beauty of this place, which is not possible in other Dubai malls. It not only features into shopping but in cinemas, hotel, and restaurants also. It offers the waterfront location to people which mesmerize and provides a rejuvenating experience to them. All the qualities of this mall make it one of the best and refreshing Dubai Malls in the city. In addition to the amazing experience of shopping, it offers astonishing exposure to Dubai Mall Cinema, which is absolutely entertaining.

5. WAFI Mall : It is one of the most exquisitely beautiful sights that visitors cannot miss to go, there in Dubai malls. WAFI city is built after ancient Egypt given the touch of all ancient things, and the main tourist attractions of this city are the Mall, the WAFI Mall which makes it one of the best Dubai Malls as it offers an incredible shopping experience along with refreshing surroundings at the restaurants, hotels and night club. It is designed by giving it a themed look that allures more people to it amongst all listed the Dubai malls list.

6. Reef Mall : It is located at the Al Jazira Street, Deira in Dubai. It is one of the amazing and entertaining Dubai Malls where people can have fun and enjoyment along with shopping. There is a fun zone for children and crèche facility where parents can take advantage and do shopping with ease and carers take care of their children. After gaining the amazing experience of play area and shopping, people can rejuvenate themselves at the dining area where they can fulfill their appetite with savory delicacies. This makes it unique among all listed in the Dubai Malls list.

Reef Mall

7. Dubai Outlet Mall : It is located in Dubailand on the Dubai-Al Ain Road near the Dubai bypass road. This shopping mall is for shopaholics as they can find unbelievable deals for the value of money. One of the best Dubai Malls where people can easily bargain and can get products at a reasonable price. Visitors can grab their favorite brands at throwaway prices, which make it special from all Dubai malls.

8. City Centre Deira : It is located in Dubai, and one of the largest shopping Dubai Malls which includes myriad retails shops, electronics, fashion, furniture and many more. At this shopping mall, people can have great fun as they are offered with a wide selection of shopping, cinema and dining options. Here, one can find a magic planet which is quite a new experience for all. Its ambiance makes it different from other Dubai Malls.

City Centre Deira

9. Ibn Battuta Mall : It is one of the renowned and world’s largest themed based Dubai Malls which provides fun and frolic to visitors. It is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road and themed around the travels and adventures of an eminent Arabian explorer, Ibn Battuta. Here visitors can not only have shopping experience but also they can be captivated by the sight which is absolutely mind-blowing. Other Dubai malls can’t provide the same feeling and enthusiasm to people.

10. Souk Al Bahar : This is one of the Dubai malls which are designed in the Arabic style that allures people throughout the world. Waterfront dining amazes visitors where they can feel the sprinkles of water while having food and after the tiresome experience of shopping, which makes it one of the best Dubai malls among all listed in the Dubai Malls list.

Dubai Mall Cinema

1. Reel Cinema : This Dubai Mall Cinema is a movie theatre in Dubai located at The Dubai Mall. It is one of the largest and luxurious Cineplex in the world find in Dubai Malls. Dubai Mall Cinema consists of 26 screens which provide a different experience people have never encountered before. There is plenty of space in the Dubai Mall Cinema parking where people can park their cars and walk into the mall. Mind boggling screens, incredible audio, comfortable seating arrangement, and American-theme based menu collectively make this multiplex a wonderful Dubai Mall Cinema.

Reel Cinema

2. VOX Cinemas Mall of the Emirates : This Dubai Mall Cinema is located at the Mall of the Emirates. It is considered different from other Cineplex because this Dubai Mall Cinema offers visitors international blockbuster movies along with the special premiere shows. This Dubai Mall Cinema boasts for its Gold class cinemas, which provide visitors comfort, privacy, and luxury service, which cinemas in other Dubai Malls fail to provide. Moviegoers can take the experience of thrilling 3D movies, which is absolutely exhilarating and a new experience to have. Dubai Mall Cinema parking is never an issue here in this mall as it offers a lot of parking space.

3. Galleria Cinemas : This Dubai Mall Cinema located at Hyatt Regency, Deira. This Dubai Mall Cinema telecasts latest Indian movies, outstanding atmosphere, and appetizing F&B services. Dubai Mall Cinema offers world-class audio features along with modern projection. Interiors at Dubai Mall cinema are fabulous and mind-blowing. Dubai Mall Cinema Parking has ample space for parking that no one has to bother about the safety of it.

4. Grand Cinemas- Mercato Mall : Grand Cinemas in Dubai has the biggest chain in all over UAE and the Middle East among all Dubai Mall Cinemas. This Dubai Mall Cinema is found almost in several shopping complexes and hotels where people can have a lot of fun and entertainment. This Dubai Mall Cinema has now become a brand because of its extraordinary customer service. Dubai Mall Cinema parking has abundant space for parking with multiple levels in the basement where people can park their cars hassle-free.

Grand Cinemas- Mercato Mall

5. Grand Festival Cinemas : This Dubai Mall Cinema located at Dubai Festival City Mall which can accommodate thousands of people into it. This Dubai mall cinema consists of 12 screen cinema complexes which provide access to a wide range of restaurants and cafes along with innumerable entertainment options. Dubai Mall Cinema Parking has a lot of space where people can park and walk into the mall.

NOVO Cinema at Dubai Festival City Mall6. NOVO Cinema at Dubai Festival City Mall : This Dubai Mall Cinema located at Dubai Festival City Mall. Initially, the screens at this mall were 12 which have now been increased to 18 in the redevelopment work. MX4D and IMAX have now been added into it. Dubai Mall Cinema offers 2 types of seats, NOVO cool, and NOVO edge, as per the people’s convenience and budget.Novo cool at this Dubai Mall Cinema has a budget-friendly price; however, NOVO edge is little costly but gives a superior view. Dubai Mall Cinema Parking is not an issue as the mall itself has an abundant parking space.



Ikea Dubai


Let’s first delve into the story behind the name of Ikea Dubai . So, the first two letters of IKEA combine the initials of the name of the founder i.e. Ingvar Kamprad (IK) and the last two initials are taken from the founder’s farm and village i.e. Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd(EA). If I talk about the pronunciation of Ikea Dubai, it is slight different for English people and for Swedish people as in UK, US it is pronounced as “eye-kee-ah” and in Swedish its “Eee-Kay-Uh”. It is found that Americans have been pronouncing it wrong; and, it is intended to be pronounced as “Eee-Kay-Uh”.

IKEA Dubai

What is Ikea Dubai?

Ikea Dubai is renowned and eminent Swedish furniture store in Dubai and is ubiquitous around the globe including the United Arab Emirates and the other Middle East countries. Ikea Dubai is a colossal shopping centre for furniture where one can get any kind of furnishing material and of one’s choice and taste. It is located in the Dubai Festival City Mall. Ikea Dubai store and Ikea Dubai Online website is also well-known for home or kitchen accessories or carpets. At the stores, model rooms have been created to allure customers. It has stolen the heart of millions of people for its quality furniture. Furniture provided by Ikea Dubai can be transported in any of the vehicle like Volvo station wagon as they can easily fit into it with ease. Ikea Dubai stores and Ikea Dubai Online website provide all the instructions on their manual, so that anyone can assemble the furniture by looking at the pictures provided with instructions. Ikea Dubai stores and Ikea Dubai Online website present solutions to every problem people facing about furniture at their homes as they provide durable and adjustable furniture according to the size of the apartment. With Ikea Dubai stores, one can find everything under one roof and can transform their home into a dream house. And at the time of Ikea Dubai Sale, people can take the advantage of situation to the fullest.

Ikea Dubai also provides facilities of play area for kids so that people can shop without any intervention of their children. They have been supervised so that parents do not have to worry about them and they can shop peacefully as they are in safe hands. Weekends are normally flooded with people; therefore, if anyone wants to have a more relaxed experience of shopping then they must visit to Ikea Dubai stores from Monday to Thursday anytime. Every week at Ikea Dubai store, one can find new remedial solutions and ideas for living space.

The main objective of Ikea Dubai is to provide people with a range of furnishing products that are reasonable and affordable to them. Ikea Dubai always keeps sustainability in mind along with the quality, design, material and function while offering products to customers. Ikea Dubai opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings are different in Dubai and Abu Dhabi stores. The timings also get changed during Ramadan month.

IKEA Dubai

Ikea Dubai store also offers the facility of restaurant where people can replenish and rejuvenate themselves after getting knackered from the whole day of shopping and that’s too in reasonable prices. As it is a Swedish furniture store; hence, it mainly involves in serving Swedish dishes and some local delicacies at the restaurant. People can feel healthy and relaxed as they can experience a satiate experience out of this. Ikea restaurant has plethora of meal options where they have a separate and unique section for dishes especially for children so that no one has to face any kind of problem. Take away facility is available at Ikea café from 10 am to 10.30pm.

IKEA Dubai

Ikea Dubai Online


Ikea Dubai Online has its online applications and websites where all products are available. An Ikea Dubai online store provides several categories, be it home and kitchen, baby products or tools or home improvement where customers can choose any of the products according to their need and budget. Ikea Dubai online apps and websites offer myriad facilities to consumers and Ikea Dubai online store has a great customer satisfaction rate on purchasing items online. Ikea Dubai Online provides several offers and discounts at the time of special occasions which attracts more people to shop online. Customer Service is so prompt at Ikea Dubai Online websites that no one is disappointed with its assistance. The return policy of any of the product at Ikea Dubai Online apps and websites is so amazing that it provides a period of 90 days to return any item so that no one has to encounter any difficulty and the full amount gets refunded to the customer account without any hindrance. Online Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings are 24*7 where people can take advantage of shopping anytime. Ikea Dubai Online has different prices of delivery, if a person entails only delivery then it has a different price but if a person requires delivery plus assembly then it charges differently.

Ikea Dubai Online issues catalogues and other publications so that people get influenced by browsing and reading as Ikea Dubai online unlocks creative and awestruck features in their products which gives people a hope of decorating their homes according to their desire.
Discounts are normally run on Ikea Dubai Online for most of the products. Coupon code can be found on internet, before applying it just make sure to check the expiration date. Ikea Dubai online has a catalogue where people can choose or browse the product they want to purchase and can seek for expert’s advice.

IKEA Dubai

Ikea Dubai Online is yet to start selling its products online in India; however, few of the products people can get through amazon India as Ikea Dubai has its store opened in August in Hyderabad. Ikea Dubai Online has already planned strategically to go online in Mumbai in the year 2019 followed by the second gigantic city Bengaluru. Ikea Dubai Online offers advice and suggestions about which furniture to go with as everything is available online. Shopping at Ikea Dubai Online is so intuitive and self-explanatory that anyone can shop without any help. Ikea Dubai Online experience is mind blowing but if people want to have a look and feel of the products then they must visit the stores in person.

Ikea Dubai Sale

At the time of Ikea Dubai Sale, at store or Ikea Dubai online websites, people get almost everything in half the price. Most of the people always wait for the sale so that they do not have to incur more money when the same thing they get in lesser price structure during this time. Ikea Dubai Sale offers several discounts and deals during special occasions and festivals. Like during Ramadan, Ikea Dubai Sale is so huge that they provide handsome discounts on selected products from 25% to 50% off.

Ikea Dubai Sale offers price cut on Ikea Dubai Online stores where if people do not intend to visit store physically, then they can take the advantage of discounts and ease of shopping. Ikea Dubai Online presents myriad offers at the time of Ikea Dubai sales like gift cards, coupons, and surprise special offer that not only allures regular customers but also people who do not intend to purchase.

Ikea Dubai Sale offers a three-day super sale where products are sold at throw away prices. Ikea Dubai sale is one of the major sales that happen and people eagerly wait for that. And at the time of Dubai shopping festival, everything is just a click away and shopaholics can take the better advantage of it. Ikea Dubai Sale offers special discounts during white Fridays as well.

Ikea Dubai Opening Hours and Ikea Dubai Timings:
Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings for shopping through Ikea Dubai Online store is 24 hours 7 days a week where people can buy anything with their ease either at home, office or anywhere.
Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings for Ikea stores at Dubai Festival City and at Abu Dhabi Yas Island are:
At Dubai, Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai timings are:
Sunday- Wednesday: 10am -10pm
Thursday- Saturday: 10am- midnight
And at Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai Timings are:
Monday- Sunday: 10am- 10pm
Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai Timings during Ramadan:
At Dubai, Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai Timings are 10am – midnight from Sunday – Saturday
At Abu Dhabi, Ikea Dubai Opening hours and Ikea Dubai Timings are 12pm – 1 am from Sunday- Saturday

Dubai City

Dubai City

About Dubai City

Dubai city is one of the colossal and immensely populated cities in the UAE. Dubai city is widely well known for its warm hospitality, glamour, rich and exuberant lifestyle. Dubai people are so considerate in their attitude to visitors and “Arabic” is considered official Dubai language. Dubai is one of the most popular luxury tourist destinations and global business hubs that boast of police force driving supercars and world’s tallest building. Dubai city is highly reputed for being one of the visionary cities that is shaping its own fortune. Dubai city is characterized by warm climate and sometimes it gets unbearably humid and hot. Temperature is known to reach to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Dubai city is a major hub for business and transport that makes Dubai city is a worldwide city. Dubai city is famous for architectural wonders that have allowed it to attain a prominent place in the world.

Dubai City

Geographical Location of Dubai City

Now let’s talk about the geographical location of the most stunning and fascinating city of dreams i.e. Dubai City. Hence the first question erupts into mind where exactly Dubai city is located and perhaps most of the people are well known of its location. However, for the rest, let me tell you Dubai City is located on the Eastern coast of United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf and it is the capital of the Emirates of Dubai.

General Rules and Regulations in Dubai City

Dubai city has myriad of stringent rules and regulations that every person of Dubai population, be it tourists or the local residents has to abide by. Dubai city has a zero tolerance policy on infringement of any of the rules. If Dubai people intend to take the advantage and pleasure of the exuberant city then Dubai people have to go through some of the norms set by the officials of the Dubai city. Firstly, drinking age for Dubai population in Dubai city is set as 21, and drinking in public is completely prohibited. In addition to it, holding hands and kissing are not permissible in public. Moreover, offensive language, smoking or abusive behaviour outside designated area is altogether inhibited. Hence, in order to enjoy to the fullest, Dubai people and visitors has to keep all things in mind beforehand.

General Tourist Attractions in Dubai City

Dubai city is renowned and eminent for its plethora of tourist attractions. It offers immensely great hangout places to Dubai population to beat the monotonous life and take a rejuvenating break. If Dubai people along with tourists want to have a look and feel of the Arabian culture then they must pay a visit to Dubai Museum where Dubai people and tourists can enjoy the rich cultural history and fascinating background of Dubai city. Dubai city boasts one of the tallest buildings around the globe i.e. Burj Khalifa. Along with that, it offers Dubai population to visit to several mesmerizing places such as Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Creek, Desert Safari, The Dubai Mall (one of the biggest mall of the globe), The Atlantis Hotel, The Dubai Fountain and many more.

General Tourist Attractions in Dubai City

Why is Dubai so rich?

Well, let’s commence by delving into the reality of why Dubai is so rich. Most of the people, be it Dubai population or people around the world, are of under impression that Dubai is so rich because of its oil reserves; however, this is far from reality. Dubai is so rich only because of its vision, how officials of Dubai thought about bringing money into their city when the Dubai city ran out of oil. The economic progress of the Dubai city which makes Dubai is so rich has been possible because of wise far-sightedness of its leaders. No doubt, at first economic development of Dubai was from the oil production, but today Dubai is so rich because the biggest revenue comes from the tourism, finance, and real estate industry. Although, Dubai is so rich as it has extensive oil and petroleum reserves, the modern world is struggling with the scarcity of natural reserves; several developed countries are relied on Dubai city for oil supply, which is one of the revenue sources that make Dubai so rich. Oil and petroleum sectors contribute almost 10% to the overall revenues. Nevertheless, hotels, tax free city, leisure activities, mind boggling tourist attractions make Dubai is so rich entirely.
Infrastructure of Dubai city is so mesmerizing that attracts not only millions of tourists into their city every year but also local Dubai population that brought money which makes Dubai is so rich and tourists are even allowed to buy property there on some stunning places such as Palm Island, World Islands or Burj Khalifa that add to its revenue and make Dubai is so rich.
If I talk about “tax free” city then, it adds more value to the place that not only allures visitors along with Dubai people to take the advantage but also it brings revenue to the Dubai city which makes Dubai so rich. Shopaholics can rejuvenate themselves in the gamut of shopping complexes and squander money without having any fear of paying extra tax.
Dubai is so rich because of gold trading, and Dubai city is known to be called as “City of Gold.” As per the Gold industry statistics, Dubai city has in total of 29 percent market share of trading of gold across the globe. Tax free status of Dubai city has made Dubai so rich and one of the cheapest cities to make purchase of Gold.

Dubai Population

From the perspective of population, Dubai population is placed at the top in UAE countries with almost around 3.1 billion people dwelling here. In the truest sense, the government governing Dubai population is neither democracy nor monarchy. Dubai population is considered to be a mix of types, which is along the lines of ‘Kingdom of Sheikhs’ or the ‘Sheikhdom’ with only 23 percent of Emiratis and rest of different nationalities. Out of the huge Dubai population, 43.3 percent are of Indians which is quite high in itself. And year on year, Dubai population has grown nearly by 10 percent.

Dubai Population

Dubai’s latest infrastructure is not only used by the Dubai population but also by the around 1.1 million people living outside the Emirate who commute to work on daily basis. This information of latest Dubai population bulletin is released by Dubai Statistics Centre.
Prediction on population growth indicates that Dubai population will get increased by 5.5 million by the end of 2027, which is almost double of the current Dubai population.

Mesmerizing places to visit: Dubai population and tourists around the world are provided with plethora of leisure and sports facilities, white sandy beaches, educational and healthcare facilities, excellent public transport, sound infrastructure and much more. Dubai people can replenish and rejuvenate themselves in the beauty of this place.
Dubai population has more percentage of men than women: The higher proportion in Dubai population is of men as they do not prefer to migrate with their families because of their job types which mainly involve construction workers, mechanical engineers or people work in oil refineries. Expatriates relocate and have left their families behind in their home countries.
Exemplary health care facilities to Dubai population: Dubai population is provided with commendable health care facilities with hi-tech features which are quite fantabulous and so are the hospitals. Dubai people can take the advantage of latest health care companies with swift service.

Dubai People

“Emiratis” has been called to the native Dubai people. Dubai people are well-known for friendliness and generous reception to their visitors. Dubai people are empathetic and considerate along with the kind and benevolent in their approach to tourists. As Dubai population is so vast with multiple nationalities of people residing in the city, hence, looking at the Dubai population, the government of the city has allowed the construction of spiritual places such as churches, mosques, gurudwaras and temples for each nationality of Dubai people. Dubai people wear long white shirt-dress with a head scarf; on the other hand, women wear long black-coloured dress called burkha.
Dubai people can enjoy light rainfall between January and March. The busiest tourist season is from October to April with millions of people visiting Dubai round the year. One of the other reasons that make Dubai city a preferred option for Dubai people to holiday or dwell is that the city is extremely safe to live in as the crime rate is extremely low. In addition to this, it is a tax haven that has no capital gains or income tax as well as different free zones due to which Dubai city is the best location for foreign investors.

Dubai people are offered myriad facilities which make Dubai city a great city to live in. Dubai people can maintain their standard of living as the city has something to offer for everyone, be it opulence or pocket-friendly. Dubai people can enjoy their work without any fear of being fired as safety and security of jobs are the key factors for people working abroad. Dubai people get a chance to enhance and enrich their knowledge as people of different culture and religion residing in a same city.
Dubai people are offered with special treatment that is going through some disabilities, mental challenges or any development issues. These Dubai people are given some rights to protect and prioritize the needs and are addressed as “Person of Determination”. Special facilities have been provided to these Dubai people such as transportation, education, employment and many more. Dubai people with disabilities are rendered with special rates on using public transport and are provided with some special benefits.

Dubai Language

Arabic is the official Dubai language for verbal and written communication. Most of the government affairs and offices are conducted in Dubai language. However, English is widely spoken across the Dubai City. Around 75 percent of Dubai population is expatriates and thus majority of the Dubai population speaks native/ Dubai language and/or English. However, if migrants learn to speak few Dubai language words i.e. Arabic words, then it not only connects them with their culture but also it enriches their knowledge for a new language. Few common words like thank you, hello, bye, yes/no, sorry of Dubai language if learnt, and then it makes the trip even more memorable. In fact, when the natives get to hear their Dubai language from expatriates, they feel joyous and jubilant. Emiratis are mostly found speaking their native or Dubai language in the UAE. Dubai being a cosmopolitan city, residents of the city have now become expert in speaking multiple languages along with their Dubai language. Even the sign boards on roads are found either in English language or in Dubai language. However, if anyone wants to explore the other cities of the UAE than Dubai, then English is not as common in other towns as people in rural areas only understand Dubai language.
Schools in Dubai city teach Dubai language as the first language and English as the second. All the government related official work is done in Dubai language only, hence expatriates have to take help from the natives or Public relations officer to get their work done. There are higher chances of getting a job in Dubai city if anyone has a good command on Dubai language or if someone is ready to learn Dubai language.
Hence, Dubai has almost become a melting pot where multiple languages have been spoken on daily basis including Dubai language . Therefore, if someone shows courage and speak Dubai language then it could be a great way of showing appreciation for their culture.

Dubai Hotels

Dubai Hotels

Dubai Hotels

When we plan for any holiday, trip or outing then after getting finalised on the place, next thing comes into our mind is accommodation. It moves in tandem with the selection of appropriate venue according to the season and weather. The more comfortable the hotel is, the better the trip would be. Undoubtedly, without proper comfort, outing would be incomplete. And when it is about Dubai hotels then nothing can beat them. So, let’s not waste our time any more and quickly delve into the list of best hotels in Dubai:

1. The Oberoi Dubai

Armani Hotel Dubai

It is one of the best hotels in Dubai and that’s too cost-effective. The Oberoi Dubai is located at the best location where one can replenish and rejuvenate oneself along with snuggling comfort and can enjoy an amazing view of iconic Burj Khalifa. Minutes’ distance from this hotel in Dubai to some of the never miss places such as the Dubai Mall and the Dubai International Financial Centre can be easily covered with free shuttle service offered by the hotel.

2. Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani Hotel Dubai

The name itself depicts its brand name in Dubai hotels also. Hospitality, quality service, Armani style rooms, aroma, warm welcome and many more showers at the Armani Hotel Dubai is mind-blowing. This Dubai hotel is located in the first 8 floors of the well-known tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa. Slick signature of this hotel in Dubai is its service where the staff is skilled, alluring and charming.

3. Address Dubai Marina

It is one of the amazing 5-star best hotels in Dubai Marina . If anyone wants to experience life poolside, then Address Dubai Marina in Dubai offers an elevated infinity pool on level 4 which is perfect for sun basking along with its outside dining, bar and picturesque views of Dubai Marina and beyond. Along with family-friendly pool, this Dubai hotel offers several other amenities like fitness centre, Jacuzzi, spa and many more.

4. Palace Downtown

It is located in Old Town Dubai, a man-made world-map archipelago close to the city centre and is one of the best hotels in Dubai. The Palace Downtown hotel in Dubai is just 5-minute walk from The Dubai Mall (one of the world’s largest and most-visited mall) and a 20-minute drive from Jumeirah Beach. This is one of the amazing Dubai hotels which offer some free facilities which tempt visitors such as free carpark, a sun terrace and a swimming pool along with a friendly atmosphere.

5. Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel

Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel

It is one of the first Middle East’s floating best hotels in Dubai and iconic destinations. Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel in Dubai offers visitors a hub of culinary and nightlife experiences, an ultra-modern events center and a heritage alluring demonstrate an unusual and mesmerizing glimpse into maritime history. Boasting fascinating views of either Dubai’s iconic skyline or the calmness of Arabian Gulf, both have been thoughtfully restored to offer all the modern amenities.

6. Grand Hyatt Dubai

It is one of the best hotels in Dubai, which is towering gracefully over the boundary of Dubai’s historic creek or failing to notice the glorious Dubai skyline. Grand Hyatt Dubai is one of the best Dubai hotels which offer comfort and convenience that one seeks while on holiday. It is a 16-story venue in a shopping area of Dubai with a stunning view over the bay. Rooms are offered to guests with special facilities along with designer bathrooms.

7. Jumeirah Emirates Tower

It is one of the top picks and best hotels in Dubai. It is located on whisking Sheikh Zayed Road and the minutes’ drive from the Dubai Mall. Jumeirah Emirates Tower is one of the most attractive and alluring architectural highlights on the Dubai skyline. The astonishing views from the hotel in Dubai are accompanied with heavenly accommodation and recreational activities. This Dubai hotel is a gigantic 56-storey hotel in Dubai which includes 40 luxury suites and is operated by the Jumeirah International Group.

8. Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis the Palm


Atlantis The Palm is One of the 5-star luxury and best hotels in Dubai and is located on the Palm, an artificial archipelago that has enraptured the world’s imagination with its stunning scale and creativity. From the moment one arrives, he/she will feel over the moon and immersed in the dazzling world of imagination. People not only respite in this absolute comfortable luxury hotel, but also they can imagine waking up to breath-taking view of the classical ruins of the spiritual lost city.

9. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

It is one of the world’s 2nd tallest and best hotels in Dubai with 72-storey skyscraper complex. Situated in amidst of the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, next to Business Bay Metro Station. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai hotel offers a gamut of business facilities for the most avid travellers. Special facilities including spacious rooms, bathrooms with soaking tub and a bathrobe along with vast array of local and international buffet can be enjoyed here.

10. Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre:

It offers luxurious accommodations in the best hotel in Dubai, a port city in the UAE on the Persian Gulf. Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre hotel presents intriguing features like Natural Spa and fitness centre, a hair and nail salon as well as boutique where branded products are sold. Rooms are decorated with rich colours and fabrics that give an exquisite feel to it. One of the best hotels in Dubai for business meetings and conferences, with an attractive location in close proximity to Dubai International Airport.

11. Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach

It is one of the best Dubai hotels and lies in one of Dubai’s most dynamic and lively seaside districts, Jumeirah Beach Residence. Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach hotel has flavours of all in one, modern, chic and contemporary, offering live dining and entertainment options. Suitable for modern meeting, conferences and banqueting facilities and is only few steps away from the beach of the attractive Arabian Gulf.

12. Caesars Resort Bluewaters

Caesars Resort Blue waters

It is located 600m from Dubai Marina Mall and attributes access to private beach and it is considered as one of the best hotels in Dubai. Caesars Resort Bluewaters hotel in Dubai is surmounted by nearly 200 retail, dining and entertainment outlets. This is one of the magnificent Dubai hotels which have two swimming pools, a fitness centre, as well as a garden.

13. One&Only The Palm Dubai

This hotel in Dubai offers extremely comfortable beach-front accommodation on Palm Jumeirah’s peninsula where guests can rejuvenate picturesque views, cuisine, and a private beach and one of the best hotels in Dubai. Personalized service is like a cherry on the cake in One&Only The Palm Dubai in Dubai, and it is set in the middle of outdoor gardens and 8 private treatment suites.

14. Raffles Dubai

This hotel in Dubai is an incredible landmark in Dubai’s skyline, inspired by the great pyramids of Egypt and it is one of the best hotels in Dubai. It offers extraordinary features like an outdoor pool, an exorbitant spa and free in-room WiFi. Every room of Raffles Dubai in Dubai is decorated with handcrafted ornaments and luxurious fabrics. Along with these lip-smacking facilities, Raffles Dubai offers an extensive gym with butler service.

15. Renaissance Downtown Hotel

This Dubai hotel is one of the grand picks of visitors and best hotels in Dubai as it offers captivating views across the skyline within walking distance of the vibrant Downtown area and Burj Khalifa. Indoor/Outdoor swimming pool is one of the key highlights of Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Dubai along with chef-led dining experiences with multiple international cuisines. Latest in-room technology has been encountered in every room which contains an array of comforts.

16. Taj Dubai:

This Dubai hotel is aworld-class destination which is an inspiring mixture of luxury, Indian heritage and modern style. Taj Dubai Hotel in Dubai offers an amazing viewpoint to see hustling and bustling city and late-evening avatar. In the close proximity of iconic landmarks like Dubai Opera and The Dubai Fountain, Dubai’s nightlife is a step away. This Taj Dubai hotel is located right by the Burj Khalifa and one of the best hotels in Dubai, so from the comfortable and luxurious suites, one can enjoy the exclusive awe-inspiring view of the tallest building.

17. Ghaya Grand Hotel

Located in the centre of one of Dubai’s emerging areas which is quiet away from hustle and bustle of the big city. This is one of the best Dubai hotels which offer special facilities to guests with modern feel throughout. Showering 5 star services along with spacious rooms, lighting and decent furnishings. Ghaya Grand Hotel has been considered as one of the best hotels in Dubai, visitors can enjoy facilities of free gym, spa and tennis court.

18. Arabian Park Hotel

Arabian Park Hotel

Without compromising on fun and comfort, this is one of the best Dubai hotels which offer reasonable luxury with an array of superior facilities. From lip-smacking delicacies to freshly prepared dishes to salad leaves a memorable experience on guests. Arabian Park Hotel is among the best hotels in Dubai which is few minutes away from the best places ofmind-boggling arena of city.

19. Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai

This is one of the ultimate 4-star Dubai hotels located within 2 minutes from Dubai International Airport and shopping complexes. Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai presents rich cultural background experience with myriad tourist attractions on places such as Gold Souk and The Heritage Village.

20. Crowne Plaza Dubai

This hotel in Dubai is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, right across the Dubai International Conventional Centre. It offers innumerable facilities such as outdoor pool, gym and range of restaurants and bars. Crowne Plaza Dubai is one of the best Dubai hotels which provides fitness centre along with recreational activities.

Skydive Dubai

Palm Jumeirah Skydiving

Skydive Dubai


Skydive Dubai has been one of the most popular terminologies in the global tourism sector. A high number of tourists from all across the world visit Dubai to have sky diving experience. Dubai skydiving market is growing with a high growth rate. Dubai skydiving experience has become one of the trendiest experiences among tourists from all around the world. All operations and activities in Dubai skydiving are managed and controlled by skydive Dubai. The team of Skydive Dubai operates the biggest skydiving training program in the world. Skydive Dubai enables the tourists to take Dubai skydiving experience through two places: palm drop zone and desert drop zone. Skydive Dubai has established an excellent reputation for expertise and safety among tourists from all across the world. Skydive Dubai was established in the year 2010. Skydive Dubai holds several word records. Skydive Dubai has a high number of expert instructors who ensure the visitors that they are in excellent and safe hands.
Despite its high popularity Dubai skydiving, a significant number of tourists has a common question in their minds such as is skydiving safe? Organizations like Skydive Dubai suggests that by reading and understanding the all guidelines and instructions regarding sky diving experience the answer to the question (is skydiving safe?) can be answered. Sky diving experience is highly loved by those who prefer to play adventures sports and related things. From the last couple of years, there has been a rise in the demand for adventures sports such as sky diving experience. Skydive Dubai is one of the admirable aerial sports in the world. Skydive Dubai provides the visitors with the breath-taking free fall over the desert or Palm Jumeirah. If you are one of them who are planning perfect Dubai skydiving, then you must go through the website of Skydive Dubai.

Dubai skydiving: Incredible Experience


Hundreds of thousands of people jump around the year and enjoy the thrill experience of Dubai skydiving. Dubai skydiving has enhanced its popularity over the period and with high-class facilities, expert instructor, and amazing skydive locations, Dubai skydiving . has cemented its position as one of the leading skydiving experience provider country in the world.
Dubai skydiving is one most incredible adventures activities in the world. The view of city and palm enhances the incredible experience of Dubai skydiving. The instructors and staff members engaged in skydiving activities are highly professional. Heritage and culture of Dubai have always been highly attracted to the tourists from all across the world.

Is skydiving safe?

Life is all about taking risks, and sometimes it is about taking the risk from around 13000 feet. If you are seeking an adrenalin rush, sense of achievement, nothing beats Dubai skydiving. The glamorous outfield of Dubai is the best place to try skydiving. But, before you decide for Skydive Dubai, every individual must be aware of Tandem skydiving.
There is always a risk in jumping from a plane and diving in the air. A high number of individuals from all across the world ask Is skydiving safe ? to skydivers. The experienced skydivers and even instructors do not underestimate the risk involved in skydiving. However, the instructors are there to train and assist every visitor on how to skydive. The teams of highly experienced and trained skydivers have made skydiving an unjoyful and amazing experience to the visitors.

How to skydive?

If you love adventures sports, then you should visit Skydive Dubai. You may have several questions in your mind such as is skydiving safe? How to skydive? What is tandem skydiving?. You can easily find the answers to these questions via the internet or via discussion with your friends or colleague who has an experience of skydiving. The answer to the question, how to skydive, can only be answered by the trained instructors hired by the skydiving companies. No one can answer than those professional individuals. In Dubai, Skydive Dubai runs a school where the highly trained, professional and experienced instructors guide visitors on how to skydive that include guides on how to jump from the plane, how to deploy a parachute, how to roam round in sky and how to land safely. Dubai skydiving is the best opportunity for individuals to experience incredibility and beauty of sky and view of Dubai.

What is Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving

Tandem skydiving is a kind of skydiving in which a student skydiver is attached to a harness connected to an instructor. A high number of individuals search online what is tandem skydiving in order to know the more safe skydiving activity. They ask what is tandem skydiving to the experienced individuals.
In the tandem skydiving, the instructor assists the student skydiver through the whole skydiving from exit through freefall, skydiving & landing. Tandem skydiving exposes first time visitor to skydiving with the low expectation from the student. Skydive Dubai provides experienced camera flyers in the tandem skydiving which capture the whole diving experiences.
Increasing awareness of the risk involved in the skydiving activity has enhanced the trend of tandem skydiving. Tandem skydiving is a famous training process for newcomers going for skydiving for the first time. In the tandem skydiving, the tandem master or trainer remains primarily responsible for the safety and timely deployment of the parachute.
Skydive Dubai provides tandem skydiving at two best places: palm island and desert. Dubai skydiving is highly famous for tandem skydiving. However, the tandem method makes Dubai skydiving highly expensive.


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